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Utforska vägen till digital framtid: Sammankoppla, integrera och förnya


Explore the Path to Digital Future: Interconnect, Integrate and Innovate

Together, We Go Further

I first heard about Equinix while getting my cybersecurity certification from MIT Sloan School of Management. The company is to network protection what Hogwarts is to wizardry: a precedent-setting, behind-the-scenes industry innovator. As the biggest on-demand data center company in the United States, staffed by more than 8,000 people, Equinix keeps millions of people safe online while, at the same time, remains anonymous to most. 

With more than 240 data centers around the world, its customer list is a who’s who of business titans: AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle and 80 of the top 100 Fortune 500 companies. As we enter the digital-first age, Equinix’s impact in our day-to-day lives is significant.

Many of the people I talk with agree that it’s a struggle to keep up. The Internet of Things, cloud computing, edge computing and data security are moving fast. It’s a constant race to keep pace with how people interact with technology, consumer demands and the new world of work. Figuring out best practices is a formidable task for any of us. 

That’s why I’m very excited about the Digital Leaders Summit 2022 (sponsored by Equinix) on September 15. Two things you need to know: it’s virtual and it’s a power-packed three hours (aka no travel and a doable, laser-focused investment of time).

I’m attending because I advise C-suite executives on digital transformation. This is a crowd that expects ready answers backed up by strategic reasoning. If you are tasked, in any way, to elevate your company’s digital strategy or strengthen your partner ecosystem, consider attending. The event is a rare opportunity to access industry thought leaders all in one place. 

Five panel discussions feature top technologists from Nasdaq, HKEX, Shell, Oracle, Dell, Microsoft and AWS, plus customers who have successfully interconnected their digital core, integrated with critical ecosystems and interacted at the digital edge all in a sustainable way. You’ll also have an opportunity to submit questions. For me, hearing from other digital leaders is always illuminating. 


Register here 

The Digital Leaders Summit is like practicing your free-throws one day and then having the opportunity to talk about the finer points of the game with Michael Jordan. And not just His Airness himself, but LeBron James, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird too. 

Also, registrants will be sent a digital copy of the “Leaders Guide to Digital Infrastructure” containing a compilation of Equinix’s observations on the best practices of today’s top companies. 

Sustainability is Everyone’s Responsibility

An important theme of the event is sustainability through pathways like industrial automation. With global challenges unfolding around us, we are called to look beyond the tech and explore the costs of finite resources and opportunities to protect our world through responsible innovation (Equinix aims to be carbon neutral by 2030).

I’m looking forward to getting inspired by best practices and cutting-edge strategies from a diverse group of people and their successful digital transformation stories as well as insight into the impact we have on the environment.

A Revealing Study About Future-proofing Business

The Digital Leaders Summit is a natural extension of Equinix’s research efforts. The company’s 2022 Global Tech Trends Survey is an easy, yet powerful read revealing what 2,900 IT decision makers in 29 markets are thinking when it comes to “future-proofing” priorities as a competitive advantage. 

The study itself points to why learning from others leads to successful outcomes. According to the study, the highest priorities are cybersecurity, complying with data protection regulations, future-proofing business and improving the customer experience. Cyberattacks as well as security breaches and data leaks are of highest concern when it comes to digital threats. 

None of these obstacles, however, show participants slowing down. Nearly half plan on business expansions and a bold 72% expect to expand in new cities, countries and/or regions within the next 12 months.

Curiosity Paves the Way to the Digital Future

Equinix is a major architect for our future digital-first culture. Security is never a flip of a switch.   How are you paving the way to digital transformation? What strategies are you using to ensure the best possible outcomes? What is your confidence level about having the right cybersecurity framework, cloud strategy, data center architecture and partners in place? How are you, as an IT leader, building a more environmentally sustainable future?

There are too many questions to walk the digital journey alone. I hope to see you at the Digital Leaders Summit. I look forward to learning with you and hearing your thoughts about our collective digital future that is unfolding right here, right now.



Dynatrace utökar Grail för att driva affärsanalys


Cloud Computing News

Software intelligence company Dynatrace has extended its Grail causational data lakehouse to power business analytics.

As a result, the Dynatrace platform can instantly capture business data from first and third-party applications at a massive scale without requiring engineering resources or code changes.

It prioritises business data separately from observability data and stores, processes, and analyzes this data while retaining the context of the complex cloud environments where it originated.

Dynatrace designed these enhancements to enable business and IT teams to drive accurate, reliable, cost-effective automation and conduct efficient ad hoc analytics covering a wide range of business processes. Examples include order fulfillment and bill payments, service activation and customer onboarding workflows, and the impact on revenue from new digital services. Today’s announcement builds on capabilities that Dynatrace launched in October 2022, leveraging Grail to power log analytics and management. The company expects to continue to extend Grail to power additional development, security, IT, and business solutions.

Organisations depend on digital services to drive revenue, customer satisfaction, and competitive differentiation. To optimise these services and user experiences, business and IT teams increasingly rely on insights from various business data, including application usage, conversion rates, and inventory returns. Yet, traditional business intelligence tools lack the speed, scale, flexibility, and granularity required to deliver insights about services built on complex cloud architectures. In fact, according to a study from Deloitte, two-thirds of organisations are not comfortable accessing or using data from their business intelligence tools. Business analytics in modern cloud environments requires a new approach. 

Stephen Evans, head of quality, monitoring, SRE/DevOps technology at PVH, said: “Dynatrace gives us valuable insight into the business impact of our applications’ performance and enables our teams to proactively solve problems, deliver better customer experiences, and drive more value for our organisation.

“This enhanced capability to access and store all of our business data provides the scalability our business needs. It also frees our teams from the constraints of sifting through data to determine what is valuable and what should be stored. Dynatrace’s unique ability to analyze all this data and deliver precise and contextualised answers in real time enables us to improve our digital landscape.”

Bernd Greifeneder, founder and CTO at Dynatrace., said: “To drive digital transformation at scale, organisations need trustworthy and real-time insights from their business data. Existing solutions often rely on stale data, fail to deliver precise answers in IT-context, and require manual maintenance and coding from engineers.

“The Grail causational data lakehouse uniquely positions the Dynatrace platform to overcome these hurdles. By elevating the priority of business data to ensure it arrives unsampled and with lossless precision, even from third-party applications where developers are not accessible, business and IT teams using the Dynatrace platform can now easily access valuable business insights on demand. This has the capability to unlock nearly unlimited business analytics use cases, allowing our customers to instantly answer their most challenging questions with accuracy, clarity, and speed.”



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