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Att följa dessa fyra säkerhetstips kommer att hålla dig cybersäker


Following These 4 Security Tips Will Keep You Cyber Safe

We live in a world where our private information is easily accessible, and keeping it secure has never been more important.

With cybercrime on the rise, keeping your information safe should be one of your top priorities. To help you out, here are four security tips that will keep you cyber safe.

Compare Various Antivirus Software 

You always have to keep in mind that there are tons of options for you to protect your digital information, but not all work as well. By comparing different virus security software, you will have a better insight into what might work better for you and your devices. There is a variety of antivirus software on the market, with different features and protection levels. Some popular brands include Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and AVG. But how do you know which one is right for you? 

Compare_Various_Antivirus_Software .png

The first thing to consider is your needs as an individual or business. Do you need protection for just one device or multiple devices? Are there specific areas of security that are important to you such as online banking or email? Once you have a good idea of your needs, then start comparing the features of each product. 

Price is always going to be a factor when it comes to purchasing anything, but don’t just look at the price tag. A brand that might be more expensive than others, may actually provide you with better security features so it’s important to consider each one equally. 

Remember comparing different virus protection software is a great way to keep yourself cyber safe! Now get started comparing and find the right antivirus solution for you today!

Get A VPN 

A VPN has a ton of uses, but one of the most important is that it keeps you cyber safe. When you’re connected to a VPN, your traffic is encrypted and sent through a separate server, making it much harder for someone to track what you’re doing online or steal your data. 


If you’re not already using a VPN, now’s the time to start. There are a ton of great options out there, so do your research and find the one that fits your needs best. And don’t forget, using a VPN is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to staying safe online. Make sure to follow all of these other security tips as well! 

Here are some of the many uses of VPN:

  • Keep your traffic and data private
  • Access blocked websites
  • Avoid censorship
  • Get around geographic restrictions
  • Secure your Wi-Fi connection
  • Protect yourself from hackers when using public Wi-Fi

Just like with antivirus software, there are many to choose from so shop around. Do your research, find the best one for you, and don’t be afraid to switch if needed. Cyber security is important, so take the time to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay safe!

Keep Your System Updated 

Always make sure that all software on your computer is up-to-date. This includes your system software, web browser, and security software. Operating systems and applications are regularly updated with patches to fix newly discovered security vulnerabilities. By keeping your software up-to-date, you’re minimizing the chances that a vulnerability will be exploited on your computer.

In addition to keeping your software up-to-date, it’s also important to keep your operating system patched. Microsoft releases monthly updates for Windows users which address both known and unknown security issues. Attackers often exploit unpatched vulnerabilities in order to gain access to systems. So by keeping your system up-to-date and patched, you’re making it more difficult for attackers to compromise computers.

Use A Password Generator 

Finally, make sure you’re using a strong password. A weak password can easily be guessed or cracked with brute force methods. A strong password is long, contains a mix of characters, and isn’t something that can easily be found in the dictionary. By using a strong password, you’re making it more difficult for attackers to gain access to your account.

A password generator will make sure you’re using a strong, random password that is unique. This will help keep your account safe from hackers and cyber thieves who are looking to access private information.

Apply Different Passwords for Each of your Accounts 

Passwords should be very different from one another so you don’t have the same weak point across all of them. Using a password generator can also come in handy when creating new passwords because it keeps track of what you use most often or if there are any patterns that might leave an opening for someone else to take advantage of (i.e: birthdays or anniversaries).

Apply_Different_Passwords_for_Each_of_your_Accounts .png

Keeping your cyber safe is a top priority no matter who you are or what you do. That’s why you need to shop around and find the best antivirus that fits your needs and price range, as well as a good VPN. Keep your software updated at all times and have a strong password that’s composed with a password generator. These will keep your computer fortified like a military base!




Kan tillverkare nå sin största potential i framtidens fabrik?


Can Manufacturers Reach Their Greatest Potential in the Factory of the Future?

Manufacturing has changed with evolving consumer demand and the rise of robotics, IoT and artificial intelligence.

When I talk to people about Industry 4.0 – that being, at its simplest level, applying smart technology to the business of manufacturing – many people bring up the loss of jobs as though robots are calling the shots in conference rooms around the world. “People always fear change,” Microsoft founder Bill Gates once said. He then pointed out that people feared electricity and coal and gas-powered engines, underscoring that the unknown is perhaps the most frightening thing of all.

As a technologist and user of technology, I see this digital story unfolding differently.

I feel a runner’s high when technology eases a burden or enables people or an organization to hit their goals. When it comes to manufacturing, let’s explore ways the smart factory might use digitization to enable people to reach their greatest potential.

First, in this modern era of business, a siloed approach to problem-solving does not work. We must collaborate across different industries and countries to find answers. We must be curious, together.

MxD: Where Innovators Play

Some really big players are stepping up. At a nondescript, 100,000-square-foot facility near downtown Chicago called MxD, AT&T is demonstrating how video intelligence using 5G technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) can provide near-real-time insights into operations directly on the factory floor.


While the acronym may sound like a top-secret operation from the latest Hollywood thriller, MxD is actually an amazing center of innovation in cooperation with the Department of Defense. MxD literally means “manufacturing times digital.” In a space about twice the size of a football field, nearly 300 partners are advancing the future of U.S. manufacturing. MxD is a testbed for digital manufacturing technology, the development of new products, data analysis and plenty of “what if” scenarios. Here is where AT&T is accelerating the deployment of 5G to the U.S. manufacturing industry. The goal is to accelerate 5G adoption, a technology Accenture predicts “will create a more seismic impact than any wireless technology evolution to come.”

What About Solving Real Problems for Real People?


In broad strokes, the story sounds fantastic, but I believe that real growth takes place at the crossroad of tech and humanity. So how does 5G impact people?

First, waste is one of the biggest bleeds for manufacturers. In lean manufacturing, the goal is to transform raw materials into what customers want to buy. Waste erodes profit and productivity. With AT&T’s video sensor technology, manufacturers can identify product abnormalities based on defined specifications and display real-time notifications. These alerts can then be charted on a dashboard to provide visibility into operations. Intrusion detection as a feature of video intelligence can inform management when someone approaches the conveyer belt to help ensure safety standards are met.

Beyond the measurable advantage, there’s a human side to this technology. As our work on the factory floor improves, there is more reason for people to celebrate measurable progress, be recognized for a job well done and take pride in one’s work.

Another example is safety monitoring. Manufacturers can create a “safety zone” in a designated area and receive near-real-time notifications to more efficiently manage operations. Object detection as a feature of video intelligence can notify management when someone places a nonessential item near the drill press, such as a tool or part.

A third example is inventory tracking. If you’ve ever walked the concrete floor of a plant, frantically searching for parts or supplies you thought were in stock, you know the stressful and costly side of inventory management. With AT&T’s technology, manufacturers can detect the number of boxes on a shelf and receive real-time notification when a box is removed. I like this seamless, Fitbit-style of work. While applying object detection as a feature of video intelligence, management can receive alerts if someone places the box outside of the designated area too.

Not to be too sci-fi here, but it is really interesting to see the role of AI and machine learning in AT&T’s IoT video intelligence to help businesses drive efficiencies on a near-real time basis. AT&T will be demonstrating how manufacturers can use video intelligence to monitor conveyor belt speed and production accuracy, monitor older equipment temperatures and maintenance, and monitor inventory levels and location. All of this is powered by AT&T 5GmmWave.

Advancing Humanity


Companies like AT&T and places like MxD are making the impossible possible. They advance humanity through ingenuity, collaboration and the next frontier of technology for manufacturers, the people who work in the factories and customers eventually benefit from those products. The factory of the future, then, is not something to be feared, but a vision to be embraced and a modern passageway to reach our greatest potential.



Disclaimer: This article is sponsored by AT&T Business, but the opinions are my own and don’t necessarily represent BBN Times and AT&T Business’s positions or strategies.


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