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Konvergensen av kraftfulla idéer driver en ny våg av innovation


The Convergence of Powerful Ideas is Driving a New Wave of Innovation

Innovation is less about the power of the lone wolf.

Today, it’s the convergence and synchrony of eclectic ideas that drive substantive change.

If there is any word in today’s technological lexicon that stands out in both business and society, it’s innovate. Innovation is the lifeblood of our economy and businesses including transportation, entertainment, and medicine, to name a few. But there’s something else that is also very important in the way innovation lives in a complex society. Innovation doesn’t exist in a vacuum. In fact, the true nature of today’s innovation is the application of multiple aspects of innovation that converge and create the proverbial 1 + 1 = 3. It’s this convergence of independent and often divergent thinking that gives rise to breakthrough change and disruption. And in today’s exponential world, the dynamics that emerges from “synergistic” relationships is far from a simple linear extrapolation. The advantages cannot be defined by simple addition but result in something similar to what physicists refer to as “superradiance.” In this quantum theory, superradiance is a phenomenon that occurs when a group of aligned systems or quantum emitters have the radiation emission enhanced by a unique and specific alignment or convergence. It’s a bit of subatomic synergy. Maybe this can be simplified and quantified in a less technical expression. 

Innovate + Synchrony = Synchrovate.

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing world, “synchrovation” is no longer a option, it’s an imperative. The exponential path forward requires, no demands, a new level of engagement that is multifactorial and a function of voices and perspectives. It’s this process—innovation and synchrony—that is no longer the entanglement and obfuscation of complexities, but new alignments that drive innovation. Think about the synergies of AI, blockchain, IoT, cryptocurrencies, genomics, and manufacturing and how these amazing constructs live in a powerful and interwoven web that kindles and drives discovery.

In this context, innovation has become broadened and even democratized. It’s this essential dynamic that has become the domain of the “collaboratory” that lives in a decentralized environment that can be the laboratory, the factory, the garage, the kitchen or even your mind. Today’s exponential world expects that we become active participants in the process, our voices are central to advancing inspired change in the marketplace and the world. It’s up to us to synchrovate.



Dynatrace utökar Grail för att driva affärsanalys


Cloud Computing News

Software intelligence company Dynatrace has extended its Grail causational data lakehouse to power business analytics.

As a result, the Dynatrace platform can instantly capture business data from first and third-party applications at a massive scale without requiring engineering resources or code changes.

It prioritises business data separately from observability data and stores, processes, and analyzes this data while retaining the context of the complex cloud environments where it originated.

Dynatrace designed these enhancements to enable business and IT teams to drive accurate, reliable, cost-effective automation and conduct efficient ad hoc analytics covering a wide range of business processes. Examples include order fulfillment and bill payments, service activation and customer onboarding workflows, and the impact on revenue from new digital services. Today’s announcement builds on capabilities that Dynatrace launched in October 2022, leveraging Grail to power log analytics and management. The company expects to continue to extend Grail to power additional development, security, IT, and business solutions.

Organisations depend on digital services to drive revenue, customer satisfaction, and competitive differentiation. To optimise these services and user experiences, business and IT teams increasingly rely on insights from various business data, including application usage, conversion rates, and inventory returns. Yet, traditional business intelligence tools lack the speed, scale, flexibility, and granularity required to deliver insights about services built on complex cloud architectures. In fact, according to a study from Deloitte, two-thirds of organisations are not comfortable accessing or using data from their business intelligence tools. Business analytics in modern cloud environments requires a new approach. 

Stephen Evans, head of quality, monitoring, SRE/DevOps technology at PVH, said: “Dynatrace gives us valuable insight into the business impact of our applications’ performance and enables our teams to proactively solve problems, deliver better customer experiences, and drive more value for our organisation.

“This enhanced capability to access and store all of our business data provides the scalability our business needs. It also frees our teams from the constraints of sifting through data to determine what is valuable and what should be stored. Dynatrace’s unique ability to analyze all this data and deliver precise and contextualised answers in real time enables us to improve our digital landscape.”

Bernd Greifeneder, founder and CTO at Dynatrace., said: “To drive digital transformation at scale, organisations need trustworthy and real-time insights from their business data. Existing solutions often rely on stale data, fail to deliver precise answers in IT-context, and require manual maintenance and coding from engineers.

“The Grail causational data lakehouse uniquely positions the Dynatrace platform to overcome these hurdles. By elevating the priority of business data to ensure it arrives unsampled and with lossless precision, even from third-party applications where developers are not accessible, business and IT teams using the Dynatrace platform can now easily access valuable business insights on demand. This has the capability to unlock nearly unlimited business analytics use cases, allowing our customers to instantly answer their most challenging questions with accuracy, clarity, and speed.”



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