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The Motel Opens its Doors. Will You Make It out from Oxide?



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  • Oxide Room 104 available now for Xbox Series and Xbox One.
  • An insight to the experience that awaits you in this terrifying game.
  • A combination of very different mechanics where you will decide your own fate.

Oxide Room 104 is a bone-chilling horror videogame where you will play as Matthew and will have to escape from a terrifying old motel. The game combines action, adventure, and puzzles in a changing environment that will challenge you in many ways. But let me introduce you to the atmosphere of the Night Soul Motel and tell you a bit about what you will find in there while you try to escape.

You wake up inside the bathtub in one of the rooms of the motel, without remembering how you got there. You are naked and wounded, and your head feels like it is going to explode. Somebody wrote your name on the bathroom’s door; is that blood? This can’t be good… you’d better run out of there.


Doors are locked and windows are bricked up, so making it out is not going to be so easy. The motel’s rooms are filled with everyday objects; they look old and dirty, some of them rusty and others worn out, although might still be useful to find a way to get that next door open. But think things twice, because an impulsive decision could lead you to getting injured or poisoned, or to an abrupt death.

You will soon discover you are not alone there. A terrifying creature is stalking, waiting for your mistakes. She has filled the motel with horrors and other creatures that will hunt you to death. Taking the right decision in every moment between shooting at them with your gun or just moving quietly and stealthily will be crucial to survive.

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While moving through the motel, every room will be an unexpected environment with new mysteries—from a creepy concert room to a cemetery inside another room. What would be behind that door? Dangers and death are awaiting you everywhere.


Death is just the beginning. Things did not turn out well and now you wake up inside another bathtub, but that place does not seem the motel. Now you are gagged, with your hands and feet tied, and a ruthless doctor is watching you. What does he want from you? Why is he keeping you like this? He will do anything to get what he wants. He will show no mercy and take you back to Oxide.


Again, you wake up inside the bathtub in the motel, in room 104. But things have changed. Everything looks more rusty, new creatures are appearing, pictures on the walls are watching you, objects are not where they were, and you can’t escape in the same way as you did before. You have another chance to get out of there, but every time you fail the motel gets even more hostile and macabre. Find your way out before it is too late, escape from Oxide and discover its secrets. Oxide Room 104 is available now on Xbox.

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Oxide Room 104





Combining escape room gameplay and action, Oxide Room 104 is a bone-chilling single-player body-horror game set inside an old motel. Abducted, at the mercy of a ruthless scientist, and stalked by a horrible creature, you must try to escape using common sense, just as you would in real life. Can you get out of Oxide?

It all starts when you wake up in the bathtub of a motel room, naked, wounded, and unsure what has happened. You remember that the deal had gone wrong, but now the only thing that matters is trying to escape from that horrifying place no matter what. From this moment on, everything you do will lead you to one of the endings. And we warn you that, out of all the ways it could end, there’s only one good way out…

There are many options and ways to solve situations, as well as different paths. Some actions will lead you to states that will alter your perception of the environment and even to an abrupt outcome. Remember that a bad decision can be the difference between life and death.

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Team RWBY is Making Its Way to the Realm in a New Paladins Patch




Paladins is bringing another exciting crossover as Salem and her army of Grimm have made their way into the Realm, determined to wreak havoc wherever they go. But the Champions of the Realm will have help against this fearsome foe as Team RWBY, along with everyone’s favorite uncle Qrow, have also arrived to stop her! Can the combined might of Ruby Rose and her team of Huntresses overcome Salem’s terrible power, or will the immortal witch bring the Realm to its knees?

The new RWBY patch includes another major crossover to Paladins with Rooster Teeth’s “RWBY” series, giving players a new Crossover Pass featuring 30 levels of brand-new content, including skins, emotes, cosmetics, and more. Throughout the pass, you will earn four new skins – Ruby Rose Vora, Yang Xiao Long Imani, Blake Belladonna Saati, and Weiss Schnee Furia. Use these fashionable skins to embrace your inner Huntress and tear through Salem and the Grimm!

That’s not all, though; the Mythological Treasures Chest is being expanded to feature new Qrow Corvus and Seris Salem skins, giving you access to the skilled Huntsman and the Immortal Witch herself. For fans of magical girls and our previous Radiant Stars battlepass, we’ll also be expanding the Beyond Science and Fiction Chest to include a new Stellar Witch skin for Lillith, voiced by musician and streamer AmaLee.

While you’re out in the Realm, take a look at the newly remastered Trade District Map, completing the rework of all the Magistrate city maps. This reimagining includes many new details that reinforce the Magistrate aesthetic and allow you to view the rest of the city. We’ve also brought new options to custom games, allowing you to adjust your experience even further through movement speed, ultimate cooldowns, and many more.

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This update also includes a new Twitch Prime exclusive Defragged Inara skin and three new Limited Time Modes to look out for – Trade District Only, Test Maps, and Support Skirmish! Throw the world into darkness with Salem or defend it with Beacon Academy’s best with the RWBY Crossover Pass in the new update, available now in Paladins across all Xbox platforms!

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