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7 Tactics to Increase Customer Lifetime Value [Infographic]



Winning new business is key, but maintaining your existing client relationships can be even more valuable, especially if you’re dealing in goods are services that have strong add-on potential, or cater to recurring needs.

As such, considering your customer lifetime value (CLV) is an important element in any effective marketing plan. It’s not just the latest, shiny addition that you want to raise awareness off, but you also want to build brand community, by providing direct connection and conversation options, which can turn your brand fans into true advocates.

Which is a key value proposition of social media. Social platforms give everybody a voice, and a means to be heard, at any time, and about anything. The brands that win out in social are those that are listening to such, and are attuned to customer needs.

By maintaining these relationships, and building on them over time, social media also provides an avenue for those customers to amplify your messaging within their own networks, which now reach far further than they have in times past.

There can be huge value in this – as outlined in this new infographic from the team at GetVOIP. They illustrate various ways you can improve your CLV with examples from brands that have done just that.

Worth considering in your process.

CLV infographic


5 Habits and Behaviors of the Best Social Media Managers [Infographic]



5 Habits and Behaviors of the Best Social Media Managers [Infographic]

What makes a great social media manager? What skills and traits do you think makes someone best suited to a social media marketing and/or community-building role?

The team from Emplifi recently put this to social media expert Matt Navarra, who’s one of the best-known commentators and influencers in the space. As such, Matt’s got a pretty good perspective on what works, and what it takes to maximize your social media opportunities.

According to Matt, the best social media managers are:

  • Multi-taskers
  • Web culture aficionados
  • Storytellers
  • Risk takers
  • Amateur psychologists

Do these ring true for you?

Check out Matt’s top social media manager traits in the infographic below, while you can also check out Emplifi’s full interview with Matt here.

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