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All You Need to Know About Instagram Reels [Infographic]



In its ongoing effort to slow the rapid growth of TikTok, Instagram continues to push its own TikTok-like Reels element, with Reels now coming up in your regular feed, showing up more prominently in Explore, available as a comment reply option and more.

And aside from battling TikTok, IG is also looking to align with evolving usage trends. Which is working, at least to some degree, with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently noting that Reels is now “the primary driver of engagement growth” on Instagram, and millions of users are interacting with Reels clips every day.

Given its focus on the option, it could be worth considering in your marketing approach – and if you’re looking to get a better idea of how Reels works, and what it can be sued for, this infographic overview could help.

The team from Branex have put together a summary of the key Reels functions, along with some overall Instagram usage stats.

It could be worth factoring into your calculations.

Instagram Reels overview


WhatsApp’s Adding a New Option to Send a Message to Yourself



WhatsApp’s Adding a New Option to Send a Message to Yourself

This could be handy – WhatsApp’s rolling out a new option that enables you to send a message to yourself, which could be good for keeping notes, sending links that you want to get back to, keeping track of appointments, etc.

As you can see in this example, you’ll now see yourself as a contact in your WhatsApp recipients list, with WhatsApp highlighting examples like shopping lists, travel inspiration, voice notes, etc.

The feature has been in testing for the last few weeks, with beta testers getting access in late October. WhatsApp has now confirmed that it’s being rolled out to all users, on both Android and iOS.

As noted, to send yourself a message in WhatsApp, you’ll be able to choose your contact info from the top of your contacts list. Tapping on that will open up a chat window, where you can send yourself a quick note.

Which could be: ‘Hey, you look good today’, just to give yourself a little pep, or maybe text yourself a joke that always makes you laugh, no matter how many times you see it.

There’s a range of ways this could be used – I regularly send myself notes (via email) of story ideas and prompts that I’ve logged on my notepad, usually while waiting to pick up my kids.

It’s a small, but potentially helpful addition. The new ‘note to self’ option is rolling out to all users from this week.

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