IGTV Dos and Dont’s 2020 [Infographic]

Is IGTV going to become a larger consideration in 2020?

Instagram’s dedicated video platform hasn’t taken off as Insta might have hoped as yet, but there still seems to be significant opportunity there, utilizing Instagram’s scale along with rising video consumption trends to maximize viewership, and interest in short-form, episodic content. 

I mean, when you consider that Snapchat is seeing significant success with its original programming, pointing to shifting viewer habits, it seems logical that IGTV could also tap into the same. It hasn’t yet, but Instagram remains committed to the option, and insists it still has options to expand IGTV. 

But even if you’re not convinced that IGTV has a future, there are opportunities in the platform right now. Sure, it’s not as massive as it could be, but people are tuning in, there is an audience there – which means that there are also opportunities for digital marketers.

That’s what this new infographic from squarelovin is all about. In the below graphic, squarelovin provides an essential overview of IGTV, along with notes on what content gains the most traction, and how brands can use it in their broader promotional efforts.

Maybe it hasn’t gone massive yet, but I wouldn’t write IGTV off so soon – and maybe, by establishing a presence now, if it’s indeed of relevance to your audience, you can get ahead of the next big push on the platform.


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