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Instagram Launches First Edition of ‘Instagram Insider’ Digital Magazine, Highlighting Platform Trends



This is interesting – today, Instagram has published the first edition of its new ‘Instagram Insider‘ digital magazine, which aims to highlight key content trends, based on Instagram activity, as well as influential creators on the platform.

Instagram Insider magazine

As explained by Instagram:

If you’ve ever spent an indulgent weekend afternoon scrolling through your feed, Explore or Shop tab, liking and saving posts, then this ‘zine is for you! ‘Instagram Insider’ is about inspiration and discovery – not just of the trends (Crafty quilted fashion! Stick-on beauty products! Vintage streetwear!), but the people behind them.”

The 9-page magazine, which you can download in PDF form, includes overviews of key, rising trends, with example images, and links to top creators to follow.

Instagram Insiders magazine

It also features brief profiles of selected creators, along with emerging trend tips.

Instagram Insider magazine

Instagram also answers some key, common platform questions in the last section:

Instagram Insiders magazine

A summary of the questions and IG’s responses here:

  • Profile verification is only available to profiles that represent “a well-known, highly searched for person or brand” 
  • Hashtags are “the primary way” that people search and discover content on Instagram, and you should add three-to-five highly relevant hashtags to all of your posts (don’t add too many)
  • Instagram’s currently testing a new option that enables users to display total like counts or not on their posts (more info here)
  • Instagram is working on new link options in Stories (likely referring to its coming link stickers) which could make Stories links available to all users

Some handy reference info, and it’s an interesting guide overall, with a range of helpful notes and pointers on key trends and tips. 

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The magazine is essentially designed to appeal to users, and those looking at what to buy via Instagram trends, but it also provides plenty of food for thought for marketers and advertisers as well. Based on this, you may be able to find new angles to shape your own Instagram strategies, while the Q and A section could also be helpful in addressing some of your queries.

Either way, it’s short, it’s free, and you can download it here. Worth checking out when you get a chance.


New Screenshots Highlight How Snapchat’s Coming ‘Family Center’ Will Work



New Screenshots Highlight How Snapchat's Coming 'Family Center' Will Work

Snapchat’s parental control options look close to launch, with new screenshots based on back-end code showing how Snap’s coming ‘Family Center’ will look in the app.

As you can see in these images, shared by app intelligence company Watchful (via TechCrunch), the Family Center will enable parents to see who their child is engaging with in the app, along with who they’ve added, who they’re following, etc.

That could provide a new level of assurance for parents – though it could also be problematic for Snap, which has become a key resource for more private, intimate connection, with its anti-public posting ethos, and disappearing messages, helping to cement its place as an alternative to other social apps.

That’s really how Snap has embedded its niche. While other apps are about broadcasting your life to the wider world, Snap is about connecting with a small group of friends, where you can share your more private, secret thoughts, without concern of them living on forever, and coming back to bite you at a later stage.

That also, of course, means that more questionable, dangerous communications are happening in the app. Various reports have investigated how Snap is used for sending lewd messages, and arranging hook-ups, while drug dealers reportedly now use Snap to organize meet-ups and sales.

Which, of course, is why parents will be keen to get more insight into such, but I can’t imagine Snap users will be so welcoming of an intrusive tool in this respect.

But if parents know that it exists, they may have to, and that could be problematic for Snap. Teen users will need to accept their parents’ invitation to enable Family Center monitoring, but you can see how this could become an issue for many younger users in the app.


Still, the protective benefits may well be worth it, with random hook-ups and other engagements posing significant risks. And with kids as young as 13 able to create a Snapchat account, there are many vulnerable youngsters engaging in the app.

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But it could reduce Snap’s appeal, as more parents become aware of the tool.

Snapchat hasn’t provided any further insight into the new Family Center, or when it will be released, but it looks close to launch based on these images.  

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