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LinkedIn Provides Notes on Effective Campaign Measurement [Infographic]



Are you trying to measure the results of your marketing campaigns before they’ve even had a chance to see optimal response?

That’s the question LinkedIn poses in its latest infographic, which suggests that too many marketers are looking for performance indicators too early in the campaign process.

As per LinkedIn:

“77% of marketers are measuring ROI within the first month of their campaign, knowingly trying to “prove ROI in a shorter amount of time than their typical sales cycle., while only 4% of marketers even measure ROI over a six-month period or longer.”

That, LinkedIn says, leads to poor or inaccurate indicators of performance, especially given the broadening trend of lengthening sales cycles.

As such, LinkedIn advises marketers to slow down their approach. In the below graphic, LinkedIn provides a range of tips and insights to add additional perspective to your campaign measurement, which may help improve performance.

You can read more of LinkedIn’s measurement tips here.

LinkedIn measurement infographic


New Report Looks at the Importance Versus Annoyance of Two-Factor Authentication [Infographic]



New Report Looks at the Importance Versus Annoyance of Two-Factor Authentication [Infographic]

Do you use two-factor authentication, or some other form of advanced password protection for your social media accounts?

Have you ever been locked out of your account due to advanced protection measures?

Two- or multi-factor authentication adds an additional level of friction to the log-in process, which can be frustrating day-to-day, as you need to use a secondary device to access your account. But at the same time, it’s one of the best ways to protect your account from hacking – as is reflected in this new survey by Beyond Identity.

The results here show that while three in four respondents find multi-factor authentication an annoyance, 65% also indicate that it’s saved them from an account being compromised.

And with so much of our personal and work lives now playing out online, it’s important to have that extra protection to avoid fraud and identity theft.

Check out the results of Beyond Identity’s multi-factor authentication report below – and then go and activate advanced password protection on your accounts.

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