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Pinterest Establishes New Content Partnership with Tastemade to Promote Pin Product Listings



Pinterest Establishes New Content Partnership with Tastemade to Promote Pin Product Listings

As part of its continued effort to expand its network of creators, and provide more exposure opportunities for listed products, Pinterest has announced a new strategic partnership with lifestyle content platform Tastemade, which will see Pinterest and Tastemade work together on new scripted shows, live-stream programming and in-person events around the world.

As per Pinterest:

Today, we’re announcing a first-of-its-kind, multi-million dollar, global strategic partnership between Pinterest and Tastemade aimed at scaling creators, content series, and live streaming on Pinterest. The multi-year, multi-territory partnership commences immediately with initial programming launching later this year in the U.S., LATAM, Europe, and APAC.”

Tastemade, which has dedicated production studios around the world, creates video content for more than 300 million active viewers, who cumulatively consume more than 700 million minutes of clips on the platform every month.

Now, creators on Pinterest will also be able to tap into that network, via collaboration between the two platforms on new productions, activations and more, in various regions.

Indeed, Pinterest says that the agreement will see the production of 50 new Tastemade shows, which will debut exclusively on Pinterest, and will highlight Pinterest products and creators, via shoppable links and alerts. The deal will also deliver ‘hundreds of hours’ of new live programming for Pinterest TV, while Tastemade will also host a series of in-person creator events at their studios around the globe, including in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, Jakarta, Mumbai, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. 

The partnership between the two platforms makes a lot of sense, and will help to scale Pinterest’s offerings to a much broader audience, which will no doubt see its shopping engagement increase.


Pinterest says that, already, Tastemade creates some of the most inspirational content on Pinterest, with Tastemade Pins driving 200% more saves than the average Pin – and with more video content being shared exclusively to the app, that will bring more viewers into the Pinterest ecosystem, which could have big benefits for many Pin creators.

It’s essentially a cross-promotional tie-up, linking the creation skills of Tastemade’s team with Pinterest’s ever-expanding collection of product Pins.

It could end up being a highly valuable partnership, for both platforms, and it’s interesting to see a social media app (or at least, a former social media app) establishing a direct and ongoing content partnership in this way. It’s similar to YouTube partnering with, say, Walmart on a live-streaming initiative, though on a broader, more permanent scale – and in some ways, it switches the dynamic, with the creative talent, in this case, provided by Tastemade, as opposed to the platform hosting the product listings for a third party app.

That moves Pinterest further into the eCommerce space, as it essentially now becomes a provider of product listings for Tastemade content.

Rather than relying on its own creator network, and social interaction, the deal will use established creative pros as a promotion vehicle in this respect.

It’ll be worth keeping an eye on how the partnership evolves over time.

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Instagram Expands Access to Reels Templates, Adds New Music Recommendations for Reels Clips



Instagram's Working on a New Option That Would Simplify Reels Monetization for Creators

Looking to get into Instagram Reels, but not sure what to post?

This could help – over the last week, Instagram has been giving more users access to its Reels ‘Templates’ option, which enables you to create Reels based on popular content formats in the app.

As you can see in this example, shared by user Ahmed Ghanem, some people are now seeing the new ‘Templates’ option within the Reels camera, which enables you to select a format for your Reel based on popular trends.

Instagram initially launched its Templates option back in April, which takes users through a frame-by-frame process to create a similar-looking Reels clip.

Instagram Reels templates

So if you lack creativity, now Instagram will do the creative framing for you, which could be handy, as a means to create more engaging clips.

But it could also make a lot more of your Reels feed look familiar, due to replication of the same types of clips over and over again, while it also leans on the talents of trendsetters within the app. Which TikTok has come under scrutiny for in the past, and it’ll be interesting to see whether creators start to question the re-use of their formats in this way.

But if you do need help, maybe it’ll come in handy – and that’s not the only way that IG is looking to lend a guiding hand in the Reels creation process.

According to another discovery by Ghanem, Instagram will also now recommend songs for your content, based on your upload.

Instagram Reels music recommendations

How, exactly, Instagram recommends different songs for different clips is not clear, but based on these tools, you could essentially extricate yourself of almost all your creative content decisions – you just come up with what you want to film and Instagram’s recommendation tools and templates will do the rest.

Which seems to run counter to the whole ethos of the short-form video trend, which enables users to contribute to the latest trends and memes with their own, simple, creative takes. Indeed, what people like most about short-form content is that it provides more avenues for creativity, which makes these new features feel less genuine, and less interesting, even if they do help you get a few more Likes as a result.

Which they probably will, and for brands that are short on time, and are unable to keep up with the latest formats and tracks, they could be a big help (note: business accounts are limited in terms of what songs they can use in their clips).

But I don’t know. It feels a bit artificial, doesn’t it? Like, Meta is so keen to get as many people as possible posting short-form clips that it’s taking all of your own input and personality out of the process.

Maybe I’m over-thinking it – and really, what I am thinking is that someone should create an account that only posts videos using templates and song recommendations to see what sort of engagement it gets.

It could be massive – but it also feels like another step towards killing off the short-form video trend entirely by doing it to death.

Much like Stories before it – and, ultimately, that could be another way for Meta to negate competition.

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