Shutterstock Provides Free Images, Videos and Guides to Assist SMBs Impacted by COVID-19

Looking to play its part to provide assistance to businesses amid the COVID-19 shutdowns, visual content archive Shutterstock has this week launched a new resource hub for COVID-19 related content and tools, which includes a selection of free visuals for use by SMBs.

Shutterstock COVID-19 hub

The resource hub includes curated image collections for use by media partners, including stock images, infographics and other content. 

In addition to this, Shutterstock has provided limited sets of free images, videos, and music for SMBs, with a focus on content that may help to communicate key trending topics, including the shift to online trading and working from home, among others.

Shutterstock free visuals

The visual collections are, understandably, limited, but the content on offer is high quality, and there are some great images that you can use to enhance your content presentation.

Shutterstock has also provided a set of free backgrounds for virtual meetings to improve the look of your home office.

Shutterstock Zoom backgrounds

In addition, Shutterstock has provided a range of guides and advice posts to help enhance your visual efforts, while you can also use the Shutterstock Editor to customize your visual content (free to use with sign-up), which includes social media templates and tools to help you create more effective visuals. 

There are some helpful tools here, and while Shutterstock can’t provide free access to all of its 300 million images, the resources provided are worth checking out, and considering for your usage.

You can check out the Shutterstock COVID-19 Resource hub here.

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