Social media is proving its importance during the pandemic

At a time where many people are feeling alone or isolated, social media is helping people connect with each other now more than ever on the internet.

Just like many students across the country, the one’s at ONU have been learning from off-campus in their homes because of the pandemic. One professor at the school has been utilizing different social media platforms to reach out to her students like Twitter, Facebook, and Zoom. She says that Zoom lectures have been beneficial for her students in more ways than one.

“I get through the lecture and I’m like, ‘you guys can jump off,’ and they’re like, ‘why? I like seeing people and interacting,” says Alisa Agozzino, a public relations professor at ONU. “So, I find that most of my classes are now going 15 minutes to 30 minutes over when class technically would have been over.”

This is a great time to step out of your digital comfort zone and learn how to use a new social media platform, especially if you find yourself having more free time than usual.

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