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YouTube Expands Sponsorship Opportunities Through YouTube Select



YouTube has announced an expansion of its slate of sponsorship opportunities available via YouTube Select, which will give brands more ways to attach their promotions to specific moments and themes within the app.

As explained by YouTube:

“In addition to longstanding sponsorships available exclusively in the upfront, like ‘NFL Game Day All Access’, new this year, we’re offering a rolling set of seasonal sponsorships available on a quarterly basis. Our seasonal sponsorship offering focuses specifically on what’s prominent in culture during that time of year, like Mother’s Day, Summer Wellness or Women in Music during Women’s History Month.”

The expanded slate of sponsorship opportunities will give brands more ways to tie into popular, thematic content, and have their promotions displayed alongside videos in a broader and more diverse range of categories.

Among the various new sponsorship opportunities, YouTube will offer:

  • YouTube Greenlight, which will enable brands to sponsor an original series from a group of emerging YouTube creators
  • New gaming content opportunities, via Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards
  • NFL Game Day All Access – Advertisers will have the opportunity to sponsor the show for multiple episodes during the regular season and postseason 
  • New sustainability-focused programming
  • Seasonal event sponsorship opportunities, including Mother’s Day and Black Music Appreciation Month

YouTube says that these are just some of the new sponsorship offerings that will be made available throughout the year, with a range of connected programs and channels tied into various events to provide more ways to help brands maximize their promotions across the network.

Such sponsorships can be expensive, but with more people looking for this content at different periods, it can be a good way to maximize your reach, and get your messaging in front of engaged audiences.

YouTube says that brands should get in touch with the Google sales team to learn more about YouTube Select sponsorships.


New Report Looks at the Importance Versus Annoyance of Two-Factor Authentication [Infographic]



New Report Looks at the Importance Versus Annoyance of Two-Factor Authentication [Infographic]

Do you use two-factor authentication, or some other form of advanced password protection for your social media accounts?

Have you ever been locked out of your account due to advanced protection measures?

Two- or multi-factor authentication adds an additional level of friction to the log-in process, which can be frustrating day-to-day, as you need to use a secondary device to access your account. But at the same time, it’s one of the best ways to protect your account from hacking – as is reflected in this new survey by Beyond Identity.

The results here show that while three in four respondents find multi-factor authentication an annoyance, 65% also indicate that it’s saved them from an account being compromised.

And with so much of our personal and work lives now playing out online, it’s important to have that extra protection to avoid fraud and identity theft.

Check out the results of Beyond Identity’s multi-factor authentication report below – and then go and activate advanced password protection on your accounts.

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