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5 Ways Travel Bloggers Are Earning More Money Than Ever Before ($1 Million+/year)



Two mobile devices, a smartphone and a tablet, with ads displayed on their screens

There’s been a lot of buzz lately around whether or not it’s worth it to start a travel blog in 2023, and whether or not it’s still possible to turn a travel blog into a business. It’s a lot different from the chatter surrounding the job just a few years ago.

As travel bloggers for over a decade, Dariece and I would be somewhat considered kind of “OGs” in the space. We lived through a time in this career when the buzz around travel bloggers was being picked up by huge media chains like CNN Money, Forbes, Time, and Business Insider.

Goats On The Road as seen in
Back when being a digital nomad was novel, Goats On The Road was featured on all of these sites!

The average person couldn’t believe that these crazy digital nomads were traveling the world and earning hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars from their blogs, and the news was eating it up.

Fast forward to today and people are starting to question the likelihood of success with a travel blog… and for good reason! We have the birth of AI, ad restraints, constant Google Algorithm updates, and a pandemic that halted the growth of pretty much every travel blog online.

So do travel blogs still earn money? They do. In fact, there are more millionaire travel bloggers than ever and there are more ways to earn money from a travel blog than ever.

In this post, I’m going to share with you exactly how these travel bloggers are earning a living through their travel blogs and how many of them have turned their blogs into 7-figure-per-year businesses.

Note: I have done independent research to find these figures and linked to sources wherever possible, but in some cases, I have access to statistics and data from my blogging circles and private blogging groups which I can’t link to or source directly here, so you’ll just have to trust me.

1. In Content Ads

You see the ads on this page? You see the ads on the pages of every website you love to read? You may find these annoying, but they can pay very well and they allow blogs like this one to continue offering free content, because there’s money to be made from ad networks like Mediavine.

Two mobile devices, a smartphone and a tablet, with ads displayed on their screensTwo mobile devices, a smartphone and a tablet, with ads displayed on their screens

How it works is, that once your blog gets to a certain level of traffic, you can basically “flick a switch” and turn these ads on across your entire website.

There are travel blogs online currently that are earning over $1 million / year from these ads alone. They literally earn this money while they’re sleeping. They could go on a 1 year holiday, not open their laptop a single time for the whole year, and this income would keep rolling in.

Pretty cool right?

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you recommend a product or service on your blog and you link to that product or service using a special tracking link. When your readers click that link, it’s automatically tracked into a system and, if they choose to make a purchase, you get a commission automatically.

Affiliate Marketing Guide Travel Blogs Booking.comAffiliate Marketing Guide Travel Blogs
An Affiliate Dashboard Example Showing Earnings on

You can earn thousands of dollars per month from affiliate marketing alone. We started another site in the outdoor sports niche that earns money through affiliate marketing, sponsorships, and ads.

There are travel blogs out there earning over $100,000 per month from affiliate marketing alone. Again, this is money that bloggers are earning in their sleep in 2023.

You can earn money with any type of blog by the way. Check out our list of 101 Website Niche Ideas and pick one to start your own blog and start earning money from it.

3. Coaching & Product Sales

This is a relatively new aspect of blogs earning money online, but it’s a very lucrative one. Blogs offer courses and coaching programs like the Goats On The Road Courses and they earn money by coaching others.

Travel blog courses range from “How To Start a Travel Blog“, to “Growing a Travel Blog to a Full-Time Business“, to things outside of blogging like travel consulting, finance, and money-saving courses.

We know of a few travel blogs out there that have done over $1 million per year from their courses alone.

Digital products are great, but what about physical product? We’ve all heard of selling “Merch” online.

It’s a cool way for your audience to feel a connection to you, by wearing your t-shirts, and hats, or donning the latest iPhone case with your logo on it.

physical productsphysical products

We’ve sold a bit of merch in the past when we first started blogging, but we haven’t tried it since. However, there are plenty of bloggers out there who are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from selling merch, particularly those who sell it through YouTube.

While not in travel, YouTube influencers like Mr. Beast have turned merch and product sales into a multi-million dollar per year business and it’s inspiring for all of us travel bloggers as well.

4. Press Trips

Press trips have long been one of the biggest draws for running a successful travel blog. Having tourism boards, airlines, hotels, and tour operators whisking you away to far away destinations for free, and even paying you tens of thousands of dollars to enjoy their destination, flight, room, or tour, almost seems too good to be true.

world tourism forum speakers badgesworld tourism forum speakers badges

But for many travel bloggers, it’s not a dream… it’s a reality.

Through our own experiences and those of our blogging colleagues, we know all about these opportunities. Some companies are willing to pay upwards of $1,000 per day, PLUS free travel, for these types of partnerships.

In exchange, you promote their destination or company to your followers. It’s a win-win.

Go on a 10-day trip and earn $10,000 for writing about it and posting photos and videos on social media. Sounds like a pretty good deal I’d say!

5. YouTube

YouTube is a tough nut to crack, but just as Mr.Beast earns hundreds of millions of dollars per year from his incredible YouTube Channel, there are travel YouTubers like Drew Binsky and Mark Weins who have earned millions from their travel YouTube Channels.

YouTube Stats New NIche Site Case StudyYouTube Stats New NIche Site Case Study
An Example of The YouTube Ads Dashboard Showing Earnings

YouTubers earn income through ads that play during their videos, but also from sponsorships and partnerships with big brands.

With more and more people watching YouTube in 2023 than ever before, there are likely to be more and more travel vlogging millionaire channels coming up in the coming years.

Looking for more ways travel blogs earn money? Check out our guide on How To Make Money With a Travel Blog.

FAQs About Travel Blogging Income

How long does it take for a travel blog to earn money?

If a new travel blog focuses on building a brand, writing lots of blog posts, and serving its audience the best content possible, it can expect to earn money within 8-12 months of starting out.

How do travel blogs earn money?

Travel blogs earn money primarily through in-content ads, affiliate marketing, product sales, selling coaching programs, and brand sponsorships.

Is it still possible to earn money from a travel blog in 2023?

Absolutely. There are more opportunities for travel blogs to earn money than ever before. Ad networks pay higher RPMs than ever, there are more affiliate programs being created every day, and more people travel than ever before.

How do I start a travel blog that can one day earn money?

All you have to do is purchase a domain name and hosting for around $50 for the first year and then start writing on your blog consistently. If you keep writing the best content possible that helps answer your reader’s questions and helps them solve their problems, your blog will grow over time, and one day, it can earn an income.

The Verdict

Basically, there is more opportunity in travel blogging than ever before. In our blogging courses, we have over 500 active students and we’ve seen many of them grow their blogs to 6-figure per year businesses in just a couple of years.

Not only that but there are blogs that are less than 3 years old that are doing multiple 6-figures per year. We know because we see them rise up and surpass us! We’re never disheartened by the new competition. We’re excited to see the incredible growth in this industry.

That’s why we help as many people as possible to start their own travel blogs and teach them how to easily design and build them, we also show existing bloggers how to grow their existing blog’s traffic through our free SEO training program.

Travel blogging is not dead. It’s more alive than ever and starting this blog was still the best decision we ever made. We look forward to maybe one day reaching that 7-figure mark that many travel bloggers are hitting these days.

Is it as easy to grow your traffic as it once was? No. These days bloggers are hit by algorithm updates, social media bans, and more. But is it still worth it to start a blog today? I think so. If someone told me 10 years ago that this blog would be where it is today, I would’ve jumped at the opportunity.

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How to Make Money with Custom GPTs and ChatGPT



Make Money with Custom GPTs

The new GPT store on ChatGPT is expected to be launched by OpenAI in December, there aere a number of other ways that you can make money with Custom GPTs and ChatGPT as well as the new store. In the dynamic and ever-changing digital world we inhabit, the emergence of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), such as ChatGPT, signifies a major leap in the field of artificial intelligence. These sophisticated AI models are rapidly transitioning from being mere technological marvels to valuable assets in the business arena.

Entrepreneurs and forward-thinking innovators are now at the forefront, actively seeking out and experimenting with inventive and effective ways to harness the financial potential of these tools. This article aims to explore and elucidate a variety of practical and groundbreaking strategies. These strategies are not only innovative but also highly effective in tapping into the revenue-generating capabilities of custom GPTs and ChatGPT. We aim to provide a deeper understanding and fresh perspectives, moving beyond traditional methods and applications, thereby opening up new avenues for leveraging these advanced AI technologies in the commercial sphere.

1. Merchandise Sales Powered by GPTs

One of the most direct ways to monetize GPTs is through merchandise sales. For instance, imagine a custom GPT named ‘Sticker WHZ’ designed to create unique sticker designs based on user inputs. Such AI-powered creativity can be a game-changer in the custom merchandise sector. By integrating with platforms like Teespring, the entire process from creation to distribution can be streamlined, offering a novel avenue for e-commerce.

2. Tip Jars: A Simple Yet Effective Model

Tip jars represent a straightforward monetization method. A custom GPT, like ‘Grimoire GPT’, aimed at enhancing specific skills such as engineering, can include a feature allowing satisfied users to leave tips. Digital platforms like ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ and Patreon make it easy to set up and manage these donations, providing a steady income stream for creators and developers.

3. Consultation Calls Facilitated by GPTs

GPTs can serve as powerful lead generators for professional services. For example, a ‘GPT Idea Evaluator’ could offer initial assessments or advice, leading interested users to personalized, paid consultation calls. This approach not only monetizes the GPT service but also leverages its capabilities to enhance a consulting business. Scheduling and payment collection can be efficiently managed through tools like Calendly.

4. Affiliate Marketing: GPTs as Product Recommenders

Affiliate marketing, a well-established online revenue model, can be innovatively integrated with GPTs. These AI systems can be programmed to recommend products or services, embedding affiliate links within their responses. This method adapts well to a variety of niches, including physical goods and online courses, and can be a subtle yet effective monetization strategy.

5. Sponsorships Tailored for GPT Content

Similar to traditional digital content monetization, GPTs can feature sponsored links or product mentions in their outputs. This approach mirrors the sponsorship models seen in digital platforms like YouTube or newsletters, providing an opportunity for businesses to reach audiences through AI-generated content.


The potential of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), particularly models like ChatGPT, in the arena of monetization, is both vast and multifaceted, presenting a rich tapestry of opportunities. These advanced AI tools are not just confined to one or two avenues of revenue generation; they open doors to a multitude of possibilities. From the more straightforward approaches like direct sales, where products or services are sold directly to the consumer, to the incorporation of virtual tip jars, where users can express their appreciation in monetary terms, the scope is wide-ranging. Additionally, the realm of affiliate marketing offers a unique opportunity where these AI tools can recommend products or services, embedding affiliate links to track and earn commissions on sales. Sponsorships, too, present a lucrative avenue, where GPTs can seamlessly integrate sponsored content or product mentions into their interactions, akin to sponsorship models in other forms of digital media.

Moreover, by deeply understanding and strategically leveraging the unique capabilities of GPTs, creators, and entrepreneurs can not only tap into existing revenue streams but also innovate and create new ones. This exploration and utilization of GPTs in commerce and digital innovation can lead to the breaking of new ground, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in digital commerce and AI technology. These AI models, thus, serve not just as tools for income but also as catalysts for unprecedented growth and innovation in the digital economy, redefining the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. The potential is limitless, and the opportunities are only bound by the creativity and ingenuity of those who harness the power of these transformative AI technologies.

Here are some more useful article on ChatGPT and custom GPTs:

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5 best 2024 planners to organize your busy life and keep track of tasks



ByAmanda Saintina WLS logo

Wednesday, November 22, 2023 5:23PM

5 best 2024 planners to organize your busy life and

As a participant in multiple affiliate marketing programs, Localish will earn a commission for certain purchases. See full disclaimer below*

When it comes to completing daily tasks, planning goals, and scheduling your day instead of opting for an app, an effective planner can be a great tool to jumpstart your productivity. The right planner for you can help you set better habits, simplify your to-dos, and serve as a reflection on the year. It may be hard to find the ideal one for you with the vast array of planners available. That is why we have narrowed down the 5 best 2024 planners based on effectiveness, versatility, and design.

5 best 2024 planners to organize your busy life

I love these Papier planners because of their range of designs whether you like color block or floral prints these planners add a pop of color to any bag. This is a hardcover planner that is organized with weekly, monthly, and yearly overviews.

5 best 2024 planners to organize your busy life and

Papier offers 16-week undated planners, which is perfect because you can start it at any point in time of the year. You can personalize it with your name on the cover and choose any style personal to you. I love that it allows you to plan your productivity with no time constraints. You can use this planner to write to-dos, make shopping lists, review your goals, and track habits. It comes with a mind map page which I personally love because it allows you to reflect on your personal growth.

1700979964 208 5 best 2024 planners to organize your busy life and

Clever Fox Planner 2nd Edition Dated Jan 2024-Jan 2025

This Clever Fox weekly and monthly planner covers 13 months from January 2024 until January 2025. What I like about this planner is that each month has a different color scheme to keep things fun. My favorite part of this planner is the weekly spread with a personal to do list, habit tracker, and weekly reflections. This helps with keeping track of your progress and helps visualize what steps you can take to improve the following week.

1700979964 281 5 best 2024 planners to organize your busy life and

Gratitude For Manifestation: How To Become The Master Of Your Life Through Gratitude

Andrea Cox and Kathleen Cameron’s gratitude journal are for those wanting a non-traditional way to manifest and journal your goals. They are experts in manifestation and created this journal to help you focus on gratitude journaling. What I love about this is that there are blank gratitude statements where you can share what you are grateful for now and what’s coming your way.

Rocketbook Planner Notebook Fusion Reusable Smart Notebook Improve Productivity Digitally Connected Dotted 6 x 8 8 42 Pg Deep Space Gray 59622b44 dd65 4712 a2ad ceaf4be5d916.245788cee6aede7a2285e3f2a62b9127

Rocketbook Planner Notebook Fusion

The Rocketbook Planner is a reusable smart planner and notebook. It is a 42-page notebook equipped with 7 different page styles: task lists, weekly planner, monthly calendar, OKR goal template, idealist, dot grid and lined pages. You can easily upload these handwritten notes to any cloud services like Google Drive, Slack, ICloud, and more. I chose this planner because I love how sustainable this item is. It comes with a special pen to write, and wipes clear with water and cloth.

* By clicking on the featured links, visitors will leave and be directed to third-party e-commerce sites that operate under different terms and privacy policies. Although we are sharing our personal opinions of these products with you, Localish is not endorsing these products. It has not performed product safety testing on any of these products, did not manufacture them, and is not selling, or distributing them and is not making any representations about the safety or caliber of these products. Prices and availability are subject to change from the date of publication.

Copyright © 2023 WLS-TV. All Rights Reserved.

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