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Is it a Good Way to Monetize Your New Sites in 2023?



Is it a Good Way to Monetize Your New Sites in 2023?

Are you considering using Infolinks to monetize your blog? If you’re undecided, this Infolinks review will dive deep into what Infolinks is, how it works, and whether it’s worth your time.

As a new blogger or website owner, you might wonder how to monetize your content.

In-text advertising is one way to go, and there are multiple advertising networks that will take care of ad placement for you.

Infolinks is one such ad network that claims to have 240 million monthly users. However, is it a good way to monetize your content, or are there better options?

If you’re in a hurry you can quickly check out Infolinks here!

  • Ease of Use

  • Performance

  • Customer Service

  • Profit Potential


Infolinks is an ad network with a fast approval process with no minimum requirements and is free and easy to set up. If you’re a new blogger or website owner with under 10,000 page views, it’s worth looking into. However, if you have over 10K monthly site views, there are far better ad networks that will help you earn a lot more.


  • Zero setup and signup fees
  • Ads are customizable and relevant to your brand
  • Wide range of Infolinks ad formats to choose from
  • Fast approval with no minimum traffic amount required
  • Can use Infolinks alongside another ad network such as AdSense


  • Control panel is a little outdated
  • Some ads have been reported as being intrusive which may harm user experience
  • You’ll need a decent amount of traffic from the US and UK to make any money

What is Infolinks?

Infolinks is an advertising network established in 2007 to help publishers monetize their content.

Many creators turned to Infolinks when it was hard to get approved with Google AdSense.

Plus, many big marketers got banned from Google AdSense from 2012 – 2014 for no good reason, which is why many started to search for alternatives.

Businesses use Infolinks to promote what they do through text ads, and bloggers use Infolinks to make money by placing those ads within their content.

Infolinks uses various types of ad units, such as in-screen, in-frame, and in-text, to name a few.


And, Infolinks ensures these ads are contextual, meaning that they fit the content of each page for a seamless customer experience.

Infolinks Review: How Does it Work?

Infolinks provides a wide range of in-text ads that show up in different areas of your website.

Ads are made relevant to each website visitor according to their browsing history.

To get started as an Infolinks publisher, you must sign up and integrate a given code into your website that allows ads to show.

Infolinks review

Follow these simple steps:

  • Fill out a short publisher form
  • Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours
  • After your Infolinks account is approved, you’ll receive an embed code to place Infolinks ads on to your site
  • Your site will start showing ads and earning revenue
  • Track your earnings in the Publisher Center

Infolinks Features

You can use different ad formats on Infolinks to monetize your blog content. These include:

In Text Ad

In-text ads are a type of contextual ad where keywords within the content of a specific page are matched with the ad unit.

You can choose the Infolinks ad style, including dotted or double lines and the color.


A maximum of 12 of these types of Infolinks ads are allowed per page.

Infold Ad

Infolinks review

Infold ads are banner ads that sit above the fold and stick to the screen to stay in one place while the user scrolls through a page.

Inscreen Ad

Otherwise known as an interstitial ad, this type of ad is typically shown in transitional stages, such as when a viewer clicks over onto another page on your site or when they leave.

You have complete control over when you want your Inscreen ads to trigger.

Inframe Ad

Inframe ads are banner ads that can be added to different pages on your blog or website.

They usually sit on the side of pages and provide a solution to unused space on wide screens.

Inframe ads

Intag Ad

These types of ads are banner ads that sit within the content of your blog posts.

You can choose the link colour, advert colour, and where you want it to be placed.


Inarticle Ad

Inarticle ads open up once a reader engages with the content on your blog.

The different ad formats include native and video. They help to boost revenue and engagement on each page.

Inarticle ads

How to Integrate Infolinks Ads into Your Site

It’s easy and quick to integrate Infolinks ads into your website.

You have two options:

  1. Install a free plugin given to you after signing up. These are available for all the main site-building platforms, such as WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, and Drupal
  2. Put a unique Infolinks script into your site’s HTML. Copy and paste the code just before the closing </body> HTML tag

Once the code has been inserted or the plugin activated, Infolinks will automatically start integrating contextual ads into your content.

Head to your dashboard to control which ads you want on your site, how many you want to show, and what pages they’re shown on.

Tips to Earn More with Infolinks

Now you know what Infolinks is and how to use it, let’s look at how to increase your earnings.


Infolinks is a CPC (cost per click) advertising network.

This means the amount of traffic you get and the quality of your site visitors will affect how much you earn from ads.

By quality, I mean you want readers that are actually interested in what you’re writing about.

And, if they’re interested in your content, they’re more likely to click on your Infolinks ads on your site.

Here are some tips to earn more with Infolinks:

Increase Blog Traffic

To increase your ad revenue, it’ll help if you increase your blog traffic.


A few simple ways to do this include promoting your articles on Pinterest, optimizing your pages for SEO, and writing epic articles that rank on the first page of Google.

Consider Ad Placement Carefully

The ad type you choose and where you place them can affect your earnings dramatically.

Put them in the right place, and you’ll get more ad clicks. If they’re placed badly and irritate your viewers, you risk them bouncing away from your site, never to return.

Fortunately, Infolinks offers various ad formats and does a good job of matching them to your content type.

By becoming an Infolinks referral partner, you can earn more each month.

All you have to do is sign up for the referral program, receive your affiliate link, and share it with other bloggers and site owners who might want make money with ads.


You can also embed Infolinks banners on your website that contains your referral link.

Infolinks Review: How to Receive Payments?

There is no cap on how much you can earn with Infolinks.

You can withdraw your earnings each month if you hit the $50 minimum threshold.

Infolinks offers multiple ways to receive payments, including bank wire, e-check, PayPal, Payoneer, and ACH (for US bank accounts only).

Head to the Payment Section in your account to select how you’d like to get paid.

Infolinks alternatives

Infolinks ads can be used alongside other advertising networks.


Google AdSense is one option, that also has no minimum traffic requirement to get approved.

However, if you have 10,000 or more site visitors each month, there are other ad networks worth looking at, such as:

Ezoic Ad Network

1676070520 934 Is it a Good Way to Monetize Your New Sites

Ezoic is an advertising network that will test ad layouts and sizes across your website to maximize revenue.

Not only this, Ezoic will speed up your website, so your ads load faster and keep your readers on your site longer.

To use it, you will need:

  • 10,000 site visitors per month
  • A site that adheres to Google publisher policies
  • To post unique and relevant content
  • Good standing with Google AdSense

They have a great human support team, and once you’re signed up, you’ll get access to an ad account manager. We think it’s one of the best ad networks for bloggers.

Learn all about it in our Ezoic review.

Mediavine Ad Network

1676070520 482 Is it a Good Way to Monetize Your New Sites

Mediavine offers full-service ad management for content creators and businesses.

To get set up, you need to install a WordPress plugin, configure the right settings, and relevant ads will show on your site.


However, Mediavine is not the easiest ad network to get approved for. They pay one of the highest RPMs (Revenue per Mille), which ranges from $10 to $70+ per 1,000 visitors.

The Mediavine application requirements include:

  • 50,000 sessions in the last 30 days (on Google Analytics)
  • Good standing with Google AdSenseLong-form, engaging, and relevant content
  • Original content in any lifestyle niche

Monumetric Ad Network

1676070520 738 Is it a Good Way to Monetize Your New Sites

Monumetric is a full-service ad network for websites and content creators.

They aim to maximize each website’s revenue while still providing the best possible user experience.

If you have 10,000 – 80,000 page views a month, you will have to pay a $99 set-up fee.

They have four service tiers:

  • Propel: For beginner publishers with at least 10,000 monthly page views
  • Ascend: For medium level publishers with 80,000 – 500,000 monthly page views
  • Stratos: For top-level publishers with 500,000 – 1 million monthly page views
  • Apollo: For prolific publishers with 10+ million monthly page views

Infolinks Review Final Verdict

Now we’re at the end of this Infolinks review. We can make our decision on whether Infolinks is a good way to monetize your content.

If you’re a new blogger or website owner with fewer than 10,000 page views a month and want an alternative to Ezoic, then Infolinks is worth trying to make a few extra dollars.


However, it’s important to be realistic and remember that when you have minimal traffic to your site, you won’t earn a lot from ads.

But, Infolinks is free and easy to set up, has a fast approval process, and can be used alongside another ad network such as AdSense.

When your blog hits the 10,000+ page views a month mark, there are far better ad networks to monetize your content, such as Monumetric.

At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose by trying out Infolinks for free.

Just ensure you don’t overdo the ads and ruin the user experience.

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Lazy Ways People Are Making More Passive Income



Lazy Ways People Are Making More Passive Income


In an era marked by innovation and unconventional career paths, individuals are discovering remarkably inventive methods to generate income with minimal effort. These ingenious “lazy” money-making strategies challenge traditional notions of work ethic and productivity, leveraging the power of automation, passive income streams, and strategic outsourcing.


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21 Ideas for Earning Money Through Social Media



social media earning

Nowadays, having only one source of income is not enough. In my case, it can barely cover the monthly expenses and bills. 

So, I researched several ideas for earning money through social media. It’s a way for me to have extra earnings to buy groceries or add to my savings. If you’re like me and want to make extra money online, this guide will help you do that. 

1. Sponsored Posts

sponsored post
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One way most influencers make money is by doing sponsored posts. Brands will contact you to make deals if you have a decent social media following. 

You can also do outreach, where you reach out to businesses and pitch the benefits of partnering with you. Once the deal is sealed, you’ll be paid to promote their products and services on your social accounts like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even LinkedIn.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate MarketingAffiliate Marketing
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Another way you can earn extra cash through social media is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is where you can make a commission by promoting a product or service of a business using an affiliate link. 

The best examples of where you can do that are Clickbank, ShareASale, and Amazon. You can sign up or apply to their affiliate program, and once accepted, you can begin promoting their products on your social platforms or website. You’ll also have your own Amazon dashboard to monitor how many people click on your links and purchase through them. 

3. Selling Products Online

Man, home business, work from home, e-commerceMan, home business, work from home, e-commerce
Image Credit: Hananeko_Studio/Shutterstock.

Selling products online is among the best ways to make extra money. Though this sounds similar to affiliate marketing, there’s a difference. You need to have your own products to sell or have a supplier who can send the orders directly to your customers, which is called drop shipping. You’ll need a platform to sell, for which you can use your social media platforms.

4. Paid Online Communities

shutterstock 417264109 scaledshutterstock 417264109 scaled
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Looking to boost your income? Consider creating a paid online community on social media. It’s a digital space where members pay to access exclusive content, discussions, and benefits.

These communities often provide specialized knowledge, tools, or interactions not found in free forums. Remember that building a good following and having a valuable offer is the key to success here. 


5. Social Media Management

social media followingsocial media following
Image Credit: 13_Phunkod / SHutterstock.

One way to earn an additional income is through social media management. In this line of freelance work, you create and schedule social media content to grow and nurture audiences on various social media platforms. 

Most importantly, you must have an effective social media content strategy to organically grow your client’s accounts. If that sounds like you, you can create an account and apply to job sites like Upwork. 

6. Online Courses

Woman, laptop, class, teaching, teacher, online, course, pottery, learnWoman, laptop, class, teaching, teacher, online, course, pottery, learn
Image Credit: Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock.

If you’re a teacher, YouTuber, writer, or someone who knows much about one specific topic, you can make online courses and sell them. Pick a topic you want to cover and ensure you’re good at that. 

Next, validate your ideas through research and audience surveys to make sure that’s what your audience wants. Once you finish that, pick your course platforms, like Teachable and Learndash. 

7. Create an E-Book 

create ebookcreate ebook
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Another extra source of income you can do is create an e-book. Creating an e-book lets you share your knowledge, expertise, and life experience in a convenient digital format while earning extra income. 

It’s also hassle-free since you can self-publish your e-book on platforms like Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and reach a wide audience. That said, you can always use your social media following to market the e-book. 

8. Print-On-Demand

print on demandprint on demand
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you want to earn extra bucks and have good design skills, there’s no better way to leverage your social media account than a print-on-demand business. It’s where you design a product with your print-on-demand partner, and they will print and ship the goods to your customers on your behalf. 

Some of the most popular print-on-demand partners you can collaborate with are Printify and Printful. There’s no set-up cost or membership fee for these two, and they will only charge you for manufacturing and shipping once an order is placed. 

9. Photography

man taking a photo with professional cameraman taking a photo with professional camera
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

You can earn extra income by doing photography gigs through social media. All you need to do is showcase your photography skills on social media platforms and ensure all your shots are taken well. 

Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are good places to find clients who need photographers for their businesses or personal shoots. As a result, you’ll turn your passion for photography into a profitable side hustle. 

10. Subscription Services

only fans subscriptiononly fans subscription
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Earn extra income by offering subscription services through social media. Just create valuable content or products that people are willing to pay for. Whether it’s exclusive access to premium content, personalized services, or products, you can make easy money by promoting them on social media. 

However, this only works if you already have established followers. If not, work on growing your audience first. By giving your subscribers something valuable regularly, you can turn what you love or are good at into a steady source of income.


11. Crowdfunding

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you need money for a brilliant business idea but have no capital money at hand, you can generate money through crowdfunding. Simply share your project or idea online, be genuine, and ask for their support.

Start a GoFundMe or use Kickstarter to start your journey. Afterward, share them on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness about the funding. 

12. Sponsored Reviews

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Diego Cervo

Another way you can make legitimate money online is to do sponsored reviews. Don’t mistake this as similar to sponsored posts; this isn’t. In sponsored reviews, you’ll get paid to write a lengthy review for a product or service of a business. Meanwhile, in sponsored posts, you’ll only do a little extra work of endorsing or posting an item.

13. Digital Coaching or Consulting

Shutterstock 1738498550Shutterstock 1738498550
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

One of the ways to make extra cash is through digital coaching or consulting. Though this might sound simple, it has depth, so you must have the experience to do any of those two. 

For example, if you have expertise in fitness, you could provide tailored workout plans and nutrition guidance via video calls or email consultations. Or, if you excel in career coaching, you could offer resume reviews and interview strategies to assist people get much better employment opportunities. Use social media to tell people about your services and connect with potential clients.

14. Copywriting Services

Young Multiethnic Developer Working on a Laptop Computer in Creative Office Environment. Beautiful Diverse Latin Female Project Manager is Developing Data and Scheduling a Project.Young Multiethnic Developer Working on a Laptop Computer in Creative Office Environment. Beautiful Diverse Latin Female Project Manager is Developing Data and Scheduling a Project.
Image Credit: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock.

Another way of making a quick buck is to offer copywriting services. With your talent in writing, you get paid to work with brands, advertisers, marketing agencies, or sole business owners and earn additional income. Market your offerings well on social media and job sites like Upwork to attract potential clients willing to pay for your freelance writing services. 

15. Video Production

Unrecognizable guy editing astronaut videoUnrecognizable guy editing astronaut video
Image Credit: Frame Stock Footage/Shutterstock.

Video production is another way to make more money via social media. Businesses and YouTubers often hire freelancers to do video production or video editing for them for a good amount of money. For instance, a video editor I know makes hundreds of dollars per video submitted. 

16. Graphic Design Services

Graphic designer creating logo on computerGraphic designer creating logo on computer
Image Credit: Kaspars Grinvalds / Shutterstock.

If you have a good eye for design and details, offering graphic design services is among the best ways to make additional money. Your job here includes anything from making logos, typography, infographics, or packaging design. Use your social media to post your work and attract new clients.

17. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual AssistantVirtual Assistant
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Offering virtual assistant services is one way to start making money online. It’s similar to offering social media and copywriting services but with a broader scope of work. Your job here is not restricted to blog posting, scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, and making travel arrangements. 

18. Webinar Hosting

Courtesy of Wealth of Geeks

Web hosting is another way you can earn money from home. You can make money from this by hosting webinars for specific topics you’re an expert in. 

Use your social media to make your followers aware of your webinar, set an admission price, and add as much value as you can on the topic of your choosing. 

19. Niche Blogging

What Skills Do I Need To Become a BloggerWhat Skills Do I Need To Become a Blogger
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you love blogging, there’s no better way to monetize than niche blogging. You pick a particular topic to write on and publish posts in that niche. 

For instance, if you love traveling, you can pick a travel niche and write only about traveling topics. Share your posts on various social platforms to attract more audience. Once your blog gains traction and your social media account grows, you can earn money from ads and sponsored posts and offer your expertise to help other bloggers. 

20. Podcast

Podcast SetupPodcast Setup
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you love talking, monetizing a podcast is another way to make money online. Pick your niche or topic, choose a catchy name, and buy recording equipment and software. 

Once everything is ready, you can start recording and editing your podcast. After that, focus on building trust with your audience by regularly uploading valuable, high-quality content that resonates with your audience. 

When your podcast gains a good audience and your social media platforms start to grow, you can start doing sponsored posts and ads, or put affiliate codes or links to your podcast. 


21. Sponsored Livestream

Influencer live recording social media vloggingInfluencer live recording social media vlogging
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

If you enjoy live interactions, hosting sponsored livestreams is a great way to earn money online. Start by picking a subject or theme for your live stream, ensuring it aligns with your interests and expertise.

Next, gather the equipment and streaming software, ensuring good audio and video quality. Once prepared, engage with your audience in real-time by delivering valuable content and fostering meaningful conversations.

As your livestream gains traction and viewership, consider collaborating with brands for sponsored posts and ads during your streams. Alternatively, incorporate affiliate codes or links into your content to monetize your efforts further.

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Develop Your Success Mindset With 12 Simple Tips in 2024



Develop Your Success Mindset With 12 Simple Tips in 2024

A success mindset is essential to achieve meaningful goals in life and work.

But what is a success mindset, and how do you develop one?

The short answer?

A success mindset is a set of beliefs and attitudes that support you in whatever you want to achieve.

So, to confidently go after goals without fear, a success mindset will help you get there.


Read on to discover 12 tips for developing a mindset for success.

1. Know What Success Means to You

A success mindset starts with knowing what you want.

Define success for you

It may seem obvious, but many of us haven’t spent enough time thinking about it.

We allow life to pull us in many directions, leading us to unwanted destinations.

Thus, we need to get specific.

Imagine working towards a goal you kind of think you want to achieve. How will you know when you get there?

Worse. What if you reach a goal that wasn’t meant for you? It might feel exciting at first, but it won’t bring lasting fulfillment.


So, how do you know when you’ve achieved success?

There are many ways to help you define personal success. Here are a few things to try:

  1. Set SMART goals. A classic method for goal setting can bring more clarity.
  2. Model successful people. List the people you admire most and get clear on why. What is it they have achieved that inspires you? This can help you establish what you truly want.
  3. Learn about human needs. Study Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs or the Six Human Needs by Tony Robbins. This will open your mind to what drives you.
  4. Define your values. Take Dr. John DeMartini’s Value Determination Questionaire. Your values will uncover your true motivation.

Treat this as a self-reflective process rather than a set-it-and-forget-it activity. Realistic goals will evolve, so you don’t need to know all the details.

Define something broad and break it into smaller, more manageable goals to get you started.

2. Declutter Your Mind

What is the one thing that stops you from becoming a successful person?

You guessed it: your mind. More specifically, your subconscious mind.

That’s because the subconscious mind runs 95% of our actions. This is the foundation of developing the right mindset for success.


If you’ve failed to achieve goals in the past, it could be a sign that your subconscious mind is working against you.

Exploring the different types of mindsets will help you understand why you get stuck.

But here are some steps to clear your mind so that success becomes automatic:

  1. Uncover your limiting beliefs. Quiet your mind and witness what arises. Use journaling prompts to uncover thoughts that keep you stuck. Question everything.
  2. Banish negative thoughts. Recognize that the words you say to yourself impact your results. Replace phrases like “I can’t,” “It’s too hard,” and “I don’t have time” with positive self-talk.
  3. Believe in yourself. True self-confidence comes from you. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Start building the self-belief muscle by taking action and celebrating your wins.

When you declutter your mind from unwanted limitations, success becomes a habit. You start to see evidence that anything you want is possible.

3. Act Fast

Acting fast is a crucial trait of the success mindset.

Instead of thinking and planning and overplanning and wondering, just get started. You’ll learn way more by taking action.

Niche Pursuits founder Spencer Haws said it well in a recent tweet.


He outlined 7 reasons why so many people fail at online business, with number 3 stating:

“Not taking action and lack of effort. I didn’t know anything about the Amazon Influencer program a year ago, but it seemed interesting. Instead of thinking about it for months or years…I just started! (And I made over $6,000 in December). Jump in, do some work, and figure things out. Too many people sit on the sidelines for WAY too long just thinking about things.”

Being successful is about being decisive. Overthinking creates too many options. The solution is to take the first step and not worry if it’s the wrong step.


The right path will reveal itself along the way.

4. Embrace Failure

Do you have a fear of failure? It’s okay, many of us do.

The kicker is that even successful people fear failure. The difference, however, is that they use it to their advantage.

That’s right. Successful people use failure as feedback, which brings them closer to success.

To embrace failure, loosen your grip on what it means to succeed. Let go of the outcome and lower your expectations.

Start small and work your way up to more challenging goals.


This could be looking at the easiest online businesses to start instead of starting a global empire.

Or running on the spot for 30 days straight instead of aiming to complete a marathon.

Get lots of quick wins and learn from the setbacks. This will ease any resistance you have to failing or making mistakes.

5. Perseverance and Grit

Another characteristic of the success mindset is to persevere when things get difficult.

Pereverance and gritPereverance and grit

Achieving any goal requires commitment and self-discipline.

This doesn’t mean you need talent or have a high IQ. It means you need to recognize that big goals take time, patience, and consistent effort.

You need grit.


Grit is about doing the hard work, day in and day out, without immediate reward.

Angela Duckworth

In her Ted Talk, Angela Duckworth defines “Grit” as passion and perseverance for very long-term goals.

Grit is about choosing goals you’re so passionate about that giving up isn’t an option, no matter how hard it gets.

This is how you achieve meaningful success.

6. Know When to Give Up

On the flip side of perseverance and grit is knowing when to call it quits.


It’s a strange paradox, but not all endeavors are good ideas. This is a concept explored in The Dip by Seth Godin.

Giving up might not count for things like losing weight or building a great physique if you’re in good health.

Or quitting a career as a writer because you struggle with writer’s block.

Or quitting business if you’ve had lots of failed startups.

It simply means you might have to switch things up.

The perfect body might not be possible if you have a health condition. Writer’s block might be eliminated when changing what you write about. Likewise, failure in business doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.


The main takeaway is to not get too attached to ideas that aren’t going anywhere.

But you can still find success in other areas.

7. Definiteness of Purpose

Napoleon Hill emphasized the importance of having a definiteness of purpose in many of his books.

This involves following your definite chief aim or creative vision caused by a burning desire.

When you’re guided by a burning desire and creative vision, nothing will stop you. You also eliminate conflicting desires that take you off track.


The definiteness of your purpose helps you maintain unwavering focus and determination.

Hill believed a well-defined purpose is the cornerstone of success, aligning one’s actions and decisions with a singular vision.

8. Teamwork

Life as a solopreneur can be a very lonely path. But without teamwork, success isn’t possible.

Achieve success through teamworkAchieve success through teamwork

As Henry Ford aptly noted:

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”

This underpins the importance of teamwork in achieving personal mastery. The ability and willingness to collaborate with others is an essential component of personal success.

What often gets in the way of this positive attitude is people’s distrust of others. They see others as “the competition” and who might get in the way of their success.


But the opposite is often true. Those who are truly successful know it comes from their unique strengths and overcoming personal challenges.

When we embrace a collaborative mindset, we’re able to combine our unique gifts and win the battle together.

9. Time and Money Management

This next tip I learned from one of my mentors, Jim Fortin. It’s about how you manage your time and money.

Time and money managementTime and money management

Effective time management comes down to where you place your attention. You’ll be constantly distracted if you’re overwhelmed with information or lack a clear path.

“You are where your attention is.” – Jim Fortin

So, to live successfully, you have to pay attention to your thoughts and how they direct your life.

Money management isn’t just about spending money wisely.


It’s a mindset in itself.

Most people put money and work in the same money box. Successful people separate them.

For example, if you’re a real estate agent for the sole purpose of making money, then this becomes your only source of income.

The mindset shift is being a real estate agent simply because you love sales and helping people.

You recognize that exchanging your time for money limits how many people you can help. So, you think of other ways to help people.

You know your skill in sales is valuable, so you start teaching them on YouTube.


Before long, you’re able to monetize your channel and sell an online course that makes passive income.

Making money then becomes a byproduct of how you value your time and knowledge and not dependent on working for it.

10. Habits

Everything we do is a habit. How you do one thing is how you do everything.

Even the unwanted outcomes we get are the result of tiny actions made consistently.

This can either feel depressing or liberating. Why?

Because if everything is a habit caused by the brain, it means we can loosen our grip on the mistakes we’ve made in the past.


We can recognize that developing bad habits isn’t our fault, but it is our responsibility to change them.

Using our recent understanding of neuroscience, we’re able to rewire our brains to take different actions.

When we repeatedly choose a more empowering action over a disempowering one, we are creating a better future.

“Every action you take is a vote for the person you wish to become.”

James Clear, Atomic Habits

11. Personal Integrity

Personal integrity is outlined as one of the pillars in The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem by Nathanial Brandon.

It’s about sticking to our word and living in alignment with our values.


Integrity forms the foundation of our character, influencing positive thoughts, better decisions, and consistent action.

By upholding our convictions, we not only gain the trust of others but also strengthen our self-esteem.

It ensures we commit to achievements that are congruent with our highest ideals.

12. Continuous Learning

The last tip for developing a successful mindset is the dedication to continuous learning.

Continuous learningContinuous learning

Known as the fixed mindset vs the growth mindset. Lifelong learners know that success comes from learning.

Whereas those who avoid learning don’t believe they can change. Instead, they try to achieve goals to prove their worth instead of doing it out of passion.

Lifelong learners recognize they are never done, even when they reach a goal. It’s all about evolving and becoming the best version of themselves. 


Successful people also recognize the rapid pace of technology and the opportunities it brings. Without staying up to date with new information, we miss out on better ways to work and contribute to the world.

Success Mindset in Conclusion

To cultivate a success mindset, it’s essential to understand certain principles.

You first have to know what success means to you. Then, remove any doubts that hinder self-confidence.

It’s also helpful to move through fear instead of avoiding it. Having a clear vision and purpose will keep you motivated through challenging times.

Remember, success isn’t something you do it’s a way of being.

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