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Will This AI Tool Improve Your Writing in 2023?



Will This AI Tool Improve Your Writing in 2023?

Hold onto your keyboard because HyperWrite AI might just make it obsolete! HOW? You will have to read this HyperWrite AI review to find out.

“In a world ruled by words, tools that help us write better are golden.”

HyperWrite is one of the latest AI-powered writing assistants. It has loads of features to boost your content production. HyperWrite looks promising, offering everything from social media marketing copy and blog posts to essays.

But does this AI writing assistant really improve your writing?

Well….yes and no.

If you are new to content writing, you will improve with an AI assistant like HyperWrite that:

  • Offers alternative phrases
  • Checks your grammar
  • Offers suggestions on style

But if you love writing, using templates and tools will make your writing more efficient – not necessarily better.

Let’s dive into the good stuff. In this HyperWrite AI review, we look at the following:

  • Key Features
  • Support
  • Pricing
  • Pros and Cons
  • Alternative AI Writing Tools

No time to read the whole review? Try HyperWrite for free right here!

HyperWrite Review

  • Features

  • Ease of Use

  • Performance

  • Pricing

  • Customer Support


HyperWrite AI is a good choice if you’re looking for some AI writing magic without breaking the bank. It’s all about the basics with a sprinkle of fun, perfect for the casual scribbler. For higher quality writing, there are better alternatives, like Jasper AI.


  • Chrome Extension for use on other sites
  • Good choice of templates
  • Low price
  • Customized tools
  • No credit card needed to sign up


  • Free plan limits reached fast
  • Plagiarism detector not reliable
  • HyperChat information is not up to date
  • No live support

HyperWrite AI Review: Overview

The AI writing tool was built by OtherSideAi. CEO Matt Schumer shared their vision of building the ultimate personal AI assistant with GlobalNewswire.

HyperWrite‘s claim to fame is that it learns from each user and matches their style.

Using GPT-3, this AI technology enables you to write faster and better. What’s even more impressive is the ability to custom-build your own templates and get personalized feedback!

Let’s check out some of the popular features.

HyperWrite AI – Key Features

Although HyperWrite has several tools, some of the most interesting ones are community-made.

HyperWrite has many useful tools like HyperChat and a brainstorming function. (Great for those mornings when coffee just isn’t cutting it.)

The Chrome extension allows the app to learn your writing style by scanning whatever you’re working on.

Some worthwhile features are community-made – these range from the cute touch of a card creator to the very helpful writing assistance.

Let’s check out the most important features.

Expert Writing Assistance

The promised help in creating drafts works but is nothing special. The suggestions meant to improve your writing are a bit hit-and-miss; some are good, and others are clunky or, even worse, incorrect.

Expert Writing Assistance.

I put the sentence “I’m thrilled to present Product X – the freshest carrot peeler in town” to the test.

It came up with three options.

One was a winner (see the screenshot below), while the others?

Well, let’s just say they went a little off the veggie path.

The suggestions offered were a bit basic. Perfect for those times when you hit a blank, but not for much more.

Expert Writing Assistance example.

This is a nice feature, but some suggestions are bland or misguided.

Topic Research: HyperChat

HyperWrite AI’s topic research is done using HyperChat, which offers suggestions for credible sources and provides summaries of relevant articles.

Use HyperChat instead of going down the online rabbit hole trying to find a reliable source.

This time-saver is a dream come true.

You use it the same way as ChatGPT, but note that it also only has information until 2021.

I tested it out by asking for a credible source on the youngest person to climb Mount Everest and a summary of the article.

This was a good test as it gave three responses from National Geographic, Guinness World Records, and the BBC. None of the links worked, but the information was correct. (It was 13-year-old Jordan Romero.)

Just like any AI feature, you have to double-check all facts before taking them as truth. The AI writer is designed to sound convincing, so it may be tricky to spot errors.

HyperChat is a time saver when it comes to research or asking for article summaries. But due to occasional incorrect facts and no current information, it is a mixed bag.

Plagiarism Checker

HyperWrite scans your text and compares it to its database.

This plagiarism checker is meant to be useful when writing academic texts, blog posts, and articles.

As this is in beta mode, you are only allowed one plagiarism check per day. What’s more concerning is that HyperWrite recommends that you use an external plagiarism checker before publishing.

Plagiarism Checker.

But it gets worse: the plagiarism detector does not always work! I copy-pasted straight from the legendary Guinness Book of Records, and HyperWrite was like, “Nope, everything’s cool here!”

Waiting for the check takes a few minutes as well.

It is obvious this feature needs a lot more work!


Ever been in that “I’d rather binge-watch cat videos” mood instead of diving into a long, tedious piece of work?

Say hello to the summarizer, your fairy godmother of shortcuts to the juicy bits!

So, I gave it a challenge: summing up the legendary tale of how the Guinness Book of Records came to be. It did the job, nailing the main points but slyly leaving some gems behind.

It’s perfect if you’re speed-reading through an Everest of words, waving to details from the ski lift.

This tool is like wielding a word wizard’s wand to zap away fluff from your creative concoctions.

But be warned: while it can make words vanish into thin air, it might do the same to some facts, too!


Magic Editor

The Magic Editor is the miraculous wand that turns “Ugh, did I really write that?” to “Wow, I’m a genius!”

It’s like having a fairy wordmother who waves her editing wand to make your words sparkle with clarity, tone, and style.

Magic editor.

On the downside, there’s a cap of 3000 characters. So, if you’re planning an editing extravaganza, you might need to chop your masterpiece into smaller chunks.

This feature gives you three options to choose from and is generally pretty good.

If you love to write, this might feel like letting someone else color in your coloring book.

But for all word-weary warriors, this is like having a word whisperer touch up your stuff with minimal fuss.

I gave this tool a whirl, and it did exactly what it promised. One of the better tools from HyperWrite, in my opinion.

Universal Translator

This feature can be useful for translating simple texts for work purposes, but like any other AI-generated translations, it needs to be thoroughly checked.

Universal Translator.

I got the impression it gives off a vibe of, ‘’I’ll give it a shot, but don’t hold your breath!’’

If you need a translation for a medical, scientific, or legal text, rather find a suitable qualified human translator. Any writing that has nuances will also not be properly translated.

While the number of available languages is difficult to pin down – I got figures from 100 to 300 – some languages are not featured at all, even as a rudimentary offering. Three of these are Inuktitut, Cherokee, and Navajo.

If you need a really accurate translation or the text has some subtlety, you should not rely on this tool.


The AI writer says that this feature will help you write almost anything.

AutoWrite is part of the standard toolbox, and Flexible Autowrite is one of the best community-built features available for everyone to use.

As a time-saver, both tools are pure gold. They will auto-write three options for you based on what you ask for. The content is unexpectedly good, but, like with any AI writer, you have to fact-check.

Both will generate an outline and also write the content; you just have to ask for it. These features will write whatever you ask for.

The difference between AutoWrite and Flexible AutoWrite is that AutoWrite has a 2048-character output limit.

Flexible AutoWrite has no limit because it’s built for more extensive and detailed responses.

If you’re creating content and get stuck, these AI writing tools will definitely save you time and effort.

Despite the risk of factual errors, they offer high-quality content.


This writing tool is part of the AutoWrite function. It predicts what you are going to say and finishes your sentence for you.

It offers several alternatives, leaving the final choice up to you.

However, it is not the easiest AI writing tool to use. It takes a bit of practice to realize that the offered sentence completions actually make sense. Sometimes, it seems to offer random options, but if you go with it, it works out.

If you need a bit of inspiration or are having writer’s block, this feature will become your new go-to for any writing task.

Even with having to get used to the writing process, you end up with fairly high-quality content.

Create Your Own Custom Tool

Introducing the very best tool – building your own!

Create your own custom tool.

With this feature, you can create whatever tool you want and share it with the world. Some examples of community-built custom tools are the grocery list writer and technical translator.

This tool is one of HyperWrite’s best features. After all, how often can you find an AI writing tool that offers exactly what you need?

Want a French translator?

No problem – build one!

Want the perfect Happy International Frog Day greeting card?

Make one!

There is no limit to what you can create, and it’s easy. Really easy… Name your tool, describe it, choose a category, and AI does it all for you.

This feature has the potential to save you a lot of time and frustration.

Help and Support

Users have limited ways to get help. There is a feedback form where you can report a bug, make suggestions, or ask questions.

Help and Support.

Several tutorial videos explain how to use the AI-powered writing assistant.

The FAQ section is not extensive and misses out on many obvious questions that need to be addressed.

But what I really miss in terms of support is a chatbot and email submission form.

HyperWrite AI Pricing

There are three tiers to choose from – Free, Premium, and Ultra.

You have to understand the terms first, though.

The “generations” are for the templates, AutoWrite and HyperChat. AutoWrite sticks to 2048 characters per generation. HyperChat goes up to 4096 tokens per response (that’s words and characters combined). In everyday terms, that’s roughly 800-1000 words from HyperChat.

“Character inputs” are the instructions you enter.

As for the rewrites – highlight whatever text you want to be rewritten (in documents or using the Chrome Extension), and it will offer variations.

  1. Free plan – free to sign up, no credit card needed. You get 500 TypeAheads per day and 15 generations, 15 rewrites, and 3,000 character inputs per month.
  2. Premium plan – for $19.99 p/mo, you get unlimited TypeAheads, generations, and rewrites, with 400 Assistant actions and 5,000 character inputs per month.
  3. Ultra plan – $44.99 p/mo gets you all the Premium Plan items plus 1,000 assistant actions, 7,000 character inputs, longer-term AI memory, and priority support.

HyperWrite AI Review: Pros and Cons

With a standard toolbox and community-written features, HyperWrite AI is already making a difference in content creation. Here’s how it adds up.


  • There are over 50 (and counting!) templates to choose from, with even the elusive HyperChat scratching its virtual head at the exact number.
  • The Chrome Extension adapts to your writing style, and it can even tackle emails with its Personal Assistant mode.
  • Customize tools for easier writing. 
  • The free plan doesn’t need a credit card to sign up.


  • The free plan’s limits are very quickly reached.
  • The plagiarism checker does not work.
  • Not up to date – just like ChatGPT, HyperChat will not be your go-to for trending topics and fresh news.

Best Alternatives to HyperWrite AI

If you search on Google Chrome for artificial intelligence writing tools, you find more options than you can shake a stick at.

For the purposes of this HyperWrite AI review, we’ll check out the two biggest contenders and see how HyperWrite matches up.

Jasper ai

Jasper ai.

Jasper AI came out in 2021 and already has over 1 million users. It is suitable for both long-form content, like a blog post, and short-form content, like a product description. Offering generative writing and AI writing, it is a popular writer’s choice.

Think of Jasper AI as HyperWrite’s cool cousin. Writers love it, plus it has SEO powers.

But guess what? It’s pricey! HyperWrite, on the other hand, is new and eager to impress.

HyperWrite blends AI smarts with writing support, which is perfect for beginners and pros. While Jasper AI is a tough competitor, HyperWrite is cheaper and has room to grow.

Things to consider about Jasper ai:

  • Has a tool that includes pre-built workflows that speed up your writing process.
  • Integrates with Surfer SEO to optimize your work.
  • Includes AI art generation.

A free trial is available. Jasper’s cheapest paid plan for creators starts at $39 p/mo (annual plan).

If you want to know more about Jasper, read our Jasper AI review.

Copy ai

Copy ai.

Released in 2020, Copy ai also offers generated content and AI assistance. This AI tool is primarily aimed at creating marketing copy.

Things to consider about Copy AI:

  • Has more content templates.
  • Offers multilingual support, which is a big deal to international writers.

The free plan is free forever, but the cheapest paid plan is $49 p/mo.

To learn more about this tool, read our full Copy AI review.

You may also be interested in how our two alternatives compare. You should read our article on Jasper AI vs Copy AI.

HyperWrite AI Review: Conclusions

Time for the verdict. HyperWrite has an impressive range of AI tools that make it a good choice for article and email writing.

However, while Hyperwrite shines in many aspects, its plagiarism check comes with limitations, and the chat feature can be a bit finicky.

Using this tool will save you time and will improve your writing skills, but it takes a bit of practice to get used to. Having the option to create your own writing tool is an unexpected bonus.

So, is HyperWrite your writing genie?

Well, it all hinges on your requirements. If you’re on the hunt for an affordable and user-friendly AI tool, HyperWrite is your answer.

But… the restricted generations and inputs put the brakes on really fast.

Quite honestly, the limitations make HyperWrite an okay choice on the free plan, but not something I would spend money on.

If you need great tools and can afford a bit more, then Jasper AI is a much better choice.

Remember, no matter your AI companion, one golden rule stands: always fact-check your content before sending it out into the world.

Happy writing!

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10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love (and their owners, too)



ByAmanda Saintina

Sunday, December 3, 2023 6:19PM

10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

This is an image of a goodybox from Chewy, a pet carrier, pet necklaces and a Furbo video camera.


As a participant in multiple affiliate marketing programs, Localish will earn a commission for certain purchases. See full disclaimer below*

Our pets are companions we hold near and dear to our hearts. Chances are, you or someone you know refers to their dog as their fur baby or cherishes their cats. Our pets keep us company and provide unconditional love, which is why they should be celebrated. Finding gifts for your four-legged friend can be difficult (especially if they’re picky), which is why we have your back. From holiday boxes full of toys and treats to functional gifts that will make pet care easy, there is something for any pet owner.

Best Gifts for Cats and Dogs

1701694565 821 10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

Goody Box Holiday Dog Toys & Treats

I love this Goody Box of Holiday Dog Toys and Treats because you get more value for a lower price. The toys are a great way to bond with your pet and try out popular holiday-themed treats before you commit to buying the full-size product. It also comes in two different sizes for small and large dogs.

1701694565 608 10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

Goody Box Holiday Cat Toys & Treats

This holiday-themed Goody Box has a great selection of tasty treats for your feline fur baby. I love that you get a lot of value for your money. The box includes: a penguin plush toy; a pack of 10 bouncy, holiday-colored spring toys; a foldable play tunnel; and delicious treats from Temptations and Hartz Delectables. Plus, all three toys include catnip, which is a nice treat.  

10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

Merry Makings 12-Day Cat Toy Advent Calendar

This cat toy advent calendar is sure to make your cat feel special this month with plush toys filled with catnip. We love the variety of items available in this calendar in different shapes, sizes, and colors to keep your feline friend engaged.

1701694565 560 10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

Frisco Flip Sequin Naughty/Nice List Dog & Cat Hoodie

Is your four-legged friend naughty or nice? If you love dressing up your pet this is the perfect hoodie to keep them in festive fashion.

1701694565 692 10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

K&H Pet Products Cat & Dog Bed Warmer

My pup loves curling up under the sunny spots near my window. If your pet does the same, a bed warmer will be the perfect gift to keep them cozy this winter. This bed warmer comes in sizes ranging from small to giant and can be easily placed in any pet bed.

Best Gifts for Pet Lovers

1701694565 251 10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

Leaving your pets at home can be stressful, especially if you have an anxious pup or a pup that likes to get into trouble. This 360-degree dog camera is Amazon’s choice for pet cameras and a pet owner favorite. This camera rotates to keep your dog in view at all times, so you can be home even when you’re not.

1701694565 981 10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

‘Tell Your Dog I Said Hi’ T-Shirt

For the person who loves your fur baby more than you, lol. I love this T-shirt because it is lighthearted and something a friend or pet lover would appreciate.

95oz 2 8L Pet Fountain Cat Dog Water Fountain Dispenser with Smart Pump Blue d0dd2b12 9596 448e 8606 3cc6e567df8e.406f272a5d217eb755685da578ea8cf6

2.8L Pet Fountain with Smart Pump

It can be hard to keep your pet interested in their drinking bowl or even make sure they are getting the hydration they need. This pet fountain has two different flows: a flower waterfall (similar to a faucet) and a gentle fountain. This is perfect to keep your pets hydrated and engaged.

1701694565 945 10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

Anavia Personalized Pet Portrait Necklace

This sentimental gift is a #1 best seller on Amazon. A personalized gift can mean the world to the person receiving it. What I love about this necklace is the unique sketch style of the portrait and how it can be used as a keepsake for a friend who may have lost a pet.

1701694565 921 10 best pet gifts that dogs and cats will love

ROVERLUND Airline-Compliant Pet Carrier

These carriers make life easier for jet-setting pet owners. These carriers are stylish and come in six different colors, but that’s not even the best part about this bag. They have a leak-proof bottom, so you won’t have to worry about any accidents, and the shoulder strap turns into a durable leash for your pup.

*By clicking on the featured links, visitors will leave and be directed to third-party e-commerce sites that operate under different terms and privacy policies. Although we are sharing our personal opinions of these products with you, Localish is not endorsing these products. It has not performed product safety testing on any of these products, did not manufacture them, is not selling or distributing them, and is not making any representations about the safety or caliber of these products. Prices and availability are subject to change from the date of publication.

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The AI Video Industry Disruptor



The AI Video Industry Disruptor

In a world where generative artificial intelligence (AI) is the talk of the town, you can’t afford to overlook the revolutionary role it’s playing in our lives. From large language models (LLMs) being used to draft blog posts and diffusion models for image generation to AI coding assistants for code generation, the productivity potential that generative AI unlocks is staggering. If you are looking to know how to invest in Synthesia, this is the right place for you!

This piece will shine a spotlight on Synthesia, its stocks, investment options, and how to make the most out of this tool.

How to invest in Synthesia stocks: Navigating the basics

Introducing Synthesia – Image via Synthesia

Investing in the stocks of cutting-edge technology companies like Synthesia can be an attractive proposition for many investors. However, the process and availability of investing in such companies, especially those that are not publicly listed, can be complex. 

Here’s a guide to help you navigate the potential avenues for investing in Synthesia.

Step 1: Understanding the company’s status

Synthesia is a private company, which means its shares are not available on public stock exchanges. Investing in private companies is typically more challenging than investing in public companies due to limited availability and higher investment minimums.

Synthesia has raised significant capital through Series A, B, and C funding rounds from notable investors. These rounds have contributed to its high valuation and growth but are generally not open to individual retail investors.

If you’re curious about the cost of using Synthesia, make sure to check out our in-depth guide on “Is Synthesia Free to Use?” for valuable insights.

Step 2: Explore avenues for investment

Before investing, take a look at the wide range of investment avenues available to you:

  • Venture capital funds: One indirect way to invest in Synthesia is through venture capital funds that hold Synthesia in their portfolio. Investors can look for venture capital firms that have backed Synthesia, like Kleiner Perkins, Accel, or GV, and explore investment opportunities in those funds.
  • Secondary market platforms: Platforms like Forge Global or EquityZen provide a marketplace for buying and selling shares of private companies. However, these transactions often require significant minimum investments and are typically available to accredited investors.
  • Direct private investment: For high-net-worth individuals or institutional investors, direct private investments in Synthesia might be a possibility. This would generally involve directly contacting the company or participating in future funding rounds, subject to the company’s approval and investment terms.
  • Initial public offering (IPO) watch: Keep an eye on Synthesia’s public announcements for any potential IPO. An IPO would allow public investors to buy stock in Synthesia through stock exchanges. However, as of now, there is no public information about an impending IPO.

Step 3: Assess eligibility and requirements

Determine if you meet the criteria for an accredited investor, as many such investment opportunities are limited to accredited investors due to regulatory requirements.

Understand the minimum investment requirements, which can be significantly higher for private companies compared to public stocks.

Step 4: Consult financial experts

Before proceeding, consult with financial advisors, especially those experienced in private equity or venture capital investments. They can provide personalized advice based on your financial situation and investment goals.

Step 5: Monitor your investment

Keep track of Synthesia’s business progress, market trends, and any public announcements, especially regarding future funding rounds or a potential IPO.

Additionally, if you’re interested in exploring AI-driven creativity, our guide on Deep Dream Generator provides five valuable tips for creating stunning images.

Considerations before investing

  • Risk assessment: Investing in Synthesia carries a different risk profile compared to investing in other companies. Understanding these risks is crucial, including the lack of liquidity and the long-term nature of such investments.
  • Due diligence: Conduct thorough due diligence on Synthesia’s business model, market potential, financial health, and growth prospects. This information may be limited compared to publicly traded companies.
  • Investment horizon: These investments often come with a longer investment horizon. Assess whether you are comfortable with tying up your capital for an extended period, as it may take years to realize returns from these investments.
  • Diversification: Evaluate how an investment in Synthesia fits into your overall investment portfolio. Diversification is a key risk management strategy, and it’s important to consider how this private equity investment aligns with your other assets.
  • Exit strategies: Understand the potential exit strategies for your investment. Private equity investments typically involve strategies like mergers and acquisitions (M&A), IPOs, or secondary sales. Familiarize yourself with these options and their associated timelines.

For a more comprehensive evaluation of Synthesia’s capabilities, we recommend reading our detailed Synthesia AI review.

how to invest in synthesia

Considerations before investing in Synthesia

Investing in Synthesia’s services: An alternate approach

An alternative approach to investing in Synthesia is by availing its services. Take a look at the various ways through which you can make the most out of this AI tool:

1. Creating commercial videos for brands

One lucrative revenue stream with Synthesia is leveraging its video creation capabilities to produce commercial or explainer videos for brands. Businesses often require visually engaging content to promote their products or services. 

As a Synthesia user, you can offer your video production services on freelancing platforms, catering to companies in need of high-quality videos for marketing campaigns or internal use. By delivering professional and compelling videos, you can establish a steady client base and earn income from your creative video production services.

2. Affiliate marketing with AI videos

Another innovative approach to generating revenue with Synthesia is by creating AI-generated videos optimized for affiliate marketing. Instead of relying solely on ad revenue from platforms like YouTube, you can leverage the power of Synthesia to craft engaging and informative videos. Within these videos, strategically embed affiliate links in the video descriptions. 

By promoting products or services through these links, such as those available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, you have the potential to earn commissions for every sale generated through your affiliate marketing efforts. This revenue stream diversifies your income sources and capitalizes on the popularity of video content in affiliate marketing.

Unlock the mesmerizing world of AI-generated artistry and unleash your creativity with a brushstroke of innovation by exploring our curated list of cutting-edge AI art tools.

3. Comparison and review videos

Synthesia can also be employed to produce valuable comparison and review videos, further expanding your potential revenue streams. For instance, you can create videos that compare two or more products or services within a specific niche, such as “MailChimp vs. SendinBlue” in the email marketing sector. 

In these videos, you can provide insightful analysis and recommendations. To monetize this content, include affiliate links for all the products or services discussed in the video description. This approach allows you to earn commissions regardless of the viewer’s choice, as they might click on any of the provided affiliate links based on their preferences. 

By delivering informative and unbiased comparisons, you can attract a dedicated audience interested in making informed purchasing decisions.

4. Targeted content creation

An effective strategy for generating revenue with Synthesia involves conducting thorough research to understand the specific queries and comparisons that people are actively searching for online. 

Armed with this valuable insight, you can create Synthesia videos that directly address these queries or comparative analyses. Within these videos, strategically embed relevant affiliate links that align with the content’s focus. 

Looking for alternatives to Synthesia? Explore our article on five AI video editors for quick and professional video editing solutions.

how to invest in synthesia

Navigating the right ways to invest in the services of Synthesia


Investing in Synthesia presents a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of the AI video industry. However, like any investment, it comes with its own set of risks. By conducting thorough due diligence and seeking professional advice, investors can make an informed decision.

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5+ High-Earning High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs



Plus, How I earn full-time income on part-time hoursContinue reading on ILLUMINATION »

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