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Compete Against Other Drivers in a New Timeless League Mode of WRC Generations



Compete Against Other Drivers in a New Timeless League Mode of WRC Generations

WRC Generations marks a turning point in the history of the license and intends to mark this moment with a white stone. For this, KT Racing, the studio in charge of development has worked hard to offer you the ultimate Rally experience on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S!

 The Last of a Generation

2022 will see WRC transition to the hybrid era. A revolution for the rally world, significantly affecting performance, changing strategies, and making drivers and teams adapt. Not only that, WRC Generations adds new mechanics, improved physics, the ability for players to share their liveries and a new game mode – the Leagues!

 Welcome to the Leagues

The Leagues Mode is the main competitive mode of WRC Generations. You will be able to play in parallel Solo Leagues and Team Leagues. The Leagues mode is divided in Seasons, split into weeks and at the end of a season, the best players will access the Hall of Fame.

In Solo Leagues, the points you’ve earned will determine your place in the standings. In Team Leagues, the points earned by all members in your team (up to 8 players) are added together to determine the team’s ranking.

The goal is for you to reach the highest ranking on the leaderboard in one of the different Leagues:

  • Beginner
  • Junior
  • Rookie
  • Professional
  • Champion
  • Legend

There are 3 levels per League with each level being divided into groups of players or teams, for human-sized competition:

  • 30 players per group in Solo Leagues
  • 8 teams per group in Team Leagues

How the Progress Works

The Leagues mode works in Seasons, each season is made of 11 weeks with Season One starting on November 28! At the beginning, a Qualification Phase takes place for one week. The goal is to rank as high as possible from the start.

From this first ranking, the progress of the leagues follows its normal process. During the remaining 10 weeks you will have to participate in Daily and Weekly Events to move up in your group ranking.

WRC Generations

If you are familiar with how the Daily & Weekly Challenges worked in previous WRC titles you will feel a certain familiarity as they are randomly generated through the stages, cars & weather conditions available in WRC Generations.

Enter the 2022 World Rally Championship and the League’s Hall of Fame with WRC Generations now on Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S!

Xbox Live

WRC Generations Fully Loaded Edition




The Fully Loaded Edition includes:
– Sébastien Loeb’s Citroën C4 WRC (2010)
– The “Career Starter Pack” with 6 extra crew members
– 2 Porsche 911 GT3 RS RGT liveries
– A pack of 36 stickers for the Livery Editor
– Free access to WRC+ for 3 months*

Buying this edition before August 31, 2023 grants 3 months of free access to WRC + All Live, the official streaming video platform of the FIA World Rally Championship. Visit for more details about this offer.

Xbox Live

WRC Generations – The FIA WRC Official Game




2022 will see the WRC transition to the hybrid era. This is a revolution for the rally world, significantly affecting performance, changing strategies and making drivers and teams adapt.

In terms of gameplay, new mechanics have been integrated to represent the demands of the hybrid engines. In order to win, you have to carefully manage your battery by adapting your engine mapping throughout the special stages you take part in.

As community satisfaction is always a priority , you can now share customised livery and stickers with other players. The best creations will be rewarded and highlighted.

For fans of competition, the new Leagues mode lets players challenge opponents with a similar level online. Finish ahead of your competitors to move up the ladder in the Legends category.

WRC Generations includes more content than ever before in a rally game.
• 750 km of unique special stages in 22 countries
• 49 teams from the 2022 season (Rally1 / Rally2 / Junior WRC)
• 37 legendary cars plus additional bonuses
• 165 timed special stages

In order to make the representation of the championship even more realistic, a completely redesigned Rally Sweden environment has been added, with 6 brand-new special stages in the Umea region.

New features:

• The new hybrid vehicles
• New, even more realistic vehicle physics
• A LEAGUES mode in which you can challenge other players
• A new Rally Sweden environment with 6 brand-new special stages
• Share livery and stickers with the community
• In-game team creation and management

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Experience Autumn in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis



Experience Autumn in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis


  • Exchange Autumn Event Seasonal Points (earned by completing limited-time quests and dispatching enemies) for cosmetics and more at the Seasonal Point Exchange Shop.
  • Run the limited-time Quest, Practice Drill: Crisp Autumn Aelio Defense, as many times as you want!
  • Run new Field Race courses in South Retem and West Kvaris!

If you enjoy copper foliage and crisp breezes, then do yourself a favor and check out the scenery in Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis during the month of November! Central City is bedecked in Autumn finery, and you can almost hear the leaves crunching underfoot. These aren’t the only changes to the landscape of Aelio; you can now find Greenealcite and other new Gathering Materials throughout the regions. Make sure you get in on a run of the Limited-time Quest Practice Drill: Crisp Autumn Aelio Defense too! To find out more about this event, check out the outline below!

Autumn Event ’22 Part 2 (begins November 11-16)

  • Limited-time Quest Practice Drill: Crisp Autumn Aelio Defense
  • Field Races
  • New Limited-time Tasks
  • King Captan
  • Seasonal enemies
  • Autumn ’22 Rappy
  • Seasonal maps and weather
  • Seasonal Points and Event Exchange Shop
  • Special Event Scratch Tickets
  • Seasonal Event World Trials
  • And more!
PSO2 New Genesis

If you’ve never played Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, find out what kind of ARKS Defender you’ll be by visiting the Xbox Store and downloading the game for free on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S today!

Xbox Live
Xbox Play Anywhere

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis

SEGA Corporation


Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis, the latest chapter in the Phantasy Star Online 2 series, is here at last!
It’s time to jump into adventures beyond imagination!

This new adventure takes place on a vast open field! Up to 32 people can enjoy the adventure in a new world with beautifully-evolved graphics!

The simple and intuitive controls developed in the series up to now have also evolved! A new dimension of battle with a variety of powerful enemies awaits! The new actions Photon Dash and Photon Glide allow you to traverse across the vast open field with ease!

Of course, the ultimate in character creation has also evolved. Create your own main character that will be unique throughout the world, and head out to a new adventure!

・The core game is Free-to-Play, but there is certain paid content that can be purchased.

・The Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis game that can be downloaded with this content is the same as that included in other editions. You do not have to download this if it is already installed.

・Proceeding with play in Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis will allow you to play Phantasy Star Online 2.

・Please log in with an administrator account to play this game.

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