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Ghost Garden Games: Women-Led Independent Developer Studio Shares Their Experience at Xbox Game Studios Game Camp New Orleans



Video For Ghost Garden Games: Women-Led Independent Developer Studio Shares Their Experience at Xbox Game Studios Game Camp New Orleans

Two years ago, a group of soon-to-be studio founders enrolled in the first ever Xbox Game Studios Game Camp in New Orleans, where they received the tools, resources, and mentorship to turn their studio dreams into reality.

Ghost Garden Games is an up-and-coming, women-led, gender-inclusive studio located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The team was officially formed in 2015, when a group of high school friends discovered a passion for telling narrative-driven stories in an interactive way.

“The original folks involved were Asher, Leslie, Claire and me,” said Kathryn Nastasi, producer and technical artist of Ghost Garden Games. “Claire was a teacher that was mentoring us in high school, and we remember meeting in her classroom every day and discussing the idea of Echo, which is this little sound wave and her ball-of-light companion, Hue. Over the course of a few years, we really developed this idea into a wonderful story and that was the project we ended up bringing to the first Game Camp.”

Game Camp was founded with the goal of empowering aspiring game creators from traditionally marginalized communities with access to subject matter experts, tools, and industry connections. The program offered a mentorship experience that taught foundational skills in game creation engines, programming, and game design through a mix of self-paced learning and live instruction.

While at the camp, the “Ghosts” realized that they needed to step back and build a strong foundation for their studio before developing Echo. Thus, during the program, they focused heavily on exploring their interests and defining the organizational structure of their team.

Participating teams were paired with mentors from Xbox Game Studios and even had the opportunity to discuss their ideas with industry legends like Shannon Loftis and Ken Lobb. The Ghosts received support from Erin Ali, a Game Camp mentor and lead producer at Turn 10 Studios, throughout the course of the program and have even continued meeting with her every six weeks post-camp. 


“I had been thinking about opportunities to work with groups and support the next generation of industry developers when I saw an article on our company intranet about Game Camp launching in New Orleans. I remember how hard it was both breaking into the industry and understanding what development was like,” said Ali. “I’ve always enjoyed seeing others achieve and mentorship has been a meaningful avenue for me to express that joy in the industry. I hope Ghost Garden Games has enjoyed their experiences with me as much as I have learned from them.”

Ghost Garden Games officially became an LLC in December 2020. “We left the first Game Camp feeling really confident about going out and making our studio dreams a reality,” said Nastasi. Since then, they have moved into their own studio space within a technology park and have blossomed into a nine-person team.

However, according to Nastasi, the team quickly became aware that although Echo was fueled by passion, it “was a little overambitious for [their] current skillsets and goals.” Consequently, the Ghosts sat down in their Baton Rouge studio space and began to evaluate their next steps.

 “We got inspired from something we noticed that Supergiant Games did with their latest release, Hades.  They took different systems from their various games...Bastion, Transistor, and Pyre… and perfected them for Hades,” said Nastassi.

The team decided to implement that strategy in their own work, and they have shifted their focus from Echo to Headspace. Headspace is a narrative, point-and-click, couch co-op game. The objective of Headspace is to solve a mystery inside the human body by exploring the left and right brain perspective to allow two players to collaborate and solve a mystery together. The studio is currently in the design and prototype phases for Headspace and will bring it to Game Camp New Orleans 2022 in hopes of getting feedback from Xbox Game Studios mentors.

“Ultimately, we decided to enroll in Game Camp 2022 because we are so much more organized as a studio now. We have such a greater idea of what we are doing, and we’d love to walk in and learn and focus on some of the areas we did not get to focus on the first time,” said Nastasi. “For those interested in developing games, this is the best opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance from professionals in the gaming industry.”

Xbox Game Studios Game Camp details can be found at Stay tuned to Xbox Wire for the latest news on Xbox Game Studios.


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Take Your Seat in the New Era of Formula 1 with EA Sports F1 22



F1 22

Today, the new era of Formula 1 has landed on Xbox consoles across the world with the arrival of EA Sports F1 22 on EA Play.

EA Play members can get on track early with the F1 22 10-hour trial starting today, June 28. Or if you’re an EA Play Pro member, you’ll be able to play the full Champions Edition.

About F1 22

The latest edition in the official F1 series of video games allows players to race the stunning new F1 cars, designed for greater competition, against the current lineup of all 20 drivers and 10 teams, and compete in the recently added F1 Sprint.

Players can add more race-day authenticity with new Immersive or Broadcast race sequences, such as formation laps, safety car moments and pit stops, with the ability to take control of their vehicle or watch a TV-style sequence. The acclaimed Career is back with two-player option, My Team now comes with three starting points, and players can race head-to-head in split-screen, or online in Multiplayer.

New for F1 22 is F1 Life; a new social hub that allows players to personalize their character and apartment with the latest fashion items, accessories and supercars. The hub also serves as a multiplayer lobby, making it easier to connect with friends. The eight supercars, unlocked through gameplay, can be raced in the new Pirelli Hot Lap feature.


Champions Edition

EA Play Pro members and purchasers of the F1 22 Champions Edition will receive a whole host of additional content:

  • 3 New My Team Icons: Hulkenberg, Rosberg, and Villeneuve
  • 2 Drivable Safety Cars, available only in Time Trial Mode: Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series Safety Car and Aston Martin Vantage Safety Car
  • 18,000 PitCoin
  • Dual Entitlement upgrade, upgrade your copy to Xbox Series X|S at no additional cost
  • F1 Life Starter Pack: Make your space your own with items such as furniture including wall art, and a player t-shirt
  • F1 22 New Era Content: Car livery, Suit, Helmet, Cap, T-shirt (for F1 Life) inspired by the stunning Official Formula 1 2022 New Era car

F1 22 will release July 1, 2022 for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Players can purchase the digital-only F1 22 Champions Edition today for additional content and up to three days of early access. If you’re not already a member, join EA Play today to join the new era of Formula 1 in EA Sports F1 22, the official video game of the 2022 FIA Formula One World Championship.

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