The best PS4 games for 2021

The PlayStation 5 may have dropped, but getting your hands on the device is still as difficult as it was on launch day. As such, you shouldn’t abandon your faithful PlayStation 4….

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Quiz – how much games consoles cost at launch from Atari 2600 to PlayStation 5

Though you’d probably struggle to find one at the moment – unless Santa had a surprise for you – the next-gen games consoles are out now heralding the start of…

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Game Awards 2020: PlayStation vs. Xbox – Who Won More

With The Game Awards 2020 all said and done, it’s time to look back at whether PlayStation or Xbox “won” this year’s somewhat unorthodox ceremony. With The Game Awards 2020 in…

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This Week on Xbox

This Week on Xbox: November 20, 2020

We know you’re busy and might miss out on all the exciting things we’re talking about on Xbox Wire every week. If you’ve got a few minutes, we can help…

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Microsoft Bing is Launching an Xbox App

Microsoft is launching a Bing search app for Xbox One, which offers some unique hardware integrations for gamers. With the Microsoft Bing app, Xbox users can search the web, discover…

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Newzoo forecasts 2020 global games industry will reach $159 billion

Games and esports analytics firm Newzoo released its highly cited annual report on the size and state of the video gaming industry yesterday. The firm is predicting 2020 global game…

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Celebrate Rock Band 4’s Birthday on Xbox One with Free Songs

Of all the birthdays, the 4th birthday may be the best. You’re old enough to know what you want but young enough to get away with being bratty. It’s awesome….

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Narrative Adventure Game The Bradwell Conspiracy is Available Today on Xbox One

Hi Xbox Fans, The Bradwell Conspiracy is a narrative adventure game about photography, 3D printing and some worrying corporate underhandedness. We’re launching on Xbox One today and we wanted to…

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