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Sniper Elite 5 Reloads with a Free Multiplayer Map and the Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack



titled key art

Hi Snipers and welcome to the latest update on the new Season Pass One content for Sniper Elite 5.

The new content drop, available now, includes a brand-new mission called “Landing Force” and two additional weapons, the D.L. Carbine rifle and PPSH submachine gun. In addition, we are also providing a new adversarial multiplayer map, Flooded Village, to all players absolutely free. You can check out the new trailer above.

So, let’s get into the details:

Talking about Landing Force, Michael Ma, Designer and Rajesh Parmar, Artistfrom Flix Interactive who is partnering with Rebellion on the development of the Season One content for Sniper Elite 5, told us: “Landing Force is set on an island off the coast of southern France, that was initially used as a luxury resort. The Nazis have dramatically changed it into a giant weapon that is guarding the sea. It is up to Karl to destroy the guns and shutdown the lighthouse to signal the Allied fleet that they are safe to begin Operation Dragoon and take back France.  


“The mission was inspired by the movie ‘The Guns of Navarone’ so we wanted the coastal weapons to be the focus and have a looming presence over the whole mission. 

“Setting the mission at night really helps set the mood and lean into the importance of remaining undetected. You will get to encounter a variety of different buildings, scenery, and landscapes within the level, and we have also added elements of ancient ruins, forts, walls, and abandoned buildings scattered across the map, giving the island a deeper sense of history.

“The entire map can be explored, and players have multiple routes to take in order to locate their objective and numerous ways to complete them. We can’t wait for you to play it!”


As well as the new Landing Force mission, two new weapons: the D.L. Carbine and the PPSH, are also available. We spoke to Rebellion’s resident firearm expert, Lawrence Barnett, Principle Designer (Combat) about the new weapons:

Carbine shot 3

“The D.L Carbine, is possibly one of the quietest firearms ever made. Thanks to its integrated suppressor and subsonic ammunition, the initial blast is muffled out entirely. As a result, you’ll find it to be the ultimate tool for stealth gameplay. Capable of eliminating targets at long range with nothing but a whisper to speak off.

“Proof of these bold claims comes from Burma, where Japanese soldiers riding in open lorries were shot at by nearby allied snipers, without them knowing a gun had been fired. The trucks would stop, soldiers look around in confusion, scratch their head and continue.

submachine gun shot 2

“In a deviation from stealth, we have the PPSH submachine gun. This is a fierce weapon that resembles a honey badger in spirit. Cycling off soviet 7.62x25mm rounds at an astounding rate of well over 1100 rounds per minute, it’s a riot. It’s often referred to as the “burp gun” thanks to the audible sound of bursts of shots sounding almost like a continuous flow of blasts.

“Firing off rounds as quickly as the PPSH does requires lots of ammo, and thankfully we have a 71 round drum magazine available to find hidden in a workbench.


“For those of you that lean on your rifles for general play and call upon your SMG in times of need (when you get spotted/heard and it all goes south), the PPSH is the ultimate ‘get out of jail’ card.”

Finally, we have a new multiplayer map for all adversarial game modes (including No Cross) that is available now and free to everyone. We spoke to Mark Shaw, Studio Design Leadat Rebellion Liverpool about Flooded Village.


“Nazi countermeasures against airborne landings have left the fields of this small countryside village a deadly quagmire, splitting it in two.

“While not based on one specific location, the team has drawn inspiration from historical reference, battles and events that occurred during the allied advance inland across Normandy. There are so many iconic images associated with D-Day, and among those are the scenes of swollen rivers and fields inundated with water – the result of Axis forces deliberately opening locks and breaching flood defences.

carbine shot 1

“As a result, this map offers a unique look and gameplay challenges. While fighting in the central lowland strip, players must contend with moving through waist deep waters. Doing so at speed can result in a lot of loud splashing, but sometimes worth the risk to reach some of the flooded houses which offer new vantage points.

“Another key feature is the causeway and rail bridge running down one side of the map – a fantastic, elevated location, but be wary of being silhouetted against the low sun.

“There are many more interesting features and gameplay opportunities in this map, and we hope you enjoy discovering and utilising them in your online battles.”

That’s it for our latest update. Flooded Village is available free to all players now (just make sure that your game is updated), while the “Landing Force” mission, the D.L. Carbine rifle and PPSH submachine gun are available to purchase now as part of the Landing Force Mission and Weapon Pack or as part of the Season Pass One bundle. The P.1938 Suppressed pistol, previously only available as a pre-order item, is also now available to purchase from the Microsoft store.

Happy hunting!

Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass One





Continue the fight with Sniper Elite 5 Season Pass One! Return to the frontline in a new expansive two mission campaign, arm yourself with a bolstered cache of authentic World War II weapons and outfit your sniper with new character and weapon skins.
Season Pass One comes fully loaded with:
• 2 Campaign Missions
• 6 Weapon Packs
• 2 Weapon Skin Packs
• 2 Character Skin Packs
• Target Führer – Wolf Mountain

Season Pass content will become available in-game once it is released.


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Your Power is Unleashed! Goku Powers Up Fortnite x Dragon Ball



Fortnite x Dragon Ball Hero Image

Four powerful and iconic Dragon Ball Super characters — Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus — have arrived in Fortnite!

Eternal Shenron! By Your Name, I Summon You Forth! 

A new “Power Unleashed!” section has arrived in-game, with seven sets of quests to test your skills in strength, agility, focus, and more.

This new event page will track your power level as you complete the limited-time Dragon Ball quests in Battle Royale mode and the Dragon Ball Adventure Island experiences.

With each training set you complete, you’ll earn a Dragon Ball and raise your power level, unlocking rewards like Dragon Radar Back Bling, Emotes, Sprays, Battle Pass Levels, and if you complete all seven: a Shenron Glider!

The Power Unleashed quests and rewards will be available until August 30, 2022, at 4 a.m. ET.

Please note that certain in-game rewards (the Dragon Radar Back Bling and Shenron Glider) are not exclusive to Power Unleashed and may be available later in the Item Shop for purchase.


Battle with Versus Boards, Use Kamehameha, Visit the Kame House, and More!

Asset of kamehameha gameplay

Versus Boards replace the Bounty Boards across the Island to pit you and a rival player against one another in a fight to see who is stronger. Also, get the powerful Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) items in Battle Royale mode, and don’t forget to visit the small island off the coast of the mainland to find the iconic Kame House where you can chat with Bulma.

asset of kame house with Bulma in-game

Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival

Asset of the episode festival experience

From August 16 until September 17, 2022, players can board a cruise ship to chill out and watch select “Dragon Ball Super” episodes! Find the Dragon Ball Super Episode Festival in Discover mode, and from within this island find consoles that will transport you to another episode. You can also use the Island codes below!

  • “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 09: Thanks for Waiting, Lord Beerus! A Super Saiyan God is Born at Last! – 0795-3388-3496
  • “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 10: Show Us, Goku! The Power of a Super Saiyan God! – 0673-6464-4504.
  • “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 11: Let’s Keep Going, Lord Beerus! The Battle of the Gods! – 7314-1087-7406
  • “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 13: Goku, Surpass Super Saiyan God! – 2217-0697-8017
  • “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 81:  Bergamo the Crusher vs. Goku! Whose Strength Reaches the Wild Blue Yonder? – 3318-8565-563
  • “Dragon Ball Super” Episode 98: Ah, the Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs! – 7179-9939-7063

Dragon Ball Adventure Island

Asset of the Adventure Island experience

Get ready to go on a Dragon Ball collecting adventure starting August 19, 2022:

In the Dragon Ball Adventure Island, explore inspired iconic locations from “Dragon Ball” such as Kami’s Palace, Goku’s House, and the Room of Spirit & Time. Each location will provide you with a challenge to complete to collect the Dragon Ball. When you’re ready, test your power in an open player-vs-player fighting arena Tenkaichi Budokai, or just continue to explore!

Tournament of Power

Harness your power and unleash it in the Tournament of Power taking place in all regions on August 18, 2022! Compete in this Battle Royale Duos tournament for a chance to earn the Angry Vegeta Emoticon, Goku’s Kanji Banner Icon, and the Beerus Eating Spray.

For full details and eligibility requirements, please see the Tournament of Power Official Rules page.

Dragon Ball Item Shop

The following outfits are available in the Item Shop now:

Son Goku 

A Saiyan raised on Earth who has protected it from many enemies. His Saiyan name is Kakarot. He loves fighting, and the stronger the opponent, the more excited he gets! Following the Tournament of Power, he discovers there are still many strong warriors in the universe he has yet to encounter, and he trains to pursue a higher level.

Comes with the Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and Ultra Instinct alt styles, as well as the built-in Goku’s Charging Up Emote. The Universal Charging Up Emote is sold separately.

Asset of Goku Outfit


A proud Saiyan prince who shares an intense rivalry with Goku. He was once a cruel and evil warrior, but after fighting with Goku, gained a good heart. Vegeta trains to beat Goku but feels threatened by Frieza after he is revived following the Tournament of Power.


Comes with the Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Blue, and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved alt styles, as well as the built-in Vegeta’s Charging Up Emote. The Universal Charging Up Emote is sold separately.

Asset of Vegeta


The first friend that Goku meets. She searches for the Dragon Balls with Goku and his friends and frequently bails them out of trouble. She is the well-bred daughter of the Capsule Corporation, inventor of the Dragon Radar, and is a genius with machines. Comes with the Lab Coat alt Style.

Asset of Bulma


A god of destruction tasked with maintaining balance in the universe. If he gets into a foul mood, he will destroy any nearby planets or lifeforms. He meets Goku when he heads to Earth intending to fight the Super Saiyan God, but is subsequently pulled in many directions through Goku’s actions. He likes to eat tasty things and sleep.

Asset of Beerus

Back Blings

  • Nyoibo:A mysterious staff given to Goku by Grandpa Gohan.
  • The Seer Fish: Beerus’s forgetful prophet fish.
  • Kamesennin’s Shell: Worn by Kamesennin himself.
Asset of all back blings

Pickaxes, Gliders, and Emotes

  • Nyoibo Pickaxe: A mysterious staff given to Goku by Grandpa Gohan.
  • Kamesennin’s Staff Pickaxe: Used by Kamesennin himself.
  • Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) Glider: A mysterious nimbus cloud given to Goku by Kamesennin.
  • Space Pod Glider: Used mostly for the purpose of invading planets.
  • Charging Up Emote: Show ’em what you’re made of.
  • Fusion Emote: Do you remember the dance steps?
Asset of all pickaxes, Gliders

Players will also have the opportunity to pick up these items in bundles!

The Goku & Beerus Bundle includes the Goku Outfit, Power Pole (Nyoibo) Back Bling, Power Pole (Nyoibo) Pickaxe, Goku’s Charging Up Emote, Beerus Outfit, The Seer Fish Back Bling, and Power Unleashed Loading Screen:

Asset Power Unleashed Loading Screen

The Vegeta & Bulma Bundle includes the Vegeta Outfit, Vegeta’s Charging Up Emote, and Bulma Outfit.

The Dragon Ball Gear Bundle includes the Nimbus Cloud (Kintoun) Glider, Space Pod Glider, Fusion! Hah!! Emote, Kamesennin’s Staff Pickaxe, and Kamesennin’s Shell Back Bling.

Play Fortnite on the go by playing with Xbox Cloud Gaming! Learning more about Xbox Cloud Gaming by visiting Fortnite’s FAQ and the Xbox Cloud Gaming website.

Xbox Live


Epic Games Inc.



In Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3: Vibin’, the Island is one giant party. Bounce around in Reality Falls, ride atop creatures, brave the Screwballer coaster, and revel with new arsenal. Drop into Season 3 and spread the good vibes!

Fortnite is the always evolving, multiplayer game where you and your friends battle to be the last one standing or collaborate to create your dream Fortnite world. Play both Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative for free or purchase Fortnite’s PvE Campaign mode, Save the World. Download now and jump into the action.

This download also gives you a path to purchase access to the Save the World co-op PvE campaign!


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