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Five Techniques Paid Social Experts Must Know



Five Techniques Paid Social Experts Must Know

As a digital marketer, harnessing the power of paid social campaigns – and measuring the results – is critical. You’re likely pressed by questions like, “What am I going to get from this?” or, “How much more revenue is this initiative going to provide?” The list goes on. Well, I’m here to help! Join me as together we work to unpack all things paid social. 

This seminar will be full of lessons geared to be functional for you. 

  • Learn how to structure a campaign for both scale and performance.
  • Build an optimal media plan for performance-based outcomes. 
  • Discover techniques to combat the impact of IOS 14 updates, articulate platforms, and tactics proposed in your plan. 

On the planning and strategy side, I will go in-depth on the essential building blocks of an A/B testing plan:

  • Audience approach when it comes to social ads.
  • Future-proofing your social strategy against tracking loss.
  • Establishing a tactical framework when it comes to KPIs, targeting, and tactics.

Additionally,  we’ll take a closer look at creative ad pillars to power campaign performance.  

Together, we’ll go over how to optimize and scale through a creative rotation framework, techniques on campaign performance, and how to work with underutilized social ad-tech to scale audiences and performance.

Having trouble with campaign execution? I’ve got you covered! I’ll have a 45 min session specially dedicated to learning how to maximize your social algorithm performance with pixels, event tracking, and audience modeling, plus, how to navigate through the post-IOS 14 update with a closer look at the best practices of campaign structuring.

Before ending the workshop, we’ll have a group activity to demonstrate your newfound knowledge on performance social. By working in collaboration with peers, you’ll be tasked to build an in-class paid social plan. 

Does this all sound up your alley? Join us at Hero Conf. Austin from January 31st through  February 1st to catch my Paid Social Workshop live. Get your tickets today and get ready to learn more strategic, tactical digital advertising tips from my own professional experiences.

I invite you to check out a conversation accompanied, Brainlabs’ Strategy Director, Orla McQuaid, on ways to discover how to power high-performance brands through strategic planning and paid social campaign activation for seasonal shopping.


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“Measuring is easy”, said no one ever



Cross-Channel Engagement Benchmarks for 2022

Source: Booster Box elaboration

Understanding the role that each touchpoint plays in a conversion is crucial for budgeting, allowing devotion of funds to the most effective touchpoints while diverting funds away from ineffective channels. 

Multi-touch attribution models have been proven ineffective for two reasons: 

  • the platforms are sealed off from each other in terms of attribution;
  • the models are not good at tracking the real-life, messy-middle, customer journey and thus provide unreliable feedback. 

At Booster Box we have built MMMMachine – Marketing Mix Modeling Tester, a terrific weapon to combat this, accurately measuring the value of different marketing efforts.

The cookieless wasteland

Source: Vyshnavi Bisani, Unsplash

The advertising world must face the change that the cookie apocalypse is bringing. As of now, almost half of open web users’ actions are untraceable on Firefox and Safari. This number is bound to increase with the upcoming loss of third-party cookies. 

Faced with this situation, it is essential to safeguard the performance of marketing campaigns and limit any disruption to tracking and revenue. Unveiling the real path to conversion through Marketing Mix Modeling (a.k.a MMM) is a viable, ready-to-use solution in a landscape of new privacy norms.

Understanding incremental value


Source: Booster Box Photoshoot

Ad budgets don’t grow on trees or fall from the sky. Therefore, investing in ads where customers would have converted anyway, and/or investing in non-converting campaigns is a huge mistake and waste of resources.

Marketing teams who are keen to allocate capital efficiently are always at the frontline in the battle to understand incremental value, cross-channel impacts and marginal returns.They make data-driven ad spend decisions accordingly. 


Not a pipe dream

A marketing team’s main ambition is to be able to forecast the likely outcomes when deploying a specific set of tactics, thus reducing any deadweight loss by reallocating inefficient spend to the most effective touchpoints. This can be achieved: with a lot of science, data analysis and modeling- three areas Booster Box excels in.  

Come and see me present on this topic in more detail at Hero Conf London.



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