A Guide to Facebook’s Creator Studio

Interest in Facebook’s Creator Studio management tool sparked up back in August when Facebook added Instagram post scheduling to its available functions. But there’s a lot more to Creator Studio than just scheduling – and recently, Facebook published a new guide book on Creator Studio, which covers all of its aspects and functions, and could help you make the most of the Facebook management app.

The guide book was actually created back in July, though it hasn’t been heavily promoted. Social media expert Matt Navarra shared a link to the guide this week – here’s a quick look at what inside.

The user guide starts off from the most basic – how to actually access Creator Studio:

Facebook Creator Studio guide

It then provides an overview of all the core functions, including posting, scheduling and insights. It also covers the dedicated Creator Studio elements, including the Sound Collection and the Content Library:

Facebook Creator Studio guide

There’s also a detailed section on the various analytics and insights tools available in the app:

Facebook Creator Studio guide

And yes, there is a detailed overview of the Instagram posting options available:

Facebook Creator Studio guide

All in all, its a handy guide, which will help you get more out of Creator Studio. If you’re using the app now, or thinking of checking it out, it’s worth taking a look at the explanations and tips provides to ensure you get the most from the tool.

You can download a PDF version of the Creator Studio Use Guide here.


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