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Facebook-Owned CrowdTangle Provides New Trend Search Tools and COVID-19 Content Tracking



Facebook-owned social media monitoring tool CrowdTangle has launched a new search feature to help journalists and students track down relevant information on evolving web trends.

As shared by CrowdTangle CEO Brandon Silverman:

As you can see here, the new option will enable CrowdTangle users to search for any term in order to access a display of all the relevant mentions, along with a chart showing the query’s popularity, based on post volume over time. You can also narrow down your search by platform or to specific time frames, and even by memes specifically, using the additional qualifiers along the right of the main screen.

CrowdTangle isn’t available to everyone, with only selected users allowed to access the tool, so the update is not universally helpful. But for those who can access the platform, it can be hugely helpful in keeping track of the evolving Facebook and Instagram conversation, and this new search option will only make it more valuable in this respect.

In addition to this, CrowdTangle has also added a new set of publicly available, regional dashboards for COVID-19, highlighting all the relevant, public Facebook and Instagram posts on the subject across 45 markets.

CrowdTangle COVID-19 display

Click into any of these regional displays and you’ll be shown a dashboard of mentions specifically relevant to that region.

CrowdTangle COVID-19 display

The dashboards are similar to the US Presidential Election dashboard CrowdTangle also rolled out recently, which, in that instance, aims to provide more transparency over branded content funded by political candidates.

The public COVID-19 info displays provide a broader picture of what’s being shared in relation to the pandemic, including major announcements from news outlets and smaller-scale notes and discussions posted on each platform. Which is interesting, and definitely gives you a better understanding of the evolving impacts, but like all the COVID-19 info at the moment, it can also be a little overwhelming, with so much happening, and so little control or insight into how the tide might shift.

Maybe best for use in moderation – but if you’re working for a news organization or in government, the dashboards could prove hugely valuable in keeping up to date with the impacts. 


You can access the COVID-19 regional dashboards here.



LinkedIn Adds New Features for Company Pages, Including Post Templates and Link Stickers



LinkedIn has outlined its latest batch of updates for Company Pages, most of which had already been previewed in some capacity, but are now being rolled out on a broader basis.

First off, LinkedIn’s making its new post templates available to all company pages.

LinkedIn post templates

As you can see in these examples, LinkedIn’s post templates, as they sound, provide a range of visual enhancements for your LinkedIn updates, which could help to make them stand out in feeds.

LinkedIn originally launched post templates for individual users last month, but now, it’s making them available for Company Page updates as well.

As per LinkedIn:

Create engaging, actionable LinkedIn content easier than ever with customizable templates, available directly in the LinkedIn app, with no third-party tools required.”

I mean, I don’t know that these types of posts really fit with LinkedIn’s professional approach. But then again, as many have noted, LinkedIn is increasingly becoming more like Facebook anyway, with more personal posts and updates that are less focused on professional aspects.

And that seems to be working – LinkedIn’s parent company Microsoft keeps reporting ‘record levels of engagement’ in the app every quarter, so maybe this is actually a good, valuable addition.


We’ll see how people feel about it when every other LinkedIn ‘thinkfluencer’ is posting using these templates. You can access post templates in the mobile app by tapping the ‘use template’ option in the post composer menu.

As an addition to this, LinkedIn’s also making its new link stickers available for Company Pages too, which could help to drive more direct response to your updates.

LinkedIn link sticker

On another front, LinkedIn will also now enable all Company Pages to pin comments beneath their brand posts.

LinkedIn Pinned Comments

The rollout for this feature also started last month, with some users seeing the option to pin comments in the app.

That could be a good way to spark more focused engagement, and highlight top fans, while you could also use this to simply boost interactions by pinning the comment with the most engagement at the top of the reply chain.  

As a reminder, LinkedIn Company Pages can also pin an update for similar purpose.

Finally, LinkedIn has also added a new Our featured commitments’ section for Company Pages, where brands will be able to showcase their most important values.

“Increasingly in today’s market, job seekers are evaluating potential employers based on their values. They’re interested in knowing where companies stand on issues that are important to them, such as DEI, work-life balance, sustainability, etc. To provide greater insight and connections, LinkedIn is enabling employers to highlight these commitments on their LinkedIn company page to define their talent brand and values.” 

Brands will be able to include up to five commitments in their featured commitments section, while you’ll also be able to host content that demonstrates the same, all of which will be displayed in a sub-panel in the ‘About’ section of your Page.

These are some potentially handy updates, with the link stickers and pinned comments standing out as likely the most valuable additions for LinkedIn page managers.


Post templates I’m not as sold on, especially for brands – but then again, there may be ways to use these templates to improve the presentation of your posts, and maybe, that’ll increase overall engagement.

You can read about all of LinkedIn’s latest company page updates here.

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