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Instagram Is Testing a new FAQ Option for Direct Interactions with Business Accounts



Instagram is testing a new FAQ option for business accounts which would give brands the capacity to provide quick, tappable Q and A options within their Direct feed when customers look to submit a message query.

Instagram FAQ option

As you can see in these screenshots posted by user @thenezvm (and shared by Matt Navarra), the new option would enable brands to highlight common questions in their message window, which users can tap on to get quick answers.

At this stage, it seems that businesses can set up four questions that will be displayed in your initial message interaction, giving brands a simple, automated way to address the most common queries.

As noted by TechCrunch, a similar feature is offered on Messenger, where Facebook Page owners can add automated response options to address common questions.

Messenger FAQ

And given that Facebook is on a mission to integrate all of its messaging functionalities, it makes sense that the same is also being added to Instagram, and with Instagram moving more into eCommerce, it could be a handy function to address common queries around shipping, returns, etc.

There’s no word on a full rollout at this stage, and it still appears to be in early testing, but it could provide another helpful option to consider for connecting with your Instagram audience, while also lessening the response load at your end.


Meta Adds Instagram Audience Targeting for Facebook and IG Ads



Instagram Outlines Update Visual Elements to Better Connect with its Purpose

This could be a very handy option for social media managers – Meta is currently rolling out the capacity to run ads on Facebook and Instagram that target your Instagram followers.

As you can see in this image, shared by media buyer Corey Henke, now, you can target your ads to people who follow your IG account within your campaign setup, giving you a whole new audience to consider in your promotional process.

Which might not sound like much – and it probably also sounds like something that’s been available for some time. Right?

But it isn’t.

As noted by Meta ads expert Jon Loomer, up till now, you’ve been able to create a custom audience of your Facebook followers, but not your Instagram audience. That’s made it virtually impossible to focus on your IG followers specifically – which is generally, for most brands, much different to their Facebook following.

So, you can now use this as an ad targeting option, to reach people who’ve shown interest in your products on IG with your offers and promotions, while you can also use it as your source for a Lookalike Audience.

There’s a range of options here, and it’ll definitely come in handy for many marketers.

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