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Meta Cancels its F8 Developer Conference for 2022



Meta Cancels its F8 Developer Conference for 2022

Meta has announced that it will not run its premier F8 Developer Conference in 2022, as it looks toward the next big shifts, both within its company and for broader internet usage.

F8 has traditionally been where Meta announces its major initiatives, and showcases its next generation research. But due to COVID and other disruptions, it’s now been called off for two of the past three years.

As explained by Meta:

Similar to years past, we’re taking a brief break in programming and will not hold F8 in 2022 while we gear up on new initiatives that are all tailored towards the next chapter of the internet: building the metaverse. Similar to the early stages of the web, building the metaverse will be a collaborative effort at every stage – with other companies, creators and developers like you.”

That will mean less insight into Meta’s plans – but then again, it is still running its ’Conversations’ business messaging event (May 19th), and last year’s Meta re-brand, the company’s biggest announcement in probably a decade, was made at its ‘Connect’ conference, not at F8, which will also still be held later in the year.

So it’s probably not a huge loss – or at least, it won’t have a big impact in terms of sharing insight about the company’s strategic vision.

And as Meta notes, it’ll give it more time to concentrate on building the metaverse, the next level of social interaction, at least as Meta sees it. The metaverse concept holds much promise, but as we’ve seen from initial tests and issues, there’s a long way to go before it’s anywhere close to a workable, safe reality.

You can expect there to be many challenges within that, and Meta will likely need all of its PR power, aside from its internal development, to map out its vision.

Really, I’m more looking forward to the Connect AR/VR conference anyway, but F8 has been particularly helpful in the past for gleaning insight about the platform’s algorithms and other strategic workings.

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Report Looks at the Most Commonly Shared Life Events on Instagram and TikTok



Report Looks at the Most Commonly Shared Life Events on Instagram and TikTok

Social media is where people share their big life events and updates, in order to keep friends and family informed, and celebrate major milestones, changes, etc.

But what life events are people most likely to share in each app?

The team from recently undertook a broader study of life trends, which also looked at the most popular life event postings on Instagram and TikTok, based on hashtag use, which could provide some valuable context for your content planning, and how to connect with the right audiences in each app.

First off, on Instagram – here are the top ten most shared life events within Instagram posts:

Those are all fairly logical, with the majority being celebratory events – though the variance in post volume for each is worth noting.

Based on this, a brand might want to consider marketing to new home buyers in the app, or post about new hires, or make it a bigger focus for campaigns based around these key life events.

On TikTok, the top 10 listing is similar, with some slight variances.

Life events report

‘Separation’ is much higher on TikTok (coming it at 11th on the list on IG), while ‘Marriage’ is not as high (23rd on TT). Not sure what that means – I would initially conclude that TikTok’s younger audience would result in less discussion of marriage, but separation is a key focus (as is divorce) so…

Maybe separated people are more likely to jump onto TikTok to find a new partner.

‘Gender reveal’ is also a bigger focus on TikTok (13th on IG), while ‘Death’ and ‘Funeral’ both make the top 10.

Some of these trends would relate to the variance in audience demographics, but it is interesting to note the differences, and how significant each topic is across the two apps.

Of course, for the most part, this research doesn’t reveal much that you didn’t already know – both apps are used for celebratory posts and major announcements, which includes all of the big life milestones and shifts.

But it is interesting to compare the popularity of each, and to consider how that could relate to your marketing and outreach, in line with usage.

You can read’s full report here.

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