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Meta Publishes Report into How the Pandemic has Changed the Way That People Connect [Infographic]



Meta Publishes New Report into How the Pandemic has Changed the Way That People Connect [Infographic]

The way we interact has changed as a result of the pandemic – be it due to reduced face-to-face interaction, increased online connection, working from home, VR meet-ups, audio rooms, etc.

And while we are slowly reverting back to a level of normalcy, many of these trends will lead to permanent shifts, which brands need to consider in the way that they communicate with their audiences, and the processes through which users are looking to connect in this new state.

Which is the focus of a new, three part research report from Meta, in which it sought to explore ‘how the demand for deeper human connection has sparked a profound reset in our relationships’.

The Meta Foresight (formerly Facebook IQ) team conducted a survey of 36,000 adults across 12 markets.

Among their key findings:

  • 72% of respondents said that the pandemic caused them to reprioritize their closest friends
  • Young people are most open to using more immersive tech to foster connections (including augmented and virtual reality), though all users indicated that tech will play a bigger role in enhancing personal connections moving forward
  • 37% of people surveyed globally reported reassessing their life priorities as a result of the pandemic

Meta says that these trends will also extend to brand relationships, with consumers increasingly seeking more authentic, deeper connections with brands, which could offer new opportunities for community building and connection.

Some interesting trend notes – you can check out the first part of Meta’s ‘Relationship Reset’ report here, or take a look at the summary overview below.

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LinkedIn Shares Marketing Industry Insights and Tips in Latest ‘Big Thinking’ Digital Magazine



LinkedIn Shares Marketing Industry Insights and Tips in Latest 'Big Thinking' Digital Magazine

Looking for a marketing-related read for the long weekend?

LinkedIn has published the second edition of its ‘Big Thinking’ digital magazine, which includes a range of interviews, insights, tips and notes on various marketing-related subjects and trends.

The 36-page magazine includes expert notes on sustainable marketing practices, evolving messaging processes, and creative tips – from Disney no less.

There’s also a section which looks at how marketers can mitigate the loss of cookie tracking data, and how to build an employer brand (and why you should).

LinkedIn Big Thinking magazine

LinkedIn has also included expert interviews on customer experience, digital transformation and creative B2B strategies, among other elements.

There are some good notes, which could help you formulate a more effective marketing approach for your brand, in line with the latest trends, while it’s also handy to stay up to date with the latest trend insights and tips to keep your market knowledge fresh.

And it’s free. If nothing else, it’s a quick overview of some of the key trends that are playing on the minds of the top industry professionals, which will likely trigger at least inspiration in your own efforts.

You can download LinkedIn’s latest ‘Big Thinking’ digital magazine here.


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