Snapchat Shares New Insight into Snapchatter Discussion Around the Return of Sports [Infographic]

The return of professional sports has been a welcome distraction for many as they grapple with the varying impacts of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and the repetitive stream of negative news stories around the outbreak. 

And while there are still serious issues to address within the pandemic, sports have given fans something to look forward to, something to enjoy, to take a break for just a moment. And clearly, among younger users at least, that has had a positive effect, as highlighted in these new stats from Snapchat on the response among its audience to various sports coming back.

As noted by Snap:

Snapchatters are thrilled to see their favorite teams and players again. They’re still adjusting to a different kind of viewing experience – they miss seeing fans making noise on TV, and they probably wish the seasons could be longer – but it’s nice to have something to root for and connect over. And when it’s all said and done, maybe the changes brought on by COVID-19 will make for a more innovative, engaging kind of fandom in the long run.”

The data in the infographic below is based on responses from over 3,000 Snapchat users across the US, Canada, UK and Australia, providing some interesting insights into the responses from across the globe.

Snapchat sports infographic

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