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Snapchat Shares New Insights into Shopping Trends Around the Return to School



As the vaccine roll-out continues, and we look ahead to a post-pandemic environment, students are increasingly excited about getting back to school, and spending time among friends as part of the education process.

I mean, no one enjoyed online school. Not students, not parents- definitely not teachers.

Missing out on social interaction has had a major impact on everyone, but it could arguably be even more impactful for youngsters, who are still in the process of figuring out who they are, with those daily social engagements playing a big role in shaping their personality and perspective.

The return to IRL school also means new shopping behaviors, and this week, Snapchat has shared some new insight into how its users are planning for the coming school year, and how they’re shopping as a result.

Which could help in your campaign planning – here’s a look at the key notes.

First off, Snapchat says that the return to seeing people in real life will lead to a big uptick in fashion spend, with more than half of Snapchatters looking to buy new clothes in preparation.

Snapchat school spending

That makes a lot of sense – you can’t just keep wearing your sweatpants when you’re heading out in public.

Well, I mean, you can, but there are obviously some considerations within that type of chic. It may communicate the personal insight that you’d want, in some cases at least.

Snapchat also notes that over a third of Snapchatters are also planning on buying tickets for travel, accessories for their cars, recreational and hobby-based equipment, and new tech devices and accessories in preparation for the next stage, which provides a range of extra marketing and outreach considerations.

In addition to this, Snap also notes that, with sports also making a return, that opens up another key fashion and accessory consideration. 

Snapchat shopping trends

As per Snap:

“Snapchatters start prepping for practices and shopping for the sports season a few weeks before the first practice. Shoes, sports apparel, and equipment are at the top of their shopping lists, and they’re taking Snapchat with them on their shopping journeys.”

Snapchat shopping insights

Given its focus on more intimate friend connections, Snapchat often plays a key role in influencing people’s shopping decisions, and it’s worth considering how these elements may factor into your marketing plan, and connecting with students, in particular, this back to school season.

There are obviously a heap more considerations within this, but Snapchat’s notes serve as a good reminder of some of the key elements that are set to come into focus, which could help guide your planning.

You can check out Snapchat’s full back to school report here.


Pinterest Ends its Creator Rewards Program for Idea Pins



Pinterest Ends its Creator Rewards Program for Idea Pins

Pinterest has announced that it’s ending its Creator Rewards program, with the incentive offering set to shutter later this week.

Pinterest’s Creator Rewards scheme provided a means for creators to make money by creating themed Idea Pins, based on monthly prompts provided by Pinterest.

That enabled Pinterest to both encourage Idea Pin activity, and guide those Pins towards more engaging elements – but now, it’s moving on from the project.

As reported by The Information:

After the program’s conclusion on Wednesday, [Pinterest] will pay a one-time bonus to creators in the program who participated in at least one reward goal in August, September or October, a Pinterest spokesperson said. The company declined to share how much it was giving away in bonuses or how many people were part of the creator rewards program.”

Various social platforms have offered similar incentive schemes, with varying levels of success, but for the most part, they’ve eventually become unsustainable. Which, in some ways, is expected. Direct payments from the platforms are ideally designed help to guide creators into other monetization avenues, and are not geared towards building reliance on those payments themselves.

Snapchat has experienced similar issues with its Spotlight program, which is also now more aligned to specific thematic targets, while TikTok’s still working on the best way to ensure its top stars continue to get paid.

It is worth noting that this is separate from Pinterest’s $500k Creator Fund, which is another program designed to encourage creators to keep posting to the app.

The Creator Fund is specifically aimed at supporting Creators and communities ‘that have been disproportionately underrepresented’, and that program will continue on at this stage.

Cracking the code of creator funding is complex, especially in content formats that don’t support insertion of ads, where you can directly attribute revenue based on views. No platform has got this 100% right as yet, but more options are evolving, which could provide more avenues for sustainable creator funding in future.

But evidently, Pinterest found that this one wasn’t it. The program will shutter on Wednesday this week.

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