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YouTube’s New Audience Activity Insights Are Now Available to All Creators, Video Chapters Now Opt-In



YouTube Creator Insider Tom Leung has this week provided an update on two significant features that are coming to YouTube publishers.

First off, Leung has confirmed that its new listing of when your YouTube audience is online is now available to all users.

YouTube activity chart

As you can see here, the new chart, available in YouTube Studio analytics, displays when your audience is most active on the platform, which can help in your planning.

As per Leung:

“We started rolling it out very gradually, but now it’s available to all, 100% of Creators”.

It’s similar to Facebook’s audience insights, which, as noted, provides more guidance as to when you should be looking to connect with your audience, based on usage trends.

YouTube’s also still rolling out its new default setting which will hold potentially inappropriate comments for review, which will be fully rolled out in the next few weeks, while it’s updated video chapter option, which separates the playback bar into segments based on your manually entered time stamps, is now also in the process of being rolled out to all users.

YouTube video chapters

Users who are looking to add video chapters to their YouTube clips can opt-in by ensuring that:

“If you have timestamps in your description, make sure that the first timestamp listed in the video description starts at 0:00, and that your video has at least three timestamps or chapters, with each chapter being 10 seconds or longer.”

Leung says that users can opt-out of the new chapter segmentation by changing the first timestamp in their video description to “something other than 0:00”.


These are some handy new options, which could help to improve your YouTube strategy and content presentation, with varying value, dependent on your audience and the content you upload. And while posting at the right time of day may not make a huge amount of difference on YouTube, given the way people consumer videos on the platform, it could be particularly relevant for live-streams or Stories, helping to reach people when they’re looking to interact.

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You can learn more about YouTube’s latest updates here.


TikTok Launches New ‘Branded Mission’ Creator Monetization and UGC Promotion Process



TikTok Launches New 'Branded Mission' Creator Monetization and UGC Promotion Process

TikTok’s looking to make it easier for creators to make money from their clips via a new program that it’s calling ‘Branded Mission’, which will enable creators to take part in what’s essentially branded content challenges, with the brand then able to select from the submitted clips for their promotional campaigns.

As explained by TikTok:

“To make it easier for brands to tap into the creative power of TikTok communities and co-create authentic branded content that resonates with users, we’re launching Branded Mission. Branded Mission is an industry-first ad solution that enables advertisers to crowdsource authentic content from creators on TikTok, turn top-performing videos into ads, and improve brand affinity with media impressions.”

As outlined in the above video, the process will enable brands to post challenges, which creators with over 1k followers will then be able to participate in.

“TikTok creators can decide what Branded Missions they’re inspired by and choose to participate in the Mission. Brands will select their favorite original creative videos and amplify them through promoted ad traffic.”

The chosen creators then get a cash payment, though the payment amounts, at least at this stage, won’t vary based on individual video performance.

Instead, each Mission will list earnings potential, based on how much the brand is willing to pay.


Allocate more cash and you’ll pique the interest of more users, expanding the potential of tapping into a viral hit.

The option will broaden the creative options for brands, and with organic-styled content performing best on the platform, it could open up major new possibilities for marketers looking for ways to tap into the app.

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It’ll also provide TikTok with another critical revenue-share element. Clearly the app of the moment, if TikTok wants to maximize its opportunities, it needs to ensure that its top creators get paid – because with more lucrative monetization offers available on other platforms, it logically makes sense that big-name stars will follow the cash, and focus on those platforms instead.

But monetizing short-form video is harder than longer content, which is why TikTok is also rolling out 10-minute clips, and emphasizing live-streaming, as a means to drive more money-making opportunities.

Branded Mission is another step in this direction, which will ideally provide a more direct link between creating content in your own style and making money, without having to incorporate merchandise sales or arrange your own affiliate deals.

Interestingly, Meta is trying out similar on Instagram, where product tags were recently expanded to all users.

Instagram product tags

Creators don’t get paid for adding these tags, not yet at least, but you can see how Meta could eventually take a similar approach to provide creators with more revenue opportunities.

For TikTok, the process could make it much easier to bring in cash for your uploads, expanding well beyond the Creator Fund, which top creators have already been highly critical of.

You will, of course, need to create specific, themed videos, as opposed to YouTube, where you upload what you like and switch on ads. But it’s a fairly distanced relationship from the sponsor brands, which reduces management workload, while also providing new content prompts.


It’s a good idea, and as more and more brands look to tap into the app – especially as it surges towards 1.5 billion users – you can bet that it’ll be a popular option for a range of ad partners.

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TikTok says that Branded Mission is now in beta testing, and is available to brands in more than a dozen markets. The option will be made available in more regions throughout the year.

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