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Magento ECommerce: 5 Reasons to Use It



There are several Ecommerce options available. Magento is rapidly gaining traction as a successful platform for many businesses. Magento is an open source Ecommerce content management system that is widely regarded as the best shopping cart software for achieving the objectives of businesses all over the world.

Magento developers recommend this app to all of their Ecommerce customers, and it has been praised for a number of reasons, the top five of which are mentioned below.

Multi-Site or Multi-Store functionality is a feature that allows you to manage several sites or stores.

Magento was created with the aim of supporting multiple online businesses. Magento is a powerful platform that allows you to run two, ten, or even twenty online stores from the same admin panel. Instead of moving between multiple locations, orders can be placed and handled from a single location. Even so, reports with specific descriptions can be conveniently prepared separately.

Option for a Guest Checkout

The ‘Guest Checkout Choice’ is another useful feature of Magento production. It’s a minor aspect, but it goes a long way toward keeping visitors on the website. When a visitor to an online business is required to register before making a purchase, this may redirect traffic away from the site, resulting in lower conversion rates and higher bounce rates. To combat this situation, Magento allows visitors to choose whether they must register or can checkout as a guest to save time.

Friendliness to Search Engines

Magento creation is SEO friendly, and this feature makes it simple for web developers to handle. Magento’s built-in tools aid in the improvement of a company’s search engine ranking.


SEO tools built-in:

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1. Canonical URLs or Search Engine Friendly Rewrites

2. Meta Tags for each Webpage, Product, and Category are under your control.

3. XML Sitemaps created automatically

4. Pages in the CMS

These features can greatly boost a website’s online viability and are a compelling reason to use Magento.

A large number of extensions are available.

The Magento ecommerce platform is fully customizable. This is a functionality that PHP developers adore. There are thousands of extensions in the Magento Connect store if you want to change the way items are viewed or try to increase the loading time of your website.


Here’s a rundown of our top three Magento extensions:

1. WYSIWYG Editor Fontis

2. Google Analytics Plus Fooman

3. Domestic and Foreign Shipping via Royal Mail

Reordering Service

It’s always a good idea to keep old clients because they’re less expensive than gaining new ones, lowering the cost of doing business and increasing your profit. Magento production benefits online companies by allowing them to access their most recent order details from their account page. So, if your customers/visitors want to place another order, they can do so with a single click. This function allows placing an order as simple as clicking a button.

SEO-Friendly: One of the most important characteristics of Magento creation is that it is SEO-friendly. SEO, which makes any website more accessible online, would almost certainly increase the number of customers interested in purchasing any digital or physical product. Magento offers the most up-to-date SEO rating factors. It also has analytics built in for monitoring website users.

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Advanced Features: Magento is sufficient for managing the e-commerce business more effectively because it offers up-to-date features that provide customers with a great deal of convenience, making it a common store among customers. It offers advanced solutions in far more user-friendly formats. Many successful businessmen use it because it is a completely functioning platform.


Currency and Language Support: Many e-commerce sites aren’t compatible with all currencies and languages. Magento has the ability to accept a wide range of currencies and languages. Magento becomes dynamic for every national or foreign company as a result of this.

Ease of Upkeep and Availability: Magento development services ensure that you have access to upkeep. They can take care of all server issues, as well as website maintenance and possibly growth issues. This feature makes Magento very user-friendly. You can copy it to your own servers and edit the code because it is open source software. It is available for one-time installation.

Magento supports numerous websites and over 50 payment gateways, making it a versatile CMS and hosting option. It is an excellent option for product editing and is capable of efficiently managing massive databases. Magento 2 Development company enables online stores to select any hosting provider they want.


How Hotels and Resorts are Adopting Virtual and Augmented Reality



How Hotels and Resorts are Adopting Virtual and Augmented Reality

Once upon a time, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were only used for video games or seen in movies (think Tony Stark and all of his cool gadgets in Iron Man).

But today, thanks to all of the advances in technology, the use of AR and VR is no longer something you see only in sci-fi thrillers or something that you use for entertainment. No today, AR and VR are becoming much more commonplace, and this technology is being used in a variety of useful applications across a variety of industries. The hotel and hospitality industry is just one field that is making use of augmented and virtual reality, and its popularity is really exploding!

In fact, AR and VR have become powerful marketing tools for hotels and resorts around the globe. These technologies are really changing the way people are travelling, and it’s definitely for the better.

How are hotels and resorts utilizing augmented and virtual reality and how are these technologies helping both entrepreneurs and travellers alike? Read on to discover the exciting technologically advanced future or travel!

What is Augmented and Virtual Reality?

Before we jump in and explore how hotels and resorts are using augmented and virtual reality, it’s first important to understand exactly what these technologies are.

Both AR and VR create experiences that fully immerse users into different environments or allow them to experience things in a whole new way, but these two technologies do differ. Loosely defined, virtual reality means near-reality (virtual meaning near and reality meaning the here and now; what you are actually experiencing.). Virtual reality immerses users into an interactive computer-generated environment. It incorporates a variety of senses, primarily sight and sound, to create a life-like experience. In other words, you feel as if you have been transported to another location even though you never physically left your current location.

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Augmented reality, on the other hand, involves adding to the reality that you already see; it doesn’t replace your reality, but rather enhances it. AR has the ability to bring elements of the digital world into the real world (again, think Tony Stark in Iron Man).

So, now that you have a basic understanding of virtual and augmented reality, let’s examine how hotels and resorts are utilizing these technologies.


Providing an Experience Before Booking


How many times have you reserved a hotel, only to find, much to your dismay, that it was not at all what you were expecting. Sure, pictures can help you get a vague idea of what to expect, but they really can’t give you a clear idea.

With virtual reality, you can get a real idea of where you’re going to be travelling before you make a reservation. You can slip on a headset and be transported to a resort or hotel and actually walk through the lobby, see the guest rooms, and check out all of the amenities.

VR is not only beneficial for travellers’, it is also beneficial to hotels and resorts; particularly lesser-known properties or those that are located in remote areas, as it allows them to give people the opportunity to see what they have to offer.

Establishing a Competitive Edge

The hotel and hospitality industry is extremely competitive. Travellers’ have so many options when it comes to where they can stay. And with hotel and resort database sites, like and, the competition has become even steeper.

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With so much competition, it can be hard for hotels and resorts to set themselves apart from the crowd. Photos and marketing content can only do so much. But augmented and virtual reality can really help hotels and resorts establish a competitive edge. It allows them to distinguish themselves and showcase their unique selling points. In other words, it gives them the chance to show prospective travellers the chance to explore the gardens, visit the restaurants, and lounge by the pool that resort A has to offer, thus allowing the resort to stand out in the crowd and attract more people.

Making Booking Easier

Another way that hotels and resorts are adopting advanced technologies to simplify the booking process for their guests. For example, most hotels and resorts offer different types of accommodations; standard rooms, suites, handicap accessible rooms, and so forth. By using augmented and virtual reality, guests can actually see what different accommodations offer to determine what will best meet their needs.

When potential visitors have the opportunity to really experience different accommodations, the process of making reservations becomes a lot easier for them.

Ensuring Guest Satisfaction

Hotels and resorts are also using AR and VR as a way to improve guest satisfaction. When people have the chance to see what they are going to get before they arrive, it’s much more likely that they are going to have a more pleasant experience, and when they have a more pleasant experience, guests are much more satisfied. When guest satisfaction improves, so does the reputation of a hotel or resort, which translates to much greater success.


Augmented Environments


A lot of properties are using AR as a way to make the environment of their hotel or resort more enjoyable for their guests. For instance, some hotels are using AR to allow guests to use their smartphones to see them alongside images of their favourite celebrities or cartoon characters.  Other hotels are using AR as a means for showcasing products or entertainment options the hotel/resort features.

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Summing It Up

Augmented reality and virtual reality are already proving to be invaluable tools for hotels and resorts around the globe. These technologies are a truly effective way to develop a competitive edge, allow guests to see what properties have to offer, improve the booking process, and ensure guest satisfaction.

Given the incredibly positive effects that augmented reality and virtual reality have had for hotels and resorts, it is exciting to think of how these technologies will further be adopted by hotels and resorts, and how AR and VR will enhance marketing for establishments and experiences for travellers in the future.

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