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Google AMP Set up for WordPress Blog




Setting up Google AMP on your WordPress blog means it loads faster for mobile and in an environment where we all use our phones to surf the internet, faster loading is essential. AMP, Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a new WordPress plugin that can transform the way people interact with your WordPress blog.

WordPress looks great, but it’s not designed to load quickly or be resource efficient. Each page request can involve multiple database requests, many HTTP requests, and expensive image upload. It takes time on a broadband connection and will therefore take even longer on 3G or 4G connections. Google AMP is designed to fix this.

Benefits of using Google AMP on your WordPress blog

Google AMP is an open WordPress plugin that lets you create clean pages specifically for mobile. This works well on static pages rather than interactive pages and can reduce the size of your pages invisible to the user. According to Google, AMP-enabled pages can load up to 88% faster than other pages.

Most mobile users will give up on a website if it takes too long to load. Life is just too short and too busy to wait several seconds for something. Since most of us access the internet with mobile devices, you risk losing a significant portion of your potential audience.

Google AMP posts not only load faster, but they also allow your blog to search for unique designs. If your page appears in Google search, AMP qualifies your page to appear at the top of the SERPS (search engine results page). Depending on the number of other AMP-enabled pages, your blog may appear at the top of the page at no cost to you.

There is, however, a downside. AMP for WordPress only works on posts, not pages. If your website has a lot of pages, you’ll need a different plugin which I’ll cover after Google AMP.

Install Google AMP on your WordPress blog

You install Google AMP on your WordPress blog just like any other plugin.

  1. Log in to your blog and select Plugins.
  2. Select Add New and search for “AMP for WordPress”. The right plugin should say “By VIP, XWP, Google and contributors”.
  3. Select Install Now and Activate once the option appears.

Depending on your web host, it should take less than a minute to find and install. Once installed and activated, AMP for WordPress starts working immediately. No configuration is necessary and no parameters to change. Everything has been done for you.

You can test if this works by adding “/ amp” to the end of any blog post URL.

For most bloggers, this is enough. For those who have a lot of blog pages as well as articles, you may need a little more freedom. For this we will need another plugin called AMP for WP. AMP for WP also helps with monetization, but I won’t go into that here.

Adding features with the AMP for WP plugin

Where AMP for WordPress only focuses on reducing posts, AMP for WP will do the same for your blog pages. Using this plugin should boost your WordPress blog in no time at all and get your site delivering pages very quickly. Fortunately, AMP for WP replaces AMP for WordPress, so you only need one or the other. In fact, AMP for WP includes a copy of AMP for WordPress, so if your blog has a lot of pages, you can skip the first part and go straight to this plugin.

  1. Select Plugins from the WordPress admin panel.
  2. Select Add New and search for AMP for WP.
  3. Select Install then Activate when the button appears.
  4. Select New User or Power User in the new window that appears.
  5. Follow the setup wizard to get everything working.

The installation of the AMP for WP plugin takes a few seconds but the configuration takes a few minutes. You might need a copy of your logo and an idea of ​​how you want your blog pages to appear on mobile. If you select New User, the wizard guides you through the setup. If you select Power User, you will be taken directly to the Settings page to configure everything manually.

Serving up fast moving pages is essential for the survival of any blog or website. WordPress is an amazing platform, but it’s too heavy for simple blogging and too slow for a high Google Page Speed ​​Insights score. You can overcome some of this slowness with Google AMP and / or AMP for WP.

Do you know of any other plugins to speed up a WordPress blog? Does it overload mobile pages? Tell us about it below if you do!

Benefits: Google AMP Set up for WordPress Blog

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  • The price of the Google AMP Set up for WordPress Blog guide is free.

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New Themes for January 2023 – News



New Themes for January 2023 – News

Five beautiful new themes, including our new default theme, Twenty Twenty-Three.

The team is always working on new design ideas to bring your website to life. Below you’ll find the four newest themes that we’ve added to our library, with beautiful options for food-based businesses, podcasts, and bloggers.

To install any of the below themes, click the the name of the theme you like, which brings you right to the installation page. Then simply click the “Activate this design” button. You can also click “Open live demo,” which brings up a clickable, scrollable version of the theme for you to preview.

Premium themes are free to use for any user on a Premium plan or above, or can be purchased individually by those with free sites or Personal plans.

You can explore all of our themes by navigating to the “Themes” page, which is found under “Appearance” in the left-side menu of your dashboard. Or, just click here:

Twenty Twenty-Three is designed to take advantage of the new design tools introduced in WordPress 6.1.

With a clean, blank base as a starting point, this default theme includes ten diverse style variations created by members of the WordPress community.

Whether you want to build a complex or incredibly simple website, you can do it quickly and intuitively through the bundled styles or dive into creation and full customization yourself.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Tazza puts the spotlight on your products and your customers. This theme leverages Woo Commerce to provide you with intuitive product navigation and the patterns you need to master digital merchandising.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Calyx is a minimalist theme designed for single-page websites. Featuring a coming-soon pattern on the homepage, Calyx is a perfect choice to spread the word about the upcoming opening of a cafe, restaurant, or bar.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Muscat is a simple blogging theme with grid post templates and a centered post layout. Its geometric sans-serif typography contributes to a delightful, comfortable, and modern reading experience.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Loudness is a bold opinionated theme created with music education in mind. Use Site Editor tooling and relevant patterns to create a unique experience.

Click here to view a demo of this theme.

Stay tuned for more updates about new themes, patterns, blocks, and other exciting product updates! And be sure to click below to take a look at the entire showcase of themes we offer:

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A New Way to Ignite Your Growth on – News



A New Way to Ignite Your Growth on – News

Introducing Blaze. Turn your site content into clean, compelling ads that run across millions of sites on and Tumblr.

At we’re always looking for ways to make building and running your web site simpler and more impactful (and more fun!).

One of the biggest challenges for any site owner is finding your readers, fans, customers, or subscribers. Until now, promoting your web site required multiple tools, online accounts, professional design and marketing skills, and – yes – lots of money.

That’s why we’re excited to announce Blaze, a new tool allowing anyone with a WordPress blog to advertise on and Tumblr in just a few clicks. How? By turning your site content into clean, compelling ads that run across our millions-strong network of blogs.

How Blaze works

If your website is hosted on, then head to and select your website — you’ll see a list of recent posts and pages you can promote. If your WordPress site isn’t hosted on, you can take advantage of Blaze through the Jetpack plugin.

Alternatively, when viewing the post or page list in your dashboard, click the ellipses (three dots) next to any individual post/page to bring up a new menu, then click “Promote with Blaze.”

Now you’ll be in the Blaze Campaign Wizard.

Step 1: Design your ad. The wizard automatically formats your content into a beautiful ad, but you can adjust the image and text however you like.

Step 2: Select your audience. Want to target the whole world? Only people in certain areas? Folks who are reading content about a specific category, like movies or sports? As you adjust these settings, you’ll see our estimate of how many people you’ll reach.

Step 3: Select your dates and set your budget. Run your ad for up to 28 days. As you update your budget and dates, we’ll tell you how many more people you’ll reach.

Step 4: Finish and pay. We may offer the lowest ad prices in the industry, but we also protect your content with a system backed by Verity and Grapeshot. So rest easy knowing that your ads will only show up where they’re supposed to — and nowhere you’d feel strange about.

Once your ad is running, you can check how it’s doing in the “Campaigns” tab of the advertising page.

Our campaigns are billed weekly based on how many times your ad is shown, so you’ll only ever pay for what you signed up for. As always, you can find even more details about this tool on our support page.

This feature is currently only available to users with “English” set as their primary language, but we’re working hard on bringing it to other languages as well.

Let us know what you think about Blaze!

We’re excited to launch this powerful new feature, and we’re eager to get feedback. If you have any questions about it, challenges while using it, or ideas to make it better, please share them with our team. We’ll make sure a real person reads through all of the feedback, and we’ll be working tirelessly to make sure that this tool is something valuable for you.

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Supercharge Your Social Media With a New Link in Bio Page – News



Supercharge Your Social Media With a New Link in Bio Page – News

A .link domain name and Link in Bio page supercharges your social media by giving you a place to host all of your links.

Social media is a great place to build and connect with your audience while promoting your offerings. However, you don’t own your social profiles or traffic. Creating a Link in Bio page with enables you to truly own your content and traffic while tailoring it to increase your engagement and conversion rates across all of your social channels.

You can also embed Paypal, Amazon stores, an e-commerce store, and other features that allow you to continue earning money.

As a creator, we know how much effort and time goes into finding the right audiences and perfecting your offering. We know you already manage multiple deadlines and channels, with increasing competition everywhere you look. We wanted to make it a lot easier for you to handle your operations while making sure you can link to all your available channels and revenue streams.

Set up your Link in Bio with ease

Once you’ve picked a URL at, simply choose your design, upload your profile image, tweak your site info, and add your links. You’ll be launching your Link in Bio site within minutes!

Once you add your unique link to your social profiles, you’ll be able to monitor traffic and stats from your dashboard.

We don’t limit the number of links you can have, so any time you have a new product, offering, or site to share, you can swap out a link and we’ll preserve your old links and traffic. Alternatively, you can add as many new links as you need to your Link in Bio site.

A domain that comes with unparalleled performance

Link in Bio sites powered by are optimized  for the best performance across web and mobile, with spectacular load times. We know social media is a 24/7 job, so our never-sleeping servers ensure that business goes on (even while you sleep!) and we can handle the traffic with ease when your content goes viral.

Helping content creators win

Get started today with a free .link domain with any paid plan, or for just $0.99 for a new .link domain registration. We’re committed to investing in creators! Win it with!

Want to learn more before jumping in? Read this article about all the tips and tricks we have ready for you.

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