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123 Profit Reviews – Critical Customer Update! Is It Legit or Waste of Money?



123 Profit Reviews - Critical Customer Update! Is It Legit or Waste of Money?

What Is Inside The Newly Launched 123 Profit Module?

The 123 Profit program is an intelligent combination of eight components that helps you in making the most out of it. Let’s take a brief look inside all those eight components and know how each of them will help you in being better at marketing and business.

Component 1 – Mission Control

Mission control is a private member area with more than 100 clear and concise step-by-step videos that will make you understand the working of the system without having any prior experience.

Component 2 – The Live Coaching

This section contains webinars, zoom calls, and live question & answer sessions with Aidan and other team members. You will get multiple sessions every week and all of them will definitely help you in pushing your business forward.

The good thing about this is that all of these live sessions will be held in varieties of time frames which means you can easily join from every corner of the globe. Moreover, if you miss out on any of them then you can access the live recordings posted in the mission control area.

Component 3 – The $50k Case Study

In this component, you get access to all the video series and secret documentation that will help you in getting access to the inner workings of a high-profit campaign. Broadly, you get access to the case study that tells you everything about how the 123 Profit team managed to generate $50,681 in just a duration of 50 days.

It is easy to access. As soon as you purchase the 123 Profit online course you will get access to all of it.

Component 4 – The Profit Suite

This component is 123 Profit’s private tool kit that has enabled them to come up with profitable pages, and funnels and send high-converting emails to boost their income. Through this, you get access to ‘The Masterlist’ which is the top vault of 123 Profit’s top-paying offers.

The next is ‘Profit Phantom’ which will enable you to set up and run your business at an ultra-rapid rate. The last one is the ‘Mail Machine’ which is an all-in-one email marketing system that will help you in targeting the right audience with effective methods.

Component 5 – DFY Confidential

This component contains the 123 Profit team’s private selection of done-for-you pages, emails, and other content that has been designed to boost your business’s success. With access to this section, you can thoroughly understand the entire working mechanism of 123 Profit.

Component 6 – 7-Figure Accelerator

The sixth component will provide you with step-by-step scaling secrets to take your business to the top level with proven traffic and marketing strategies. You are going to receive a full-proof plan from the 123 Profit team which will help you in boosting your conversions and earn extra commissions.

Component 7 – The 123 Live Event

Accessible for the exclusive members, component seven has a 2-day online live event with inner circle secrets and expert speakers. Held on the weekends, these online live events will equip you with all the necessary motivation and knowledge about how you can set up your own online business.

Component 8 – The Private Network

This component is there to help you grow your business in the best way with 24/7 exclusive support and an assistance network of the 123 Profit team.

Overview of 123 Profit
Name of the Program 123 Profit
Program Category Online CPA marketing course.
Description Of Program It is a program for providing people with guidance and advice about the 3-step system business model.
Availability Of Bonus Products There are 3 bonuses available with a retail value of $2000.
Features/Highlights Of 123 Profit
  • Easy to understand.
  • Detailed discussion about various effective methods for setting up an online business.
  • Effective results in a short duration of time.
  • High conversion rates.
  • Interactive live sessions.
  • Where Can You Access It? On the official platform for 123 Profit.
    Availability On Third-Party Platforms (Coursera, Udemy, etc.) It is only available on the 123 Profit official website.
    Makers/Creators Aidan Booth
    User Reviews The 123 Profit online course has gained positive reviews from all around the internet.
    Official Website Click Here

    About The Creator Of The 123 Profit Online CPA Marketing Course

    123 Profit has become the talk of the internet and all the credit for the same goes to its creator Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, and their team. As mentioned in the course, Aidan Booth owns multiple ventures that collectively make 8-figures each year. With his team of 100 employees based in the United States and around the world, he has cracked down the code of making a living online.

    As mentioned in the online guide Aidan had a very modest beginning. With a debt of $90,000, he tried to start his first online business in 2005. His first online venture was about selling electronics on eBay. After this he tried to sell flowers online, promoting local dance classes, and gradually he went on, to begin with, other online businesses.

    His constant determination, participation, and hard work led him to something concrete. After experimenting and taking multiple online training programs for two years he began to see some fruitful results. He started by making $100/day and gradually moved to $500 each day, and more.

    It wasn’t long before he became both financially and geographically independent. Presently, Aidan travels all around the world while running his business and with a few hours of work every week. His business successfully generates thousands of dollars per day without any kind of direct interaction from him.

    With 123 Profit in the market, Aidan and Steve are now trying to teach everyone the tips and tricks of building a successful online business.

    What Is The Working Mechanism Of 123 Profit’s 3-Step System?

    The first step in implementing the formulas mentioned in the 123 Profit online guide’ is to understand the entire working mechanism of the same. To do that, first, you need to understand the overview of Aidan’s business model. As explained in the course it goes something like this:

    • A potential customer visits your website.
    • Your webpage contains an “offer” (created by another company) with a “call to action.”
    • That “call to action” can be anything between submitting an email, ZIP code, or some basic information.
    • If the process is completed by the visitor then they are successfully converted into leads and you receive a commission.
    • There you go! That’s the basic trick for starting your digital marketing online business.

    As explained by Aidan in both guide and session, the payment from every company may vary. While some may pay you up to $185/lead, others may settle to pay a smaller amount per lead. Either way, you can easily generate numerous leads and earn a good amount for your business.

    By following this procedure, you save a lot of time and resources. You are neither selling nor buying anything. Hence, no need to maintain inventory, customer support, or products.

    How Does The 123 Profit 3-Step System Work?

    In his course 123 Profit, Aidan talks about his 3-step system for starting a successful online business. It is an easy and thorough guide and one can easily earn a lot by following them.

    That being said now let’s take a brief look at all those three steps:

    Identifying Your Winning Offer.

    The first step in setting up your website should be to spot and identify a high-converting offer that you will promote on your website. To do the same, you need to sign up for an offer network. These offer networks are a pandora of all the exciting opportunities from every niche and payouts present all over the internet.

    With the Live Profit Lab Session, you can easily find some of the great networks recommended by Aidan himself.

    As the internet is a vast plec, the niches of these winning offers can vary from credit repair to anti-aging cream. If you attend the Live Profit Lab Session, you can see Aidan identifying winning offers in real-time.

    Put Up Your Easy To Navigate Webpage

    Once you are done choosing a winning offer for yourself, the next thing is setting up a simple and uncomplicated webpage. You can do it on your own, as there is no need for design experience or coding knowledge to design a simple one.

    In the book, Aidan recommends designing a webpage that is plain, easy to navigate, free of distraction, and features an obvious call to action. The next thing you will need is the maximum rush of visitors to complete the call to action.

    Attract Visitors And Gain Profit

    The last and final step is to drive traffic to your webpage and convert them into the medium of your profit. It is also advised first to weigh your budget and offer before choosing to work with free traffic or paid traffic.

    Aidan in 123 Profit has pointed out all his super-effective traffic generation tricks that work in a matter of a few hours. In the beginning, you just need to spend between $5 to $15 per day on that traffic.

    Top Pointers To Learn From 123 Profit Program

    With the launch of the online course the goal of Aidan was to teach people about a unique business system that will easily generate $183,103 per month using a very simple webpage. After going through the entire online guide, you will be able to understand the entire business model better and also the implementation of the same for your business.

    Here are some of the beneficial pointers you can learn from the online CPA marketing course:

    • Tips and tricks from Aidan Booth and his 123 Profit team on how they successfully generated a 3-step system that is capable of making a profit of $10,914 per day and more than $183,000 per month.
    • A detailed guide on how you can implement this 3-step system in your business using plain web pages.
    • A complete brief on how Aidan constructed a consistent 7-figure online income stream without selling anything.
    • Secrets to earning $1000 per click with a conversion rate of 67%.
    • A brief view of the inner workings of a hyper-successful $50,000 campaign, including behind-the-scenes.
    • An inside look at how this 3-step system is better than the other online business models.
    • 3 classified sources of internet traffic are used by Aidan and his team to attract traffic to their webpage.
    • You can easily get a detailed idea about everything related to launching an online business in ‘The Big Secret.’ In addition to that, you can learn more in-depth with the Live Profit Lab Sessions, which you can attend either before or after reading this book.

    Why Really Does 123 Profit Favor CPA Marketing Over Others?

    The Commission Per Action (CPA) model of affiliate marketing is quickly gaining traction amongst advertisers as a way to maximize profits.

    Unlike other models of affiliate marketing, CPA is extremely targeted and requires minimal effort to generate much higher returns. Here’s a look at why choosing CPA over other models of affiliate marketing was the right decision for 123 Profit and why it could be the same for you:

    More Accurate Tracking Capabilities

    Using CPA marketing allows you access to more accurate tracking capabilities which helps ensure that your efforts are accurately measured and credited when generating conversions and sales from your campaigns.

    This is important because accurate tracking can help identify opportunities for improvement in key areas of your campaign strategy – allowing you to optimize performance and maximize return on investment (ROI).

    Flexible Payment Options

    Lastly, many CPA networks offer flexible payment options such as PayPal or wire transfers which help speed up the payment process and make it easy for affiliates to receive payments quickly and securely.

    This appeals greatly to many affiliates who need their payments fast in order to commit additional funds toward the development of new campaigns.

    Higher Revenue Potential

    One of the most attractive aspects of CPA is its potential for generating high revenue with minimal effort. In traditional forms of affiliate marketing, such as pay-per-click or pay-per-impression, advertisers must constantly maintain campaigns and ensure they are profitable.

    With CPA, you only need to focus on one task – driving conversions – which increases your chances of maximizing returns.

    Cost Per Acquisition is More Profitable Than CPC Models

    When compared to other forms of affiliate marketing, like cost-per-click (CPC) models, CPA marketing tends to be more profitable per acquisition.

    This is because the advertiser pays an affiliate commission each time their encouraged visitor takes a desired action (known as ‘Converting’). This action might include signing up for a newsletter, completing a survey, downloading an app, or even making a purchase.

    More Control Over Your Campaign

    Because CPA campaigns are extremely focused, you can exercise more control over them than any other form of affiliate marketing. You can determine the type and quality of traffic that goes through your campaign and refine it until it becomes profitable for you.

    This allows you to save yourself time and maximize your earnings from every campaign, something that’s impossible with traditional forms of affiliate marketing.

    Greater Visibility Into Your Campaign

    Unlike pay-per-click or impression-based campaigns, where all traffic sources are lumped together into one big total, you get a better picture of how well each source performs when using CPA campaigns due to their granular nature.

    This additional insight helps you make better decisions regarding targeting audiences and injecting capital into successful channels while cutting those that aren’t performing well or are unprofitable.

    Multiple Forms Of Revenue Sources When Combined With Other Models Of Affiliate Marketing

    Another great thing about CPA Affiliate Marketing is that by combining it with another model of affiliate marketing, like cost-per-click or banner ads, you can create multiple sources of revenue from just one channel. This way, there’s less need for direct investment which makes it much easier to manage your resources and still maintain healthy profits.

    Why Choose To Be An Affiliate Marketer and Start With 123 Profit?

    Being an affiliate marketer is a great way to start earning passive income without ever needing to create a product. With the right tools and resources, you can make money from almost any corner of the world. 123 Profit is one such service that makes it easy for anyone to become an affiliate marketer and start generating revenue with just a few clicks of the mouse.

    You Enjoy Flexibility

    Being an affiliate marketer gives you the freedom of location and timing that traditional jobs don’t offer. You can work anytime and from anywhere as long as you have access to a computer and an Internet connection. This means that if your life allows it, you could take long trips or even become a digital nomad if that’s what appeals to you most.

    Affiliate Marketing Requires Minimal Investment

    One of the great things about becoming an affiliate marketer is that it requires very little start-up capital investment in comparison to other business models both online and offline.

    You Work at Your Own Pace

    You have full control over the amount of effort dedicated towards your work as an affiliate marketer, so there will never be any outside pressures pushing you towards unrealistic goals. This allows you to find a balance between taking care of yourself while also increasing your revenue over time!

    No Need to Deal with Customers Directly

    A downside of some business models is having to deal with customer complaints, refunds, returns, etc., but fortunately, these are not issues when it comes to being an affiliate marketer since all these tasks belong to whichever company/product/service was promoted by the marketer.

    What Happens In The Next Step Of Live Profit Lab Session?

    Once you have completed the 123 Profit’s course, you might want to go for the Live Profit Lab Session.

    The Live Profit Lab Session is a very helpful follow-up to the program 123 Profit. You can either attend the session before or after completing the course.

    Now, the question is what will happen in these Live Profit Lab Sessions? Here’s the answer to the same.

    During the Live Profit Lab Session Aidan will discuss the 3-step system that was used by him and his team to generate $10,914 per day and $183,103 per month without selling anything.

    He will also discuss the reasons behind them having a conversion rate of 62% and earning $1000 per click, which is much higher than the average 3% conversion rate.

    Aidan will also tell his audience about the secret to unlocking a private ‘automation suite’ and get an easy way to success.

    For getting information about the next Live Profit Lab Session, you can visit the official website of 123 Profit and register yourself.

    What Do 123 Profit Reviews Say About The Model?

    There are thousands of 123 Profit reviews present on its official website. There are several people who have really appreciated and admired the entire process and mechanism of 123 Profit.

    Brett T. from Australia wrote, ‘Steve and Aidan deliver in bucket-loads and genuinely care about the outcome for their students. At 62, this is my retirement plan, a consistent cash flow that will never run out, at least not while people shop online!’.

    Mike C. from the USA wrote, ‘With Steve and Aidan’s training, we created a new business and grew from no revenue to over $1M in sales. They know their stuff, are fun to work with, and most importantly, their strategies work!’

    These are only a few of the stories. More 123 Profit reviews can be found online, and they all share the same sentiments and detail how the company has aided other businesses in expanding their reach.

    What Is The Cost Of 123 Profit Program and Does It Comes With A Refund Policy?

    There are two ways through which you can purchase 123 Profit guide and start making money.

    Option 1:

    With an instant discount of $491, you can make a one-time payment of $3497.It is the option taken by a majority of people out there.

    Option 2:

    In this option, you make the payment in installments. You make four payments of $997, one payment on the day of purchase, the second payment within 30 days, the third payment in 60 days, and the final payment in 90 days from the date of the purchase.

    Moreover, the company offers you 30 days 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the online course, you can easily ask for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

    Final Verdict on 123 Profit

    The 123 Profit system has become an instant favorite of everyone out there. With its intensive and detailed guidelines and sessions, the online course has made everything very possible for all those aspiring online businessmen.

    According to many 123 Profit reviews present all over the internet we clearly get to see the improvements and success of different people with businesses in varying niches.

    Join 123 Profit Right Now Before It Closes FOREVER!!


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    This 44-Year-Old is Earning +$140k/Month Selling Agency and Marketplace SEO Services



    This 44-Year-Old is Earning +$140k/Month Selling Agency and Marketplace SEO Services

    For Chris Walker, one thing was very clear from the beginning: he wanted to have complete autonomy over his life. That meant what he was going to do, the decisions he was going to be making, how he would be making money, and how he was going to live.

    Although he started out with a regular day job, a chance encounter with an affiliate marketing blog changed his life entirely. Eventually, when he felt he had outgrown his 9 to 5, he took the plunge and focused all of his energy on his own businesses. 

    Today he runs the agency Superstar SEO, the online marketplace Legiit, and has several other income streams, bringing in +$140k/month. While Chris has found the financial and professional freedom he was looking for, he’s most proud of the positive ways that his businesses have impacted other people.

    Keep reading to find out:

    • How he discovered SEO and affiliate marketing
    • What his breakthrough moment was
    • How he’s developed his presence on multiple platforms
    • Why and how he created Legiit
    • How much he’s earning
    • His main marketing strategy
    • His (ironic) views on SEO
    • How he builds links
    • The content creation strategy that gets him results
    • His favorite resources and tools
    • The biggest challenge he’s faced
    • His most notable accomplishment
    • His greatest mistake
    • The advice he would give to other entrepreneurs

    Meet Chris Walker

    I grew up in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was raised by a single mother who worked hard and set a great example for me, and supported me in everything I did. Even though we didn’t have a lot I never felt like I went without anything.

    I started working various jobs starting at the age of 12. I eventually went to college for computer technology with the goal to be a computer programmer.

    That never developed the way I wanted it to, though I did eventually work in the field.

    Why He Created Superstar SEO

    After college, I did ok but never had the kind of money that I wanted to make, and not enough to pay off the debt that my degrees got me.

    One day I decided to check out a blog that I used to read to see what happened to it and found it had been replaced by a 1-page website from the owner talking about how he didn’t keep up with it anymore and that he was now making a full-time living doing affiliate marketing.

    This was around 2013. I’d never heard of it before, but I was intrigued. I started reading Warrior Forum, Blackhat World, and whatever else I could find.

    That eventually led me to a course called Bring The Fresh, which taught me how to make affiliate sites, and I launched my first site, not even knowing that what I was doing was called “SEO” but having success at it nonetheless and started making money from it. The site is still around but no longer ranks for anything and has been neglected for years.

    I was hooked at this point… until Penguin 3.0 made me lose the rankings for that site.

    After that, I got on to another course called Source Phoenix. This was very expensive for me at the time, which was important because it forced me to have to make it work.

    I launched more affiliate sites and did ok with them, but I also got into client SEO for the first time.

    As time went on, the SEO business grew between client and affiliate, but the big breakthrough came in 2015 when I made my first freelance SEO service sale.

    This was on a marketplace site and was a $10 service that I resold from Fiverr. This was pretty much the moment everything changed for me.

    That business quickly blew up for me, making me hundreds, then thousands, then 10s of thousands of dollars a month.

    Between this and my clients and affiliate sites, I was able to quit my job and focus on Superstar SEO full time.

    Unfortunately, the marketplace site I was working on started having many problems, crashing, getting hacked, etc…

    Fortunately, I had the foresight to build a customer list. Both a Facebook group (which now has around 80k members), an email list, and a YouTube channel.

    I used that list to start making sales through my own website. Then I had freelancers from the site I had been making sales from asking if they too, could list their services on my site.

    That’s when I partnered with a customer who owned a development agency to launch Legiit, which has been my focus for the last 5 years and has led me to be able to grow SEO training, software, and consulting.

    Legiit is the #1 SEO marketplace now, and it all started with Superstar SEO. 

    How Legiit Works

    The easiest answer is that it started as a 2-way marketplace for customers to find B2B services they need that are provided by freelancers. Now it has expanded into a complete ecosystem/platform for online business, providing a suite of interactive tools that use AI and other technology to make running an online business push button simple.

    It also has built-in course hosting and separate SaaS tools for lead generation like Legiit Leads and others under development.

    How Much Chris is Making

    For complete transparency, Superstar SEO is no longer my main business and Legiit is the focus… but it still does very well, largely on autopilot.

    I have several income streams from it that include:

    • Freelance services on Legiit. I’ve sold over 2 million dollars lifetime there, with $730,000 coming in 2022 alone.

    This is what I make as a freelancer on Legiit, not as the platform owner.

    • Client SEO – This makes me around $20,000 per month, sometimes more, sometimes less
    • Affiliate SEO/deals – This makes around $5,000 per month… sometimes more if I promote something
    • and SEO software I own, which makes around $3,500 per month
    • Superstar SEO Academy, which makes around $5,000 though it had been as high as 30k per month at points
    • Misc. things make around $1,000 – $2,000

    Chris’s Top Marketing Strategy

    I call it the celebrity method. Make as much content as possible, and run paid ads to it to make yourself into an authority or “celebrity” that people come to for whatever you sell, SEO in my case.

    Most people just email, DM, etc… or wait for people to find their website. I find that by making myself into an authority I’ve managed to stand out.

    His Views on SEO

    Honestly, the only SEO I focus on for Superstar SEO/”Chris M. Walker” is branded search and some blogging. It’s honestly pretty low down the priority list for Superstar SEO and only brings in top-of-funnel traffic usually… 

    Ironically, I just don’t find SEO a great way to promote an SEO business. It is very important for Legiit though… but that’s a bit beyond the scope of this piece.

    Link Building

    Link building is the #1 ranking factor. There are two types of people on this… people that agree and people that are wrong. 

    Lately, I have been using many extremely high-authority PR links… placements in Maxim, Men’s Journal, Hackernoon, and so on. That, combined with HARO, guest posts, niche edits, and PBNs can really move the needle. For clients, I like to build a link foundation with social profiles and web 2.0 before going to those.

    As for what hasn’t worked… it’s hard to say. There are things that used to work really well like blog comments, that are less effective now, so it’s hard to classify something as “hasn’t worked” when I’ve seen various times when things worked and then later didn’t.

    His Email List

    I ask all my customers on Legiit for their email when I deliver their order. I make offers to my Facebook group, I have a pop-up on my site, and I run ads to lead magnets… that still works very well. The email list is like a push-button money machine when used right.

    Chris’s Content Creation Process

    These days I focus on ranking YouTube videos. I can rank pretty much any term I want in YouTube search, so I just make good videos, and they drive me a ton of traffic.

    Here’s an example. This video is ranking #1 in YouTube search for SEO 101:

    When it comes to keyword research, I pick the hardest keyword that a site would benefit from and rank that. It usually pulls the others along with it when done right.

    Achieving Current Revenue Levels

    With Superstar SEO, my current level of revenue is not my peak level of revenue, so this is tough to answer, but I think I got to 100k months in 2-3 years. 

    His Top Resources

    I don’t watch much SEO content anymore, but I like Niche Pursuits a lot, and Buildapreneur is great for affiliates also.

    Overall though, I find it better to watch what someone does. rather than the content itself. I find that to be where you get the best information.

    His Favorite Tools

    The most underrated tool in the world is Freedcamp. My Director of Operations and I have been using it since 2016 and it just does not get the love it deserves. It manages our tasks, lets us know who is working on what, where they are in the process, communicates about issues or questions, etc.

    Beyond that, the staples:

    We’ve also gotten very good at Pitchbox.

    His Main Challenge

    Legiit has been far more challenging than Superstar SEO, but overall the biggest challenge in business, I think, is the uncertainty. I always say that I am one bad day away from losing everything and having to go back to a job. That’s a fear, but it’s a real one, and it keeps me motivated.

    His Greatest Accomplishment

    The number of people who have achieved financial independence through Legiit, whether as a freelancer or as a customer helping their clients or themselves. I literally get choked up when I think about it. It’s the best thing I’ve done in my life.

    What He Wishes He Knew When He Started

    I wish I had known about the importance of personal branding/content. If I had started that day 1, rather than day 500 or so, I’d be years further along.

    His Biggest Mistake

    My main mistake has been trusting the wrong people.

    His Advice for Other Entrepreneurs

    Keep your personal expenses as low as possible so that you can invest in your business, take more chances, and not be in trouble in lean periods.

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    7 Best Mailgun Alternatives to Boost Your Email Marketing Success in 2023



    7 Best Mailgun Alternatives to Boost Your Email Marketing Success in 2023

    Are you an entrepreneur looking for a reliable email delivery solution? Tired of dealing with the hassles and limitations of Mailgun? We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the seven best Mailgun alternatives to revolutionize your email marketing efforts.

    From robust analytics to automation capabilities, these solutions offer powerful features that can take your business communication to the next level. So read on and find the perfect fit for you!

    7 Great Mailgun Alternatives for Your Business

    1. Sendinblue

    Sendinblue is our top pick among Mailgun alternatives and is a perfect marketing solution for any SMB or enterprise-level business. You can send transactional emails and SMS to the desired recipient and track their effectiveness. The Detailed Analytics reports will help you fix any potential problems in email delivery or click performance.

    You can use this all-in-one tool to create:

    • Email marketing campaigns – design emails with the drag-and-drop editor or ready-made templates to send user-friendly emails
    • Marketing automation – send responsive emails that are triggered once a condition in the workflow is fulfilled
    • SMS marketing – communicate with customers on a more personal level
    • Push notifications – send reminders for abandoned carts


    Sendinblue provides users with four plans to kickstart their business. The platform charges based on emails sent rather than on the size of your contact list.

    Additionally, with the free plan, you can send 300 emails/day, along with the added features of SMS and Whatsapp campaigns.

    The business plan is the most popular amongst entrepreneurs. You can send 20,000 emails/day for $40 a month. You will also gain access to a number of bonus features, making it a perfect choice for marketing managers and professionals.


    • User-friendly interface
    • Forever-free plan
    • Access services in more than 6 languages


    • Lower free email sending limit compared to some of the other alternatives

    2. Amazon SES

    Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) is one of the cloud-based Mailgun alternatives used to send bulk marketing and transactional emails to customers. Small to large-scale businesses can use the platform to send emails through different methods. These include Amazon SES API, SMTP relay, and Amazon SES Console.

    Amazon SES also provides support for owned, shared, or dedicated IP addresses to provide security and fast deliverability.

    You can use the platform to send automated emails based on triggers and gain insights into their performance. Amazon SES is also known for its:

    • Mailbox Stimulator – test how different scenarios will affect your application
    • Email receiving – complete control over which emails to accept based on IP address and domain of the sender
    • Reputation Dashboard – track issues of email performance such as bounce rate and feedback loops


    Amazon SES offers a pay-as-you-go scheme for sending emails. However, users hosting their applications on Amazon EC2 can send 62,000 emails a month for free.

    You can also use the platform to receive up to 1000 emails for free and use pay-as-you-go to receive any additional emails.


    • Increased sender security through multi-factor authentication
    • Affordable rates for sending and receiving emails
    • Generous forever free plan


    • You’ll have to buy separate plans for inbound emails and outbound emails

    3. MailerSend

    MailerSend is another alternative to Mailgun that provides a transactional email service along with a transactional SMS service.

    You can use the platform to send and receive emails with SMTP relay and get hold of the following features:

    • Multiple domains – manage multiple products and domains with just one MailerSend account
    • Email verification – advanced verification process to ensure messages are received in the intended inbox and avoid landing in spam
    • Dynamic email templates – send bulk emails that are tailored to suit different customers
    • IP allowlist – make your account more secure by adding IP addresses to a whitelist


    MailerSend offers a forever free plan with 12000 emails/month. It is best suited for startups or SMBs to benefit from bulk emailing, a drag-and-drop builder, and analytics tools.

    The paid plan includes a Premium plan and an Enterprise plan. The Enterprise plan is specifically designed for large enterprises and offers unlimited domains and templates along with 30-day data retention.


    • Bulk email sending
    • Effortlessly integrate sending transactional emails with your technology
    • Efficient sender reputation management using SPF, DKIM, and DMARC security protocols
    • Provides resources to get you started


    • No SMS marketing service available in the free plan

    4. Postmark

    Postmark is an email delivery service platform that differentiates itself from other Mailgun alternatives with its email deliverability.

    It uses a separate but similar infrastructure to send promotional and transactional emails. The latter is delivered through a secure and faster network.

    Other features of Postmark include:

    • Analytics tools – 45 days of data retention that ensures you don’t miss any detail
    • Email templates – choose layouts for common transactional emails
    • Webhooks – get notifications on important events such as bounces, clicks, or any spam complaints

    Postmark offers a forever-free plan that includes 100 emails per month. However, more is needed for growing organizations.

    The paid plans start with 10,000 emails at $15/month. Any additional emails sent in the month are charged with pay-as-you-go. You can also add dedicated IPs at $50 a month to any package.


    • Complete email marketing software to send transactional and broadcasted messages
    • Free expert advice
    • Fast and reliable email delivery
    • Email and application security



    • No SMS support
    • Marketing automation and segmentation features are not available
    • Pricey for the number of emails allowed

    5. SendGrid

    SendGrid is a marketing and transactional email service provider that uses web API and SMTP relay to send emails. It is trusted by startups, enterprises, developers, and high-volume senders to increase customer engagement and experience.

    Other than sending transactional emails, you’ll also get access to:

    • Email marketing campaigns – send crafted automated messages to build meaningful relationships with customers
    • Email testing – spam test and create flawless emails that look perfect in every inbox
    • Deliverability insights – scalable email delivery measured using primary metrics and trends to improve the health of your email programs
    • Email templates


    SendGrid allows users to choose between Email API plans and Marketing Campaign Plans. Both categories offer forever free plans, with the email API plan starting at 100 emails/day.

    Additionally, The Marketing Campaign Plans offers a free plan where you can send up to 6000 emails/day along with segmentation, email automation, and design & code editors.

    However, you need to upgrade to the Advanced Plan to get access to a dedicated IP address. It will provide you with faster site speed and a secure sender reputation.


    • Forever free plan
    • Free resources to initiate the correct email program
    • The platform supports different programming languages


    • You can not receive Email API plans and Marketing Campaigns Plans under one package

    6. SocketLabs

    SocketLabs is an email delivery solution for IT pros, developers, and high-volume senders. It offers SMTP relay service and transactional email APIs. It’s one of the best Mailgun alternatives on the market because it offers many of the same features.

    Users can trust the platform to deliver bulk emails that are fully verified and passed through strict anti-spam processes. With a tedious job cut out, the marketing teams can focus on using SocketLabs to create tailored solutions for priority accounts.

    If you like SocketLabs for its ability to forward a high volume of emails, check out these best email forwarding services for even more options. 


    SocketLabs offers a 30-day free trial for the Core plan. Then you can send 40,000 emails/month for $39.95.

    The more expensive plans include the Pro Plan and the Concierge Plan. You can send 100,000 emails per month starting from $79.95.

    You’ll also get access to “Insight History” and “Performance History” reports with all plans.


    • Useful resources and code libraries to easily set up sending emails
    • Integrate with any application
    • Useful analytics tool to improve email performance


    • No SMS marketing service
    • No forever free plan
    • Ongoing training and email performance review are not available for low-tier plans

    7. SparkPost

    SparkPost is a reliable platform for brands to send and deliver emails. You can use advice from high-level industry experts to create email programs that engage and retain customers.

    SparkPost is not just like any other Mailgun alternative. It goes beyond the basic deliverability of emails to provide an all-in-one marketing tool that increases customer engagement through:

    • SparkPost signals – track email health and recipient behavior to improve email performance and reduce the risk of hitting spam traps
    • Taxi for email – use segmentation and personalization to create powerful email campaigns
    • Recipient validation – verify email addresses before you send them
    • Inbox tracker – receive a higher return on email ROI by reaching more subscribers


    SparkPost has a free test account that limits the sending volume of emails but gives unrestricted access to API or SMTP relay.

    Also, as a new sender, you can choose the Starter plan that offers 50,000 emails at $30 a month. This includes alerts to increase engagement and email health.

    With a Premier plan, you can send 100,000 emails at $75/month and also get access to advanced templates and snippets, AB testing, prioritized support, and a dedicated IP address.


    • Easily track how consumers are responding to competitors’ email campaigns
    • Affordable plans for sending transactional emails
    • Integrates with different apps and websites to fit user’s needs


    • Limited volume for sending emails with free test accounts

    Bottom Line: What’s The Best Mailgun Alternative For Your Business?

    All in all, there are a host of excellent Mailgun substitutes that can completely transform your email delivery process. 

    Selecting the right alternative depends on your organization’s specific needs and requirements. So be sure to do some research before making a final decision. But in general, we believe that Sendinblue is a very excellent choice for most cases.

    Hope this guide helps make it easier for you to find the best Mailgun alternatives for your entrepreneurial needs! 

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    4 Gen Z side hustle and passive income ideas



    4 Gen Z side hustle and passive income ideas

    Everyone is getting in on the side hustle craze. More than a third of Gen Xers, 36%, currently have a side gig, according to a May 2022 Zapier survey of 2,032 U.S. adults. And nearly two thirds of both Gen Zers and millennials have one, 59% and 61%, respectively. Gen Zers, specifically, make an average of $9,537 per year on their side hustles.

    If you’re a member of that younger generation and are looking to cash in on the trend, there are plenty of hustles for you to consider. “Think about what stage in life you’re in,” says side hustle expert Kevin Ha. “You’ve got more time, probably, you’ve got the ability to live unconventionally because you’re probably by yourself.”

    Here are four side hustles for Gen Z to consider.

    Affiliate marketing

    If social media is already second nature, you may have wondered or looked into how to monetize it.

    “According to Instagram’s Trend Report, two thirds of Gen Z plan to use social media to make money this year,” says Jen Glantz, founder of Bridesmaid for Hire and the creator of the Monday Pick-Me-Up and Odd Jobs newsletter. “And the best part about that is you don’t need to be an influencer or have a million followers.”

    One way to do this is through affiliate marketing. “What that means is that you promote products with a special link and if people click that link and buy, you make money,” says Glantz. You can apply to Amazon’s affiliate marketing program for example, or log onto your favorite brands’ site to see if they offer affiliate options.

    Influencer Shannon Smith makes $8,600 per month in passive income from affiliate marketing on her social media posts. She suggests taking note of how other people are creating popular content and focusing on a niche subject matter and product.

    Virtual assisting

    Secret shopping

    If you’re a fan of buying things or eating out, you might consider secret shopping.

    Sites like Secret Shopper or BestMark pay or reimburse shoppers for checking the customer experience of retailers, restaurants and other business, usually between $10 to $25 per shop, according to Reviewers have been sent to a salon to see if they honored a free first visit coupon and to a video game store to see if they’d sell a game for mature audiences to an underage kid.

    When it comes to restaurant assignments, “for Gen Z, it’s a good option because it’s free food,” says Ha, adding that at a young age, “you probably have more flexibility to go out to eat.” Ha himself says he made $1,700 in 2022 using secret shopping website Market Force.

    Food delivery

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