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7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2023



7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2023

SEO is the great equalizer that gives entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and side hustlers the ability to get eyes on their platform. But it can be challenging to find affordable SEO services for small businesses to keep costs down during the growth phase.

Especially when you’re first getting started!

In this day and age, with technology booming and driving down the costs of previously expensive services, there are options for all angles of the SEO process.

So are you ready to open up some new doors and start increasing your search engine visibility?

Here are seven affordable SEO services for small businesses to consider as they spruce up their online presence.

The Top 7 Affordable SEO Services For Your Small Business

These seven affordable SEO services for small businesses are perfect for one-off tasks or low-cost, long-term work. Some work better for certain areas of SEO development than others, so be sure to explore all the options before committing.

1. On-Demand SEO Service Providers

When small businesses start outsourcing search engine optimization tasks, they’re usually not in a place to commit to an ongoing contract. They need to test affordable SEO services for small businesses to find what’s right for them.

On-demand service providers like Fiverr or Upwork offer opportunities for small businesses to get the SEO help they need with no long-term commitment.

You can choose the price, length of the project, and can even set up a quick consultation to gauge the skill of each potential service provider before you commit.

When searching for SEO agencies and solopreneurs on these platforms, you can find and hire freelance workers for the following (just to name a few):

  • Keyword Research: Hire an SEO expert from Fiverr to conduct thorough keyword research. This will help you identify the most relevant keywords for your business, which can improve your visibility on search engines.
  • SEO Audit: If you’re not sure where to start with SEO, consider hiring a freelancer to conduct an SEO audit. They will analyze your website and provide actionable recommendations to improve your SEO strategy.
  • Technical SEO Services: Some aspects of SEO require technical knowledge, such as site speed optimization, XML sitemap creation, and more. There are freelancers on Fiverr who specialize in these areas and can help improve your website’s technical SEO.
  • Internal and External Linking: A well-structured internal link architecture can help search engines understand the context and relationship between different pages on your website. External links, on the other hand, add value to your content and can improve its credibility.
  • Metric Tracking: It’s essential to track the performance of your SEO efforts. Many freelancers on Fiverr offer services to set up and monitor important SEO metrics like organic traffic, keyword rankings, bounce rate, and more. This can provide valuable insights and help you make data-driven decisions.

How To Use On-Demand SEO Services

So how does Fiverr work? It’s actually quite simple. You post the job you need, and then freelancers from all over the world will bid on it. You can also search for specific services and narrow down your search to find the best freelancer for the job.

Once you hire someone, they will work on the project and deliver it according to the agreed-upon timeline.

This works the same on other on-demand service providers, such as Upwork, where you can find top-notch freelancers and agencies to help with your SEO needs.

2. WordPress Optimization Services & PlugIns

1689504964 578 7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2023

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) used by businesses worldwide. However, to fully leverage its potential for SEO, WordPress websites need to be properly optimized.

WordPress optimization services and plugins focus on various aspects to improve your website’s performance, user experience, and visibility in search engine results.

Here are a few types of plugins that can provide value to a small business website:

  • Speed Optimization: Enhance your website’s load time, providing a better user experience and improving your ranking in search engine results.
  • Plugin Management: Identify and manage the best plugins for SEO to ensure your website is optimized effectively.
  • Theme Optimization: Optimize your WordPress theme to ensure it is SEO-friendly and doesn’t hinder your website’s performance.
  • Image Optimization: Compress and optimize images to improve load times without compromising on their quality.

We recommend WP Authors as one of the best affordable SEO services for WordPress optimization services.

Their team of experts provides comprehensive services that cover all aspects of WordPress optimization, ensuring your website performs at its best and ranks higher in search engine results.

3. Website Management Services

1689504964 18 7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2023

Plug-ins are an easy way to boost your site’s SEO at an affordable site. But what about the small business that needs a full-service SEO package? Going with a complete website management service may be the way, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think.

From building to optimizing small business sites, website management services provide a shortcut to building a strong online presence. They’re ideal for those new to owning a website, short on time, aiming to enhance SEO, kickstarting an online business, or preferring a hands-off approach to web growth.

Here are a few ways that a management company can help improve your SEO results:

  • Content Audit: Evaluates the strength and weaknesses of your content to formulate a strategy.
  • Technical Audit: Checks site readiness for search engine crawling and ranking.
  • Content Creation: A dedicated team can deliver regular, search-optimized content to maintain competitiveness.
  • On-Page Optimization: Articles are optimized using appropriate keywords and tags to boost organic traffic.
  • Website Health Improvement: Continuous monitoring of analytics, SEO, security, and content allows for focused business growth.

For managed website services, we highly recommend Brand They can help create a well-thought-out site that not only resonates with your audience but also adheres to SEO best practices.

And if you’re just starting your small business website, you can purchase a pre-made or custom site to get started quickly.

Plus, they can help create a strong brand that resonates with your audience and adheres to SEO best practices.

4. Affordable Content Writing Agencies

1689504964 780 7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2023

Written content is one of the most important elements when it comes to optimizing SEO for small businesses. This online marketing strategy extends to on-page content, blogs, press releases, and much more.

Content writing services can help you create compelling copy that will engage your target audience and improve SEO. You can find an affordable SEO agency to do this. But make sure not to mistake this for many of the cheap SEO service options out there.

When you underinvest in content, you’ll run into problems such as poorly written content, keyword stuffing, and duplicate content. To avoid this, here are some tips to find an affordable content writing agency:

  • Look for agencies with a proven track record of successful SEO projects.
  • Check their portfolio and work samples to make sure they can deliver the quality you need.
  • Read reviews from past customers to ensure that your chosen agency is reliable.
  • Compare the different packages and services they offer to make sure you get the best value for your money.
  • Always go with a trial writing piece before committing to a larger package.

There are 100s of worthy SEO companies that can provide you with stellar and affordable content.

But to save you a bit of time, we can safely say that The HOTH is a vetted and trusted content writing agency that can provide you with quality content and great customer service.

Many users have reported that their purchased content has helped them to rank on search engine results pages, leading to more traffic and profits.

If you want to dive a bit deeper into this affordable SEO company, check out The Hoth review, which covers the nuts and bolts of this service.

1689504965 153 7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2023

When small businesses build links that reference their website, it gives them authority in the eyes of Google. Link building is like an online vote of confidence for your website.

Link-building services are a great way to improve SEO rankings and get high-quality backlinks, but it should be done carefully. Low-quality backlinks can actually lead to Google penalties, which can hurt your small business.

Luckily, there are plenty of different types of backlinks as well as ethical ways to build them. The process may be quite lengthy to do on your own. But you can save some time by outsourcing the process to SEO professionals.

Here are a few ways that affordable SEO services can help to support your link building strategies:

  • Competitor Backlink Analysis: Analyze your competitors’ backlinks to identify opportunities for you to gain quality backlinks.
  • Link Reclamation: Uncover and reclaim broken links from sites that link to yours, replacing them with active ones in order to maximize SEO benefits.
  • Guest Posting Services: Write content for other blogs that accept guest posts in exchange for a backlink, improving your visibility and authority.
  • Social Media Backlinks: Get backlinks from social media profiles, which can add great value to your link-building campaign.

Our team highly recommends Loganix for link-building services. They provide comprehensive SEO solutions that include low-cost SEO services that help you get quality backlinks without the risk of Google penalties.

6. Local SEO Services

1689504965 93 7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2023

A local SEO strategy can help people in your neck of the woods easily find you, which usually leads to more conversions and sales.

You likely need local SEO search support if your business:

  • Offers custom or regional services
  • Is running out of a physical location
  • Relies heavily on customers within a certain geographic location for its success
  • Targets customers from a particular city, state, or region

In order to dominate local search results, you can pair with an affordable SEO service that focuses on this specific marketing strategy.

We recommend BrightLocal, an SEO agency that provides local search optimization.

And, of course, looking for SEO agencies in your town can also be a good idea. These agencies know about the local market and how to optimize your website to get more visibility in the area.

7. Social Media Schedulers

1689504965 568 7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses in 2023

A good social media presence can help to boost your SEO efforts and engage with potential customers. Social media posts bring attention to your brand, allow you to engage with your customers, and can pull a lot of traffic back to your site.

This, in turn, helps to build trust and credibility, improving the overall SEO of your site.

Here are a few additional ways that Social media can help the small business owner optimize their platform:

  • Testing new content: Test new ideas and content on social media to see which resonates with your audience. This can help you decide what to focus on in the future.
  • Researching: Social media is a great way to get feedback from customers and learn about their needs and preferences, allowing you to adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Reach new audiences: Social platforms are great for engaging with a wider target audience while having conversations and creating relationships.
  • Build relationships with potential customers: Posting regularly on social media helps to build trust with potential customers. In this way, social media is a powerful funnel.

Some SaaS services, such as Social Pilot can help with your social content marketing while you’re on a budget. This powerful program allows you to automate the scheduling and posting of content on various social media platforms.

The value here is in consistency. It’s important to post regularly, and when you have an SEO company that is managing scheduling, it helps keep your brand top-of-mind with potential customers.

Final Thoughts: 7 Affordable SEO Services for Small Businesses

From local search support to technical SEO issues to keyword optimization, there are plenty of ways that your online business can take advantage of affordable SEO services.

In order to pick the lane that’s best for your small business, take a moment and ask yourself, “What do I need SEO help with?”

Focus on getting support in those areas and you’ll be well on your way to improving your organic search engine traffic, brand visibility, and ultimately, profits!

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How Nvidia Pivoted From Graphics Card Maker to AI Chip Giant



How Nvidia Pivoted From Graphics Card Maker to AI Chip Giant

A decade ago, Nvidia was a major graphics card maker, vying with competitors like AMD and Intel for dominance. Now it’s an AI giant with 70% to 95% of the market share for AI chips, and the brains of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It’s also the best-performing stock with the highest return in the past 25 years.

Why did Nvidia invest in AI chips over 10 years ago, ahead of the competition? CEO Jensen Huang and board member Mark Stevens, Nvidia’s two largest individual shareholders, talked to Sequoia Capital partner Roelof Botha to explain what Botha called “one of the most remarkable business pivots in history.”

Nvidia’s original product was 3D graphics cards for PC games, but company leaders noticed by the mid-2000s that the PC market was hitting a growth limit.

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“We felt we were always gonna be boxed into the PC gaming market and always knocking heads with Intel if we didn’t develop a brand new market that nobody else was in,” Stevens explained.

Jensen Huang, co-founder and chief executive officer of Nvidia. Photographer: Lionel Ng/Bloomberg via Getty Images

That need for a new market intersected with a product Nvidia already had on hand: its graphics processor unit, or GPU, which could be used to power tasks outside of gaming. Researchers at universities across the world began exploring the graphics cards, eventually building advanced computers with them.

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Huang recalled meeting a quantum chemist in Taiwan who showed him a closet with a “giant array” of Nvidia’s GPUs on its shelves; house fans were rotating to keep the system cool.

“He said, ‘I built my own personal supercomputer.’ And he said to me that because of our work… he’s able to do his work in his lifetime,” Huang said.

Other researchers, like Meta AI chief Yann LeCun in New York, began reaching out to Nvidia about the computing power of its chips. Nvidia began considering the AI market when AI had yet to enter the mainstream and was a “zero billion dollar market” or a market that had yet to materialize.

“There was no guarantee that AI would ever really emerge because, keep in mind, AI had had many stops and starts over the last 40 years,” Stevens said. “I mean, AI has been around as a computer science concept for decades. But it had never really taken off as a huge market opportunity.”

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Huang and other company leaders still believed in AI and decided to invest billions in the tech in the 2010s.

“This was a giant pivot for our company,” Huang said. “The company’s focus was steered away from its core business.”

Huang highlighted the extra cost, talent, and skills Nvidia had to account for with the pivot, as it affected the entire company. It took 10 to 15 years of effort, but that business decision led to Nvidia powering the AI revolution with an early ChatGPT partnership.

“Every CEO’s job is supposed to look around corners,” Huang said. “You want to be the person who believes the company can achieve more than the company believes it can.”

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Nvidia Makes Up Half of Mark Stevens’ $8.8 Billion Net Worth



Nvidia Makes Up Half of Mark Stevens' $8.8 Billion Net Worth

What if you invested in Nvidia 30 years ago, before it went public, and held on?

Venture capitalist Mark Stevens is currently one of Nvidia’s top individual shareholders, second only to CEO Jensen Huang. He invested in the AI chipmaker in 1993 as a new partner at Sequoia Capital. Stevens has been on Nvidia’s board for most of the company’s history, serving from 1993 to 2006, and then again from 2008 to the present. Nvidia went public in 1999.

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“There’s at least three times I can think of where we almost lost the company,” Stevens told Bloomberg. “Jensen has his famous saying of, ‘We’re 30 days away from going out of business,’ which is almost laughable today, but in the ’90s it was the reality.”

No one anticipated Nvidia going from a $8 million or $9 million Series A to a $3 trillion market cap today, Stevens said.

According to a Friday Bloomberg report, the over four million Nvidia shares Stevens owns are now worth about $4.7 billion and comprise over half of his $8.8 billion fortune. The rest of his net worth comes from his 6% ownership stake in the Golden State Warriors and other investments made throughout his venture capital career.

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Though the AI boom has propelled Nvidia stock to new heights, Stevens says that it wasn’t easy to hold on in the early days. The chip market was crowded with competitors, and it was expensive to keep the best Silicon Valley talent.

Mark Stevens looking through a 360-degree display. Photo by Al Seib/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Nvidia currently leads the AI chip market, with tech leaders like Microsoft and Google believed to be among its biggest customers. Those clients could one day be Nvidia’s competitors, joining other chipmakers like Intel and AMD.

Huang said in June that Nvidia’s strategy in response to rising competition was to make AI chips with the “lowest total cost of ownership.” Tens of thousands of Nvidia’s chips are the brains of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Huang has the largest individual stake in the company, with 3.8% or over 934 million shares. He cashed in on $169 million worth of shares in June. Other Nvidia executives and directors have sold shares worth more than $700 million since the start of the year.

Nvidia has seen over 3,000% stock growth in the past five years, which has made early investors wealthy. Some long-term employees are reportedly in “semi-retirement” based on stock grants alone.

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NLRB Drops Expanded Joint Employer Appeal



NLRB Drops Expanded Joint Employer Appeal

The proposed expanded joint employer rule, which an International Franchise Association (IFA)-led coalition challenged in federal court, was defeated Friday when The National Labor Relations Board dropped its appeal of an earlier ruling in favor of the coalition.

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“This announcement means that the latest attempt to implement joint employer is finally finished and represents a landmark victory for franchise small businesses in communities across America,” Matt Haller, IFA president and CEO, said in a statement. “The franchise business model is the best vehicle for American workers to generate upward mobility and create small business ownership from all walks of life. Make no mistake: while today’s news means the current threat is behind us, IFA will remain vigilant against any attempts to target the franchise model or our members.”

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Some form of the Joint Employer Rule has existed for years, but in 2023, the NLRB expanded it in a way that directly impacted the franchise industry. Under the proposed expanded version of the rule, two companies — say, McDonald’s and a McDonald’s franchisee — could more easily be considered “joint employers” of the same employees. That would make McDonald’s legally liable for any labor violation committed by one of its franchisees, even though McDonald’s itself did not hire and does not manage that employee.

Although this is the end of this attempt to expand the rule, attorney Jim Paretti of labor relations law firm Littler Mendelson recently told Entrepreneur what the NLRB’s options are moving forward. “The short answer is that the board can keep trying to write a rule,” Paretti said. “They can go back to the drawing board, try again and write something more narrow.”

Read More: Bloomberg Law

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