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7 Best Copywriter Websites To Help Guide You Towards Success in 2023



7 Best Copywriter Websites To Help Guide You Towards Success in 2023

The best copywriter websites attract the right target audience and compel those web visitors to take action. These websites are built for freelance writers and the services they offer.

As a copywriter, your website can be like your calling card. You get a blank foundation to build upon, sharing what you do, bragging about your work, and impressing prospective clients.

Putting all those pieces together and accomplishing the above can be a struggle.

To make the process easier on you, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best copywriter websites you can check out and draw inspiration from. Get real examples of successful copywriter websites, including our review of what makes them stand out and what works on their website.

Let’s get started.


Ultimate List of 7 Best Copywriter Websites

Here’s my curated list of copywriting websites that have helped me a ton!

1. Content Bistro

When you land on Content Bistro, you can clearly see they are a copywriter website. The copy on the home page tells you without even having to scroll.

What do they do?

  • Creating sales-ready conversion copy
  • Offering strategic consultations
  • Crafting momentum-charged programs

And they also tell you who they serve.

Who is their audience?
Course creators and service providers.

The copy and graphics are inviting and playful, with cartoon-like graphics and fonts used throughout the site. The layout is user-friendly and broken up into blocks with varying features and colors to keep the web visitor engaged, so they don’t get bored.

The site owners are also put front and center on the site, so you know who you’ll be working with.


The site tells you:

  • Content Bistro has been featured in Forbes, ConvertKit, and other places
  • They offer various plans for course creators and service providers
  • About the owners, their background, and commitment to your success

You’ll also find some amazing testimonials on the site, and this social proof sells!

In all, the site is put together very well. They definitely know their audience well and are doing some great things to attract prospective customers and gain new business.

2. SuzieBakos

freelance copywriter suzie bakos

On SuzieBakos, you’ll see that the layout and format of the website differ a lot from Content Bistro.

What do they do?

  • Suzie Bakos is a freelance writer, and this is a copywriter website
  • Suzie offers help for your content issues/fixes
  • She’s London-based and has a flexible schedule

Who is their audience?

On the homepage, you’ll learn about her clients, which are companies of all sizes, from startups to established global companies.

I like how she highlights some of the services she offers:

  • Email copy
  • Writing press releases
  • Social media copy

Suzie shares about herself, her educational background, and her work experience, so you can get to know the writer you’re working with.

To educate you about how the process works, she explains the three-step process: chat about your needs then, get a written proposal from her, followed by her kicking off the project with research, and then writing starts.


This website is short and sweet.

It has a few web pages that have essential information that web visitors will want to know. The homepage is broken into blocks with varying other elements and colors to keep the web visitor engaged. This is probably one of the most simple sites in our roundup but simple sells, and Suzie does a great job of this!

3. FashionCopywriterNYC

best copywriter websites - michelle christina larsen

At first glance, you’ll know immediately that is a copywriting portfolio site for a fashion copywriter.

This made our list as one of the best copywriter websites for several reasons:

  • User-friendly design
  • Simple layout
  • A clear picture of the target audience
  • Good understanding of services offered
  • Social proof

First, the simple and user-friendly design mimics the layout of SuzieBakos’ site a bit. It’s set up like a portfolio site where the homepage explains services and a short bio about the writer, then you can navigate the menu to see the portfolio, read reviews, and also contact the site with questions.

What do they do?

The site URL tells you exactly what kind of copy it creates: fashion-related copy.

As you scroll through the homepage, you’ll learn what kind of fashion copy the writer creates: email marketing copy, product descriptions, and social media captions, among other types of copy.


The section titled Rave Reviews is home to customer testimonials. This is social proof, and as I mentioned earlier, social proof sells.

Generally, it’s hard to be convinced to work with a stranger over the internet. Reviews/testimonials help resolve feelings of hesitation, sharing successes the writer has had with others.

What is their audience?

Clients who need fashion-related copy.

In a couple of scrolls, you have a solid understanding of what the website is about, who it’s for, what you get from the writer, and also customer reviews. The navigation is simple and user-friendly, taking you to various other parts of the website where you can learn more about her services.

4. The Email Copywriter

best copywriter websites - chris orzechowski

Like the previous copywriter website, this website tells you exactly what it’s about, in the URL,

What do they do?


They sell email copywriting services and products.

When you land on the website, you know who the writer is (Chris Orzechowski), you know what services he offers, and who his target audience is.

One of the marks of a great copywriter website lies in the content above the fold, on the website. This is all the information you see on the homepage without having to scroll. Chris does a great job of that with his website.

The site is set up like sales pages you see online.

It’s broken into blocks with varying colors, text, and fonts to keep the web visitor engaged. He shares social proof with his impressive numbers of how much revenue he’s made, the number of clients served, and the number of students helped.

Web visitors can learn about publications featured in, like The Motley Fool, Betterment, and others.


Who is their audience?

E-commerce businesses.

The homepage is pretty long, but each section serves a purpose, sharing:

  • How he can help your e-commerce business
  • Case studies
  • Links to podcast interviews he’s been featured on
  • Testimonials
  • A free download of his bestselling book

This looks like a professionally-developed website, and he’s clearly doing things right to have worked with thousands of people and generated millions.

5. Jennifer Locke Writes

writer website jenniferlockewrites

This copywriter website, offers book writing services. The site has a user-friendly setup with a clean appearance.

As you work your way down the homepage, you’ll read about:

  • Who Jennifer Locke is and how she can help you
  • Client testimonials
  • How you can contact her to start your book project

This is a copywriting portfolio website, and, done right, and it can attract the right audience and generate leads.

Although it may not look as professionally crafted as the previous site from TheEmailCopywriter, it ticks all the boxes for us, offering the most important elements of a strong copywriter website.

When a web visitor lands on the site, they know immediately what the site is about.


Locke doesn’t need to try to sell the potential clients on the benefits of A, B, or C. Instead, she has one core service offered, and she can speak to that more in-depth.

6. Conversion Copy Co

homepage conversioncopyco

One of the prettiest copywriter websites we have reviewed is from the writer behind ConversionCopyCo. On appearance alone, it’s visually stunning.

It’s set up like an e-commerce website, a bit.

Above the fold, you know what the site offers: website copy conversion copywriting for B2C brands.

What do they do?

Offer conversion copywriting services.

As you browse the site, ConversionCopyCo highlights some key features:

  • Who the company is and why they’re different from the competition
  • Former clients they’ve worked with (some big names you may have heard of)
  • What you get working with the site
  • Testimonials
  • Services offered

Who is their audience?

B2C brands

The website flows very well, and while it has a ton of information throughout, it doesn’t feel busy or overwhelming. Copywriting certifications are displayed on the site, a feature that takes them above the competition and instills buyer confidence among potential clients.

7. Nickicopy

copywriting website made the list of best copywriter websites because of their user-friendly layout, highlighting important information about their services above the fold.

This website is a quick browse. It doesn’t have tons of information or dozens of web pages like some of the other writers’ websites we’ve reviewed.

What do they do?

Offer book writing services.

Who is their audience?


Clients that need their book written.

There’s value in highlighting only the most useful information so that web visitors don’t get information overload and feel overwhelmed.

When you first land on this website, you’ll learn the writer behind the site is Nicki Krawczyk and she’s a copywriter and content marketer. The site navigation leads you to helpful links to her portfolio, contact details, and About page, where you can learn more about the writer.

She has some featured sites from her portfolio on the homepage, so you can easily review her work.

Altogether, this is a simple and effective copywriter website. It works!

What Makes a Good Copywriter Website?

A good copywriter website should be filled with compelling copy and also creative copywriting to sell your service. It should use persuasive language to educate and sell the web visitor on your service and convince them to take action.


Your web visitors will know what services you offer without any hassle, whether you do content marketing, book writing, conversion copywriting, etc.

Altogether, good copywriter websites should:

  • Be user-friendly
  • Have a simple, clean layout
  • Tell web visitors who you are and what services you offer
  • Display a call to action to generate leads for your service
  • Contain keyword-driven phrases to attract your ideal clients to the site

When it comes to your own site, you don’t have to be niched down. But, you do have to clearly tell your audience about what you do. Also, you want to include who you serve and how you can help them.

What all of these websites do well is contain a block format where the homepage is broken down into sections. This organization helps the web visitor navigate through the site more easily.

You can also share all the information about your copywriting services in an easily digestible kind of way, and the block format accomplishes this very well.

How Can You Build a Copywriter Website?

Ready to start building your copywriter website? These copywriter website examples are great to give you some ideas for creating a website for your business.

One of the best ways to create a winning website is with a proven system that has garnered success for others, like The Authority Site System (TASS) by Authority Hacker.


If you want plug-and-play templates you can copy and paste, video lessons to walk you through the process, along with a systematic approach to growing your website, this program is one you’ll want to check out. Read our Authority Site System review to learn more.

Bottom Line

We just covered 7 of the best copywriter website online! Generally, if you feel stuck on design issues, seeing examples can help. If you’re having a tough time figuring out the layout and structure of your freelance copywriter business, I hope this list helps.

Also, you can gain inspiration and ideas of what direction to go with your own website.

Which copywriter website is your favorite?

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One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market?



One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market?

If you’re in search of an AISEO review, you’re in the right place. We’re covering this AI writing assistant top to bottom to bring you the info you’re searching for:

  • How AISEO works
  • What are the AISEO features
  • AISEO pricing
  • Who AISEO is for, and
  • AISEO alternatives.

In a sea of AI writing tools flooding the internet, what differentiates this one from all the others?

Is it really better?

And, can it pass AI detection? 

AI writers can definitely be a big help to users by producing content faster and many times cheaper than other sources. But at what cost?

Sometimes, the interface is clunky. Or the content is not high-quality. Other times, the cost is so high it doesn’t justify using the tool at all.


AISEO promises to deliver high-quality, SEO-rich content undetectable by AI. They offer dozens of different tools to help you with all aspects of content creation, like paraphrasing, improving readability, coming up with content ideas, and more.

It’s definitely worth looking into AISEO a bit further to see if it’s worth it.

Keep reading to find out!

Sign Up To Learn More About AISEO

AISEO Review
  • Ease of Use

  • Stability

  • Customer Service

  • Price


AISEO (AI-Driven Search Engine Optimization) is a website offering a suite of AI-fueled content tools to help you create content faster and easier. From creating long-form content, paraphrasing and rewriting articles, generating captions for Amazon products and social media, and more, this really is a one-stop shop for all your AI content needs. Check out AISEO here!



  • User-friendly
  • Google Chrome extension offered
  • Lots of tools available
  • Affordable price

AISEO Review: Overview

aiseo review

AISEO is an AI writer specializing in creating written content undetectable by AI checkers. You can use AI writers to help you write content faster and save money by using this tool instead of hiring writers or using other costly tools to help you create content.

Their homepage uses a lot of technical SEO language, which is refreshing to hear, especially for SEOs. It’s nice that this tool keeps SEO in mind to help you with things like improving E-E-A-T and increasing topical authority.

How Does AISEO Work?

AISEO offers a ton of different AI content tools. You can browse the site and use the tools you need to create content.

When you land on the homepage, you’ll be greeted by a search bar prompting you to enter your topic. After inputting your topic, AISEO can create your topical map.

1709634364 208 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634364 208 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

I used the topic of gardening as an example.

Before sharing the topical map, you’ll be prompted to sign up.

1709634364 808 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634364 808 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

Then, you’ll go through a short onboarding process.

Here’s a snapshot of the topical map it created with the gardening topic.


They created a core topic: soil preparation and fertilizer techniques, along with these subtopics, including keywords.

1709634364 489 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634364 489 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

These additional core topics were available as well:

  • Plant propagation and seed-starting methods
  • Pest and disease management in gardens
  • Seasonal plant care
  • Watering strategies and irrigation systems.

When you’re ready, click the Generate button to prepare your blog post.

1709634364 837 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634364 837 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

Then, open the blog post.

The completed blog post will be on the left, and your tools will be on the right-hand side of the screen.

aiseo article writeraiseo article writer
  • Overview
  • SEO
  • Outline
  • Questions
  • SERP sections
  • Links
  • Templates
  • ChainFlows
  • Free Images
  • Command Mode.

You can use the above sections to refine the article even further.

The dashboard is well-organized and easy to access the tools/features you’re looking for. This is what the AISEO dashboard looks like…

1709634364 724 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634364 724 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

AISEO Review: Key Features

AISEO will help you create your content with SEO in mind and AI detection features built-in.

You get features like:

  • Starter templates
  • Long-form and short-form content
  • Bypass AI detection
  • SEO dashboard
  • Access to public templates
  • Access to the Facebook community

Here are the tools available:

  • Article Writer
  • Bypass AI detection
  • Paraphrasing
  • Boost readability
  • Blog image creator, plus
  • Additional free tools

Article Writer

1709634364 209 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634364 209 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

The article writer uses AI to create SEO-rich articles. All you do is enter your content, and then you get your AI-written article at your fingertips moments later.

  1. Type an article topic
  2. AISEO searches the web for reference articles
  3. Choose at least one reference article
  4. Generate your brief
  5. Write your article

Bypass AI Detection

1709634365 544 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634365 544 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

This is huge! A lot of times, AI writers won’t pass AI detectors, which means they can be easily identified as AI-written.

This can pose some potential challenges with accuracy, relevance, and quality.


1709634365 671 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634365 671 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

The paraphrasing tool gives you guaranteed plagiarism-free results, up to 50,000 characters. This is used for article rewriting. You can “spin” content into a new article that’s unique and original.

  • Paste the original article, then select the paraphrasing mode – expand, shorten, etc.
  • Select the input/output language
  • Click paraphrase to get your results

People use paraphrasing for many purposes, like content creation, academic writing, social media content, and other uses.

Boost Readability

1709634365 200 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634365 200 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

The readability improver tool makes your content more readable:

  • Clear, concise writing
  • Well-organized and structured
  • Clear, straightforward sentence structure with familiar vocabulary
  • Consistent formatting and writing style throughout

People want to be able to read your content easily.

If not, they may likely bounce on your web page. Readability also helps improve SEO.


AISEO will scan your content for readability and assign it a score.

How It Works

  1. Paste the article
  2. Check the highlighted sentences/phrases that need improvement
  3. Click improve
  4. Correct individual sentences with in-line tools available.

Blog Idea Creator

1709634365 917 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634365 917 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

If you’re stuck in the content creation process and have writer’s block, use AISEO’s blog idea creator.

Answer a few quick questions, add your SEO keywords, and then create content.

  • Brainstorm ideas fast
  • Create content in your choice of dozens of languages
  • Pick your tone of voice to create content exactly how you envision it.


1709634365 762 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634365 762 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

The AISEO art generator will create your unique artwork in a matter of a few clicks. This is perfect for artists, creatives, small businesses, and others who have a need for designing custom art of their own.

For step-by-step instructions and more info about AISEO’s art generator, visit this page .

Chrome Extension

AISEO is ranked 4.8/5 in the Google Chrome Store. Add this tool to your computer via Chrome extension for easy access when creating your content.

Download AISEO Google Chrome Extension.

Other Free Tools

There are dozens of other tools available, from an ad headline analyzer to their product caption generator and more.

1709634365 422 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634365 422 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

Here’s a look at the tools offered:

  • AIDA framework generator: Create an AIDA framework.
  • Ads headline generator: Create headlines for banner ads, billboards, blog posts, etc.
  • Ads idea generator: Get ad campaign ideas.
  • Amazon product caption generator: Create Amazon product captions.
  • Amazon product description (paragraph) generator: Create Amazon product descriptions.
  • Amazon product features (bullets) generator: Key feature/benefit bullet point features for your Amazon product listings.
  • Before after bridge generator: Compare before/after scenarios related to your product
  • Blog idea generator: Generate blog ideas with keywords.
  • Blogpost meta description generator: Create meta descriptions for your blog posts.
  • Brand essence generator: Create a one-liner sentence that identifies your brand that you can use to describe your brand in public.
  • Carousel ad generator: Create carousel ads.
  • FAQ ideas generator: Create FAQ ideas.

What Kinds Of Content Can You Create With AISEO?

AISEO is for creating blog posts and articles. If you’re a marketer, blogger, or entrepreneur, you can use AISEO for your content needs.

This AI writer speeds up the writing process, helping you complete your writing projects much faster than if you were doing it alone.

  • The long-form assistant helps you write high-quality content faster
  • The paraphrasing tool allows you to paraphrase up to 50,000 characters in various modes and outputs they offer
  • There are additional tools offered as well to help with anything from generating Amazon product captions to helping you generate blog ideas.

What Users Are Saying

You can find reviews of AISEO across the web. They have a 4.6/5 star rating on Trustpilot from nearly 1,000 reviews!

Here’s what users are saying…

I love using AISEO to create my blog

I love the fact that I no longer have ANY EXCUSE not to write. Whenever I have writer’s block, the software gives me the edge to conquer it!

AISEO Review: Pricing

1709634365 251 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634365 251 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

There are three pricing options available:

  • Grow $15/month
  • Scale $29/month
  • Team $79/month.

This pricing is for annual billing, which gives you 20% off. You can opt for monthly billing as well, which is more expensive at $19/$34/$99 per month.

One drawback of pricing is that no free trial exists. While the site showed me a free 3-day trial I could sign up for, after I went through the signup process, it offered a one-day paid trial for $1.

So, sadly, there’s no free trial with AISEO.

AISEO Review: Who Is AISEO For?

AISEO is for anyone who uses content regularly, like:

  • Writers
  • Bloggers
  • Content creators
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Amazon sellers
  • Marketers.

AISEO Review: Alternatives

If you’re not convinced AISEO is right for you, here are some suitable alternatives.

Jasper AI

jasper ai homepagejasper ai homepage

Jasper AI offers a suite of AI tools to help with your content needs:

  • AI writer to create AI-assisted content fast
  • AI-based insights and optimization so you can improve your worst-performing content and double-down your efforts on your best-performers
  • AI chat to generate ideas and revise your content
  • AI art to create artwork or images fast.

Jasper has a lot of features available, and you can navigate across the site pretty easily to perform the tasks you need doing.

They are one of the top AI writers online. Read more about the features, functions, and options offered in our Jasper AI review.

Jasper AI offers three paid plans, starting at $39/month, billed annually.

Comparing AISEO to Jasper AI, you get more features for the price with AISEO. You get a content repurposer, AI-generated content for blog posts, and dozens of other tools.

Jasper AI offers less for more money, but the layout of each is quite different. It might be worth it to test each tool, AISEO and Jasper AI, to see which one you like better.


1709634365 703 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market1709634365 703 One Of The Best AI Writers On The Market

KoalaWriter is an AI writing assistant for creating:

  • Blog posts
  • Blog post rewriting
  • YouTube video to blog posts
  • Amazon product roundups
  • Amazon single product review.

They have a streamlined, simple layout. There’s one main page where you set your article type (i.e. blog post, Amazon single product review, etc.), along with adding your target keyword, article length, tone, and other filters, before generating the content.

It’s easy to use and pretty affordable, with pricing starting at $9/month.

Read our full KoalaWriter review to learn more about their pricing, features, and functions.


It’s tough to compare AISEO and KoalaWriter because while the tools have some similarities, they’re quite different. AISEO offers a suite of AI content tools, while KoalaWriter is mainly an AI writer for blog posts, rewriting, and Amazon products.

You get more with AISEO, but you’re paying for it.

If you need a more robust set of AI tools, go with AISEO. The AI detection is a bonus, too!

If your main focus is one of the three functions offered by KoalaWriter or you like a more simple layout and user interface, KoalaWriter is for you.

AISEO Review: Bottom Line

AISEO reviewAISEO review

This wraps up our AISEO review!

Bottom line, is AISEO worth it?

100%, yes!


AISEO uses artificial intelligence to power its content tools. You get a nice mix of unique, helpful tools, including AI detection, as a bonus. That’s one of the biggest differentiators between this AI writer and others on the market.

Not only can you create AI-assisted content, but it’s created to sound more humanlike and pass AI detection. Whether you need to paraphrase and rewrite existing articles, come up with blog ideas, or write long-form articles from start to finish, AISEO can be the tool to help you with all this and more.

It’s worth testing out to see if you like it.

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Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter



Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter

Are you a podcaster trying to reach more audiences and grow your brand? 

Yes, that’s right, newsletters are not just for your mother. Email newsletters can be as effective as podcasts for building your brand and reaching new audiences. 

So why does every podcast need a newsletter?

  1. Newsletters are a great way to make money with your podcast. By offering exclusive content, special discounts, or early access to new episodes, you can entice your listeners to sign up for your newsletter and become loyal subscribers. 

  2. Newsletters can help you secure more brand deals. Brands are always looking for ways to partner with podcasters, and having a newsletter with a large and engaged audience can make your podcast more attractive to potential sponsors. 

  3. Newsletters can help you build a community around your podcast. By offering value-added content, such as behind-the-scenes insights or Q&A sessions with special guests, you can create a sense of exclusivity and community among your subscribers. 

If you’re a podcaster looking to take your podcasting game to the next level, a newsletter can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. 

So what are you waiting for? 


Start building your newsletter today!

How to Grow Your Podcast

Transcending Sound: Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter

If you’re a podcaster, you know how important it is to grow your audience and increase your reach

Whether you’re just starting or have been in the game for a while, there are always new strategies and tactics to help you take your podcast to the next level. 

Here are five tips on growing your podcast:

  1. Utilize social media platforms: Social media is a powerful tool for promoting your podcast and engaging with your audience. Post regularly and engage with your followers to build a solid and loyal community.

  2. Collaborate with other podcasters: Collaborating with others can help expand your reach and introduce your content to new listeners. Consider guesting on other podcasts or inviting fellow podcasters to join you for a joint episode.

  3. Leverage SEO: Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your podcast reach a wider audience by improving its visibility in search engine results pages. Consider optimizing your podcast titles and descriptions, and show notes with relevant keywords and metadata to make it easier for people to discover your content.

  4. Offer exclusive content: Offering exclusive content to your listeners can help keep them engaged and returning for more. Consider creating bonus episodes, Q&A sessions, or even a Patreon account to offer exclusive perks to your most dedicated fans.

  5. Attend podcasting events: Attending conferences, meetups, and workshops can help you network with other creators, learn new skills, and gain valuable insights into the industry. 

Remember, growing your podcast takes time and effort, but by utilizing these tips and tactics, you can expand your reach and build a loyal community of listeners.

How to Make Money With a Podcast


Monetizing your podcast can be challenging, but there are a few ways to generate revenue from your podcast. 

Here are three ways to make money with a podcast:

  1. Sponsorships and Advertising: One of the most common ways to profit from a podcast is through sponsorships and advertising. You can reach out to potential sponsors and offer to promote their products or services on your podcast in exchange for payment. 

  2. Premium Content: You can offer premium content to your listeners for a fee. This can include exclusive episodes, early access to episodes, ad-free episodes, or bonus content. 

  3. Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing involves promoting other people’s products or services and earning a commission for any sales that result from your promotion. When your listeners click the link and make a purchase, you’ll earn a commission.

Methods of Engagement through a Podcast Newsletter

Transcending Sound: Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter

If you want to engage your audience through your podcast, a newsletter can be a great way to keep them informed and connected. 

This article will explore four effective podcast newsletter creation methods to keep subscribers engaged and excited about your content. 

Here are four methods you can use:

  1. Share behind-the-scenes insights: Your subscribers are interested in the process behind your podcast creation. Consider sharing sneak peeks, bloopers, or even stories about how you came up with the ideas for your podcast episodes.

  2. Curate relevant content: Your audience trusts you to provide valuable content. Consider curating and sharing articles, videos, or podcasts pertinent to your niche that interest your subscribers.

  3. Host contests and giveaways: Contests and giveaways are a fun and effective way to engage your audience. Encourage your subscribers to participate by offering prizes related to your podcast, such as merchandise or exclusive access to content.

  4. Encourage listener feedback: Your subscribers are your biggest fans, and they have valuable insights to share. Encourage them to send feedback, questions, and comments, and consider featuring them in your newsletter or podcast episodes.

Why Trust Us


Linda Hwang has extensive experience in B2B marketing and previously worked at a renowned international facilities management company. During her time there, she played a crucial role in creating effective marketing plans for content and social media. Now, Linda is a marketing consultant, helping small businesses create compelling brand stories.

What’s the Purpose of a Podcast Newsletter?

As a podcaster, you know how important it is to stay connected with your audience and promote your brand. 

One way to achieve this is through a podcast newsletter. 

A newsletter is a powerful tool that allows you to communicate with your listeners, showcase your expertise, and offer exclusive content. 

A podcast newsletter serves several purposes: 

  1. Build a loyal and engaged community of listeners. You can keep your subscribers interested and invested in your brand by providing valuable content, such as behind-the-scenes insights, bonus episodes, and interviews. 

  2. Stay top of mind with your subscribers. Even if they don’t have time to listen to your latest episode, they can still engage with your brand by reading your newsletter.

  3. Promote your brand and reach new audiences. Sharing your newsletter on social media can attract new subscribers who may not have heard of your podcast before. 

  4. Monetize your podcast. By offering exclusive content, such as early access to new episodes or bonus content, you can entice your listeners to sign up for your newsletter and become loyal subscribers. 

  5. Promote affiliate products or services. Offering sponsorships to brands that align with your podcast’s niche and values.

If you’re a podcaster looking to take your podcasting game to the next level, starting a newsletter should be on your to-do list.

The Need for a Newsletter in Podcasting

Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular, and with so many new podcasts being launched daily, it’s becoming harder to reach new listeners and grow your audience

This is where newsletters come in – they can be a powerful tool for podcasters to connect with their existing audience, reach new listeners, and build their brand. 

A podcast newsletter is a powerful tool that can help you in various ways, such as:

  1. Staying connected with your audience: A newsletter is a great way to stay connected with your listeners and keep them engaged between podcast episodes. 

By providing them with additional content, such as show notes, behind-the-scenes information, or bonus interviews, you can build a deeper relationship with your audience, leading to increased loyalty and engagement.

  1. Promoting your podcast: A newsletter is an excellent way to promote your podcast and attract new listeners. 

By including links to your latest episode, showcasing guest appearances, or highlighting positive reviews, you can encourage your subscribers to share your content with their networks, leading to increased exposure and growth for your podcast.

  1. Providing additional value to your listeners: A newsletter can offer exclusive content they can’t find anywhere else. This could include early access to upcoming episodes, exclusive interviews, or a private community where they can connect with other listeners and engage with you directly. 

You can increase engagement and build a stronger connection with your audience by providing additional value.

Ben shared in an interview with beehiiv, “They’re pretty much the original team. So the cadence is twice a week – Tuesdays and Fridays. Real estate is a little bit slower. So, we pick the stories two days before and write the newsletter the day before. This frees me up to focus on making the podcast the best it can be.”

Transcending Sound: Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter

How to Create a Podcast Newsletter

Transcending Sound: Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter

Creating an engaging podcast newsletter requires more than deciding on the content and design.

Here are five tips to make your newsletter stand out and connect with your audience:

  1. Be consistent: Consistency is critical when creating an engaging podcast newsletter. Decide on a regular schedule and stick to it. Your readers will come to expect your newsletter to arrive on a specific day or time, and they’ll appreciate the reliability.

  2. Provide value: Ensure your newsletter offers your readers value. This could be exclusive content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, or discount codes for your merchandise. The more your newsletter offers, the more likely your readers will engage with it.

  3. Use visuals: Visuals are a great way to make your newsletter more engaging. Use images, videos, and graphics to break up text and make your newsletter more visually appealing. Just be sure to use high-quality visuals that align with your brand.

  4. Keep it short and sweet: Your readers are likely busy, so keep your newsletter short and concise. Focus on a few essential items rather than overwhelming them with too much information. Shorter newsletters are also more likely to be read in their entirety.

  5. Encourage feedback: Finally, encourage feedback from your readers. Create a space for comments or questions and respond to them promptly. This will help you build relationships with your readers and make your newsletter more engaging.

Making an Email for Your Podcast

Transcending Sound: Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter

When creating an email for your podcast, remember a few key things: 

  1. Once you’ve chosen a provider, you must decide what information to include in your emails. At a minimum, include a clear subject line that entices your subscribers to open the email and a brief introduction that lets them know what to expect from the content inside.

You have a few options regarding the content: 

  1. Include a recap of your latest episode and links to listen or download. 

  2. Consider including show notes or a list of resources related to the episode topic.

  3. Use your email list to share industry news, upcoming events, or other relevant information with your subscribers.

  4. Plan how often you’ll send emails. You want to ensure your subscribers get enough messages and avoid going weeks or months between communications. 

Creating an email list for your podcast can be a powerful way to build a loyal audience and stay connected with your listeners. With some planning and effort, you can create compelling content that excites your followers about your show.

How to Get More Brand Deals With a Podcast

As a podcaster, you put significant effort into creating great content, gaining listeners, and building your brand. 

But have you ever thought about how to get more brand deals with your podcast? 

Collaborating with brands brings in extra income and helps you reach new audiences and grow your influence. 

Here are some valuable tips and strategies to get more brand deals with your podcast:

  1. Create a media kit: Creating a media kit is a great way to provide brands with all the information they need about your podcast. This kit should include your audience demographics, listener statistics, and any previous brand collaborations you’ve had. 

  2. Engage with your audience: Engaging with your audience is crucial for building a dedicated listener base. Responding to comments, encouraging listener feedback, and promoting listener participation in your podcast can help increase your engagement rates and demonstrate to brands that your podcast has an active, loyal following.

  3. Offer customized sponsorship packages: Offering customized sponsorship packages can help attract more brand deals. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all sponsorship package, tailor your offerings to each brand’s specific needs and goals. 

Tips and Best Practices

Transcending Sound: Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter

Are you planning to start a podcast newsletter? 

Newsletters are a great way to keep your listeners engaged, build a community around your podcast, and grow your brand. 

But how do you create an engaging, informative, and effective podcast newsletter? 

Here are some tips and best practices to help you get started:

  1. Relevant and valuable content: Your newsletter should always provide relevant and valuable content to your listeners. Make sure the content you provide adds value to your listeners and is something they would be interested in.

  2. Consistent schedule: Consistency is vital when it comes to newsletters. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, make sure you stick to your schedule.

  3. Use analytics: To understand what content resonates with your audience. This will help you tailor your content to your listeners’ interests and preferences.

  4. Call-to-Action: Include a clear call-to-action in your newsletter. Whether it’s to listen to the latest episode, participate in a poll, or share your content on social media, make sure your listeners know what to do next.

  5. Personalized touch: Add a personalized touch to your newsletter. You can do this through personal stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses into your podcast, or personalized messages to your listeners.

A podcast newsletter is more than just a promotional tool. It’s a way to connect with your listeners, provide them with valuable content, and build a community around your podcast. 

These best practices can create an engaging, informative, and effective newsletter.


Ready to amplify your podcast’s reach? 

It’s time to tap into the power of newsletters with beehiiv! 

Turn your podcast listeners into dedicated readers and expand your audience like never before. With beehiiv, creating, publishing, and monetizing your newsletter is a breeze. 

Start your free trial today and join the ranks of the world’s top newsletters. 

Don’t just buzz, thrive with beehiiv!

Amplify Your Podcast Reach With a Newsletter

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I’m 21 and quit school at 17 – me and my girlfriend are now millionaires and just quit Staffordshire for life in Dubai



I’m 21 and quit school at 17 - me and my girlfriend are now millionaires and just quit Staffordshire for life in Dubai

A YOUNG lad who claims he’s a multi-millionaire at 21-years-old has shared details of his grand move to Dubai. 

Jacob Challinor reportedly made his first million at 19 but claims he is now worth over £5 million with his girlfriend, Remmy. 


Jacob has shared details of his move to affluent DubaiCredit: tiktok/@jacobchallinor
He left Staffordshire with his girlfriend following success in affiliate marketing


He left Staffordshire with his girlfriend following success in affiliate marketingCredit: tiktok/@jacobchallinor

He has built an online presence sharing tips and advice for other youngsters yearning to get rich quick. 

And now, the young couple have upped sticks from Staffordshire and moved to affluent Dubai following success in their affiliate marketing business. 

Put simply, affiliate marketing is the process of earning commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. 

The person simply searches for a product, promotes it online and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

Jacob claims he made £100,000 in his first three months using the business model after dropping out of school aged 17. 

Now, four years later, he has moved to Dubai and vowed to share the process with his 1.4 million TikTok followers. 


“I’ve gone from a little town to now doing it large,” he said, posing on his new balcony in a video.

“Listen, we’ve got the en suites, we’ve got the lovely kitchen.

“It doesn’t stop there, it really doesn’t stop there.

“Listen boys and girls, me and Remmy are living proof that if you put your mind to something, you will achieve it. 

“We’ve been doing it for a long time now.

“So, I think it’s fair to say that we definitely do deserve this.”


In the video, he also claims that Remmy is aged 18 – but other posts on his account suggest she is a few years older. 

Alongside affiliate marketing, Jacob also charges aspiring YouTubers to learn how to “monetise their passion” and make a career out of posting on the streaming site. 

A quick glance at his TikTok profile will show you videos of him driving around in Lamborghinis and posing with Rolexes on his wrist. 

He claims to have owned 17 cars, including luxury Mercedes-Benz and BMW models, before turning 21. 

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