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Facebook’s Developing Reactions for Reels



Facebook's Developing Reactions for Reels

Have you ever been watching a Reel on Facebook and thought ‘man, I really wish I could assign a Reaction here to show the creator how I feel about it, in emoji form’?

Well, you may be in luck, with Facebook now developing Reels reactions, which would provide another way to respond to its short-form video content.

As you can see (in this example posted by Alessando Paluzzi), and would expect, Reactions for Reels would enable you to assign one of seven emoji responses to a Reels clip. Right now, on both Instagram and Facebook, you can Like a Reel, or comment, but that’s the extent of your response options, and if you’ve gotten used to being able to quickly attach an emoji to signify your feelings, that can feel limiting.

So it makes sense for Facebook to expand its engagement options by adding more smiling and frowny faces – though it also feels a little unnecessary, maybe?

I mean, the idea of short-form video engagement is that it’s quick, with the capacity to provide maximum context in the shortest possible time. Do you really need to be able to reply with an array of emotions, in emoji form?

I guess, as noted, Reactions have become a habitual behavior for many, and in that context, it would bring Reels more into line with Facebook’s other options, while it could also become another algorithmic sorting factor to help highlight the most relevant clips to each individual.

But, I don’t know, it just seems like too much, on such short clips. Do you really have a complex range of emotional responses to Reels? Like, you like it or you don’t, right – and Facebook could determine such either way by measuring the time you spend watching each clip, responses like comments, shares, etc.

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It seems like an unnecessary complication in some ways – but then again, if you don’t like it, you won’t have to use it.

There’s no word on a full test or roll out of Reels Reactions at this stage.

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Interest in leaving Twitter grows as Musk’s grip tightens



Twitter is changing under new owner Elon Musk

Twitter is changing under new owner Elon Musk – Copyright AFP/File Ben STANSALL

Analysis of Google Trends data reveals that web search trends for ‘Delete Twitter Account’ in the U.S. grew 335 percent on 1st week of November, 2022, around the same day when Elon Musk officially bought Twitter for $44 billion. Atypical for a takeover on this scale, the process was played out in public.

Many of the concerns are connected with the apparent right-wing shift in terms of the social media platform’s ethos that is being constructed as the result of Musk’s acquisition.

This finding came from a business-to-business networking site called SeeBiz. The company also saw a major increase in Google web search trends for other variations like “deactivate twitter”, “delete twitter”, “how to deactivate twitter”, “deactivate twitter account” etc. All the search term variations related to delete twitter are following same increasing trend as per the Google.

Elon Musk dubbed himself ‘Chief Twit’ in his Twitter profile and listed his location as the company’s San Francisco headquarters, as the deadline nears for him to complete his buyout. – Copyright AFP Hector RETAMAL

According to Richard Seymour writing in The Guardian, Musk has not purchased Twitter as the outcome of sound business analysis. Instead, this is part of political project and the consequences are unlikely to be positive. Seymour writes that Musk: “Notoriously rules by fear, breaking the law, busting unions and firing employees who criticise him. He appears to want to establish the same pattern at Twitter, based on his apparently unassailable conviction that he knows best.”

The chaos surrounding Elon Musk and his Twitter takeover seems to have upset a lot of the social media platform’s user base. Similar increase in trend these terms was also seen in the last week of April 2022, when Twitter initially announced that it had come to an agreement with Elon Musk.

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Analysis was also performed on the same trend in Google search volume as well:

Keywords and phrases Jul-22 Aug-22 Sep-22 Oct-22 Increase %
delete twitter account 60,500 60,500 49,500 110,000 94%
deactivate twitter 4,400 4,400 3,600 8,100 96%
delete twitter 5,400 5,400 4,400 12,100 139%
how to delete twitter 6,600 6,600 3,600 6,600 18%
how to deactivate twitter 3,600 2,900 2,900 5,400 72%
deactivate twitter account 1,600 1,600 1,300 2,900 93%
how to delete your twitter account 2,400 2,400 1,900 3,600 61%
how to delete twitter account permanently 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,900 90%
how to delete my twitter account 1,600 1,300 1,300 3,600 157%
how do I delete my twitter account 1,900 1,900 1,600 8,100 350%

In the U.S., the reaction to the buyout has been split along partisan lines, with praise for Musk’s planned reforms and vision for the company, particularly his calls for greater free speech coming from those of a conservative leaning. In contrast, Musk has received harsh criticism over fears of a potential rise in misinformation, disinformation, harassment, and hate speech on the platform, from those of a liberal or social democratic persuasion.

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