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Reddit Releases 2019 Transparency Report



Reddit has published its latest transparency report, which details all the content removals and enforcement actions that the platform has taken over the last year.

As an overall summary of the key notes, Reddit says that it:

  • Removed 53M pieces of content in total, mostly for spam and content manipulation (e.g. brigading and vote cheating), exclusive of legal/copyright removals, which we track separately.
  • Removed​ 222k pieces of content, 55.9k accounts, and 21.9k subreddits for Content Policy violations
  • Quarantined 256 subreddits​​
Reddit Content Removals in 2019

“Quarantined” communities, it’s worth noting, are subreddits which don’t necessarily break the platform’s rules, but have been found to be sharing highly offensive or misleading content. Quarantined communities display a warning which requires users to explicitly opt-in before viewing, limiting exposure – and often, according to Reddit, prompting members to re-think their posting practices.

As per Reddit:

“The vast majority of content removals on Reddit are executed within individual subreddits by Mods. In 2019, Mods removed 84,140,588 pieces of content from Reddit. This represents the vast majority of all non-spam content removals on Reddit in 2019. These removals are largely based on individual subreddit rules that are unique to each community and set by the moderators and communities themselves. While there may be overlap between enforcement of these rules and the Reddit Content Policy, Moderator actions are entirely separate from removals carried out by Reddit Administrators.”

As you can see in the chart above, the overall amount of content removed by Reddit in 2019 was only a tiny fraction of the platform’s overall activity. For comparison, in 2018, Reddit mods removed 50,374,368 pieces of content.

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In addition to this, Reddit notes that it received 110 requests from government entities to remove content, of which it complied with 37.3%. The platform says that it also removed around 5x more content for copyright infringement than in 2018, “largely due to copyright notices for adult-entertainment and notices targeting pieces of content that had already been removed”.

Reddit Content Removals in 2019

It’s interesting to see how Reddit is working to maintain its platform rules, and keep subreddits in line with community standards. Once considered one of the more open platforms, where people could share pretty much anything they wanted, the company is working to improve its standing in order to secure more ad spend. In order to do that, Reddit needs to underline its brand safety credentials, and the data here suggests that it is improving in this regard. 

Reddit’s full report includes full insight into Government requests, regional queries and more. You can read the full Transparency Report here.



Twitter Launches New ‘Twitter Create’ Mini-Site to Highlight Monetization Opportunities for Creators



Twitter Launches New 'Twitter Create' Mini-Site to Highlight Monetization Opportunities for Creators

Creators are the new currency for social media networks, with every platform now working to sweeten its deal in order to keep the top creative talent posting to their apps, and keep their fans coming back to check in on the latest.

And today, Twitter’s taking its latest step in working to boost its creator appeal, with the launch of a new Twitter Create mini-site, which will host a range of tips, insights and examples designed to help creators maximize their Twitter presence.

The new site, which you can check out here, includes specific sections for creators in different verticals to help guide them on how to maximize their Twitter presence.

Tap on ‘Podcasters’, for example, and you’re taken to a dedicated page of tips for how to promote your show, including notes on which specific Twitter products you can utilize.

Twitter Create

Obviously, given the focus on monetization, Twitter’s newer offerings, like Super Follows and Spaces are the main push, with each providing new ways to make money from what you do in the app.

Scroll down further in any topic stream and you’ll find case studies, notes, and other blog posts that can help to guide you in the right direction.

Twitter Create

The site provides a good overview of Twitter’s various monetization avenues, in nine different categories, while there’s also a range of blog posts and notes that can help to guide your tweet approach.

Twitter’s monetization tools, thus far, haven’t really caught on, with Twitter Blue not yet becoming a key contributor to the platform’s revenue, and other offerings also, based on Twitter’s most recent performance update, failing to drive any significant income for the company.


But they do offer opportunity, and there are some users that are indeed driving significant benefit from these additions. The trick for Twitter now is to help creators maximize take-up, and build their own offerings to better incentivize people to pay for content, which is not a habitual behavior in the app.

That’s been a key challenge for its creator monetization tools thus far – people have always been able to read your tweets for free, why would they start paying for the privilege now? That hesitation seems to be a key tipping point that Twitter needs to overcome, and up till now, it’s been reliant on the creators themselves to come up with more compelling subscription offerings, in order to add value to their platform presence.

This new platform aims to provide more specific guidance on this element, which could make it a valuable resource for those considering their add-on options to incentivize subscribers, while newer additions like Super Follower Only Spaces provide more, simple add-on tools that can push creators in the right direction as to how they can enhance their Twitter presence for a paying audience.

Which is really what needs to happen. People aren’t going to pay for your tweets, no matter how witty you may think you are, but they will pay for exclusives and additional engagement offerings that can make them more aligned to your presence.

Up till now, Twitter hasn’t been great at articulating this, hence the low take-up of these tools. But this new platform provides more direct guidance, which could provide a boost for its monetization tools.

You can check out the new Twitter Create mini-site here.

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