6 Ways to Use Quora to Boost Your Marketing Efforts

Quora may not be the best known social media platform, but its unique use case, and growing community, can make it a great resource for researching and improving your campaigns – or conducting Quora ad campaigns in their own right.

Quora currently sees over 300 million monthly unique visitors, which is on par with Pinterest and Twitter, while its focus on providing answers can help in your research and outreach efforts. And with potential exposure to so many users, that can have significant value – here’s a look at six ways that marketers can leverage Quora to improve their strategic approach.

1. Content Research

Quora is a hidden gem for those exploring the benefits of content marketing.

The platform covers tens of thousands of topics, through which, a range of industry experts regularly share their insights. And this can be great for researching what people want to know about your niche, and informing your content. If a heap of people are seeking answers on certain questions, you can bet that your target audience is also looking for the same.

2. Branding Channel

Quora can also be a great distribution channel, helping to boost brand awareness and attract blog readers. 

You can use segments from your blog posts to answer questions, and link back to your post if the reader wants to dive in beyond your short “teaser” answer.

Quora is also a platform where you can build your brand presence, and in the process, improve your SEO performance through backlinks.

Want to build on branding efforts with Quora? Consider:

  • Becoming an expert in a specific topic or niche by answering questions
  • Building a following through Quora’s social networking features
  • Driving people back to your site where they become regular visitors

Providing solutions is one of the best ways to strengthen your brand image, and what better way to offer answers than with Quora?

3. New Opportunities

Quora rewards those answering questions in two ways:

Anyone with a Quora account can answer questions, and including a reference is the easiest way to drop a link in your answer. So, it makes sense to include your blog’s content as a source when answering questions in your niche.

Backlinks, as you probably know, are one of the most important factors for Search Engine Optimization. Getting a few backlinks from a high authority site like Quora can improve your backlink profile – even though they are “no-follow“. 

4. Build an Asset

Your business needs to be present on the channels that your audience frequents, and Quora is likely one of those channels. As such, it’s worth taking the time to build a profile to help people to find you.

  • Fill in the relative details of your Quora profile
  • Add an enticing bio and call-to-action to a landing page
  • Interlink to your best work (answers) and favorite topics

Basically, you can turn Quora into an asset for your online presence. Your activity on Quora will get noticed by its community – great answers will get seen on this platform.

From there, people follow, and they may even hop over to your website and dig into what you have to offer.

5. Team Building

It doesn’t have to be only you answering questions, get the rest of your team involved by encouraging them to participate on Quora.

  • Set up a basic guideline of the brand’s tone
  • Share a basic explainer on how to use the platform
  • Get employees set up with a filled-out profile
  • Let your team answer questions and participate

Even one answer from each team member a day could lead to a heap of additional exposure.

6. Discover Talent

Everyone turns to LinkedIn for the business side of social media – but what about Quora?

Quora could prove effective as a headhunting tool, or at least, a channel to find great talent to work on business projects.

  • Check out who’s dominating your niche topics
  • Reach out and see if they’d like to collaborate
  • Work together on creating great marketable content

Get creative with this approach, and you’re bound to find a lot of great people to fill skill gaps in your team. And as a bonus, getting leaders from Quora onboard means your business now has a built-in audience because of their Quora activity.

Elevate Your Digital Marketing Strategies, Start Using Quora Today

Why not begin with a question that has been imploring answers for oh so long?

All you need is a Quora account to begin exploring. The benefits are endless, the answers are borderless, and the community connects all of us. So go at it, have fun, provide value and discover new ways to empower your marketing strategies.


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