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TikTok Announces New, Exclusive Content Deals with the NHL and Other Media Entities



TikTok Announces New, Exclusive Content Deals with the NHL and Other Media Entities

TikTok has announced a new partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL) and the National Hockey League Players’ Association (NHLPA), which will see the NHL share original content and “unique experiences” in the app, helping to bolster TikTok’s broader content push.

As explained by TikTok:

“We know the TikTok community loves sports – whether it’s soccerrugby, or car racing – we’re redefining entertaining sports content. With 12.3 billion global views, it’s undeniable that #Hockey is gaining momentum. The @NHL on TikTok has steadily grown its account to 1.7 million followers, team accounts on the platform have amassed more than 546 million views around the world. Content like trick shots, behind the scenes and off-the-rink activities, and anything to do with sports and pets are favorites of the community.”

The new partnership will see the NHL post more than just highlights, with additional player fashion interviews and other programming that will be designed to lean into TikTok trends and engage its in-app audience.

For TikTok, it will also glean new promotional benefits, including in-ice branding and the launch of a new ‘TikTok Tailgate Stage’ at upcoming marquee outdoor NHL events. The NHL will also work with TikTok on music tie-ins and partnerships for its events.

The announcement comes as TikTok works to build its content offerings, and provide more incentive for creators to keep posting to its app. The challenge with short-form video content is effective monetization – because you can’t insert pre and mid-roll ads into a 30-second clip. TikTok has sought to counter this with its Creator Fund, while it’s also working on in-app tipping and other monetization tools, but some of its top creators have started to raise questions about the platform’s approach, and the imbalance in revenue share for their efforts.

That could become a bigger sticking point for its top stars, which could eventually see them shuffle off to YouTube and Instagram instead. But if TikTok can provide more direct posting incentive, through initiatives like new partnerships with major brands, that could provide another way for TikTok to connect creators into these deals, and facilitate more pathways to audience growth and monetization.

Which is why TikTok’s also established exclusive content deals with Vogue and GQ, focusing on another key area of interest for TikTok users, and through these new partnerships, TikTok will be looking to maximize immediate engagement, while also providing more opportunities for its top stars.

Will that work? It’s hard to say – currently, popular creators can make a lot more money on YouTube, while the growth of YouTube Shorts also reduces the value of TikTok as a unique offering in some ways as well.

But TikTok still has a firm grip on audience attention, with projections that it will reach 1.5 billion users this year.

If creators want to go where the audience is, they’ll keep heading to TikTok – but if rumblings around revenue share continue to grow, that could eventually see more of them posting elsewhere instead, and likely taking their audiences with them.

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LinkedIn Launches Initial Stage of Native Post Scheduling in the App



LinkedIn Launches Initial Stage of Native Post Scheduling in the App

Oh, what’s this:

That’s right, some users are now able to access LinkedIn’s native post scheduling tool, which it’s been testing internally over the past few months.

That adds another tool to your LinkedIn management process, which could be a big help in maximizing your on-platform presence. And with more users looking to potential alternatives, just in case Twitter falls in on itself, that may be a bigger consideration.

The process is pretty straightforward – you tap on the clock icon to access the scheduling options, then enter a date and time for when you want your post to go live in the app (up to 90 days in advance).

LinkedIn post scheduling

You then tap ‘Next’ and ‘Schedule’ and that’s it, the post is all ready to go, all within the LinkedIn app.

As you can see in the second image, you can also view and manage your scheduled posts in the app, providing a simple way to maintain your LinkedIn presence on the go.

I mean, functionally, it’s not a game-changer, as you can already schedule LinkedIn posts in most third-party social media management apps. But native scheduling options tend to be a little more reliable, particularly in regards to displaying how your posts will actually appear once they go live. Most scheduling tools do now include preview elements to help on this front, but integrated tools provide more definitive guidance, while also facilitating more post types and tools.

We asked LinkedIn for more info on the roll-out and it provided this statement:

“We’re starting to roll out post scheduling on desktop and Android so that our creators can easily plan the content they want to share next, with iOS coming soon. This means you can schedule text posts, videos, and images up to three months in advance.”

So not available to everyone just yet, but support for all platforms is coming soon.

LinkedIn also says that it’ll be adding post scheduling for Groups, Company Pages, and other types of content in the near future.

It could be a handy addition, helping you map out your LinkedIn strategy in a more integrated, mobile-friendly way.

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