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Twitter Announces ‘Innovators’ Ad Agency Awards for 2022



Twitter Announces 'Innovators' Ad Agency Awards for 2022

Twitter has announced that it’s holding its ‘Innovators’ agency awards program once again in 2022, which celebrates best-in-class media planning and promotions among its global agency partners.

Originally launched in 2019, Twitter’s Innovators Awards provide an opportunity to showcase the best ad campaigns on the platform, rewarding the talent involved, while also helping to provide guidance for other brands on how to approach their tweet efforts.

The awards this time around will be allocated in five categories:

  • Best Launch Campaign
  • Best Connect Campaign
  • Best Conversion Campaign
  • Best Social Impact Campaign
  • Innovator of the Year

Entries open on June 20th, with agencies able to submit till the end of October, while Twitter says that it will also undertake an ‘Agency Roadshow’ in offices across the globe, including in Singapore, New York, London and France – ‘to educate and support agency partners interested in participating’.

For regular advertisers, there’s not a heap of immediate value from the initiative, but as noted, it can help in providing guidance as to how to approach your Twitter ad efforts, through examination of the eventual winners and their campaigns.

Last year, KFC, Cadbury and Spotify were among the winners, based on specific campaigns put up for consideration.

Twitter Innovators Awards

Those campaigns, which you can look up in the app, could provide some additional tips and pointers for your efforts, giving you insight into how the top ad minds are approaching Twitter engagement.

Eligible agencies can visit to submit a nomination.

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Twitter Shares Insights into How Users and Brands Engage in Core Issues Around Identity [Infographic]



Twitter Shares Insights into How Users and Brands Engage in Core Issues Around Identity [Infographic]

Research has shown that Gen Z consumers are increasingly looking to spend with brands that take a stand on social issues, with social media platforms providing a means for businesses to connect with their respective brand communities, and use their voice to support relevant causes and movements.

That directly relates to identity, and how people choose to align on political and cultural issues, and it’s important that brands consider how their core messaging, and subsequent actions, support their beliefs and stances, in various ways.

To glean more insight into this, Twitter recently partnered with OMG Research to explore how conversations related to identity are being conducted via tweet.

As per Twitter:

When it comes to serious matters, such as racial justice, gender equality, and climate change, people on Twitter not only welcome brands into these conversations but expect them to speak up on behalf of their followers and others who share their values.

Again, the advent of social media has changed the way that brands connect, which has also changed consumer expectations around what they share, and how they act in support.

An important consideration for all brands – check out Twitter’s insights below.


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