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Magent Or Shopify – Which One Is Better For Your Ecommerce Development



Do you want to build an eCommerce website? Are you confused between magento & shopify? Creating an online store requires a big investment. Everyone is expecting higher returns after such an investment. It can be possible by hiring a good eCommerce development company and building the best store. When it comes to the designing and developing, then the interested ones are required to check out lots of factors such as –

  • Features of store
  • Functionality of store
  • Third Party Integration
  • Appearance of online store

It is based on the selection of development sources such as – Shopify & Magento. It does not matter what source you pick but you need to hire the best, professional, and experienced Shopify and Magento Development Company. A good company has the best team by which they can work on your store by following all technicalities and required procedures.


It is an open source platform for the designing and development of online stores. The users can get it highly similar to the WordPress. The most important thing is it provides services completely free. When it comes to usage and building a store, then it requires some technical skills. If anyone does not have knowledge about coding, then it becomes difficult to avail of its services.


Shopify is a platform that can be used for eCommerce development easily. You do not need to worry regarding its services. The platform is suitable for both high-volume and beginner stores. If you are interested in availing its services, then you need to get its service plan by paying money.

In case you are not able to make a final decision for choosing Shopify or Magento, then focus on upcoming paragraphs.

Difference Between Magento & Shopify 

Magento and Shopify both are suitable for eCommerce website designing and development. The selection of the suitable one will be based on your requirements. Here, we are going to compare both on different factors such as – using procedures, features, values, and so on.

Basic Stats 

On the basis of stats available on Website Builder Expert, you can compare both platforms easily. Stats are given below:



Total number of sites powered – 250,000

Apps & Add Ons – 5000

Themes – 12

Price of themes – $0 to $499

Service Charges – $0


Total number of sites powered – 600,000


Apps & Add Ons – 2400

Themes – 100+

Price of themes – $0 to $180

Service Charges – $8.10 to $269.10

It will help you in estimating some technical facts about both. If you do not like any theme available on the platform, then you can use an external theme. Both platforms allow for such a thing.

Themes And Designing 

If you focus on a good website design, then it should have some basic features. Generally these features are –

  • Website should be mobile responsive
  • It can be easy to understand
  • Appealing appearance

Selection of the theme should be based on the requirement of customers and some other major factors. Now you can get details about the difference between shopify and magento on the basis of themes & designing.



Magento is available with both paid and free themes. Out of these 10 themes are fully mobile responsive. It means the users an automate system will optimise the website as per the requirements of all devices. With the coding knowledge, you can create your own theme easily. You can add all types of features or functionalities to the website. Following are some –

Addition of a slider with featured products 

For increasing engagement rate, you can add visual elements like – animation

Similarly, you have lots of options to add and create a perfect eCommerce platform.


Shopify provides a huge number of fully customizable themes. You can pick the desired one and design it as per  your store requirements. Here are some examples of customisation that you can make.

Changes in images and theme colors as per the brand preferences. It helps in reflecting brand identity on the website and strengthens it.

Easy to make edits in all types of elements in a paget such as – menu, title, images, page layout, content, and so on.


The users are capable of adding new pages and removing the existing ones.

At once you finalise the theme and get it, after that it depends on you what shape you want to provide. You have full freedom for customisation. Here, it is good to hire shopify Developer Melbourne and proceed with professional knowledge. It will help you in providing desired appearance to the store and build a strong eCommerce platform.

Pros & Cons

All elements have their own benefits and drawbacks. Firstly, you can compare both platforms on the basis of their good and negative points.



Availability of themes – Shopify is available with numerous themes for different types of stores. All themes are available with something new and effective. As we know the dominance of mobile traffic. Themes of this particular platform will be optimised automatically for all types of devices. It will save the resources of users and increase conversions.

App store – For increasing the lead generation and expansion of the business you can get help from Shopify store. It adds more functionalities and easy accessibility on mobile devices.


Easy to use – With the use of Shopify, you are capable of building an eCommerce website easily. In case you face any kind of issues, then its 24*7 customer support available. It will help you in overcoming and troubleshooting the issues quickly. There are different options available to avail such services like – live chat and email.


All themes are not free – it can be good that the platform has lots of themes. When it comes to access these themes, then the majority ones are tagged with a price. In case the free ones are not suitable for your store, then you need to pay money. Premium themes are also useful in providing better user experience.

Charges on sale – it is not enough to purchase a service plan for using the Shopify. Along with a monthly fee, it charges a fee on each sale transaction. The amount of fee highly depends on your service plan. In case you invest money by getting inclusive plans, then the transaction charges are decreased. If you integrate the store with Shopify’s payment processor, then you are not liable for any transaction fee.

These will help you in getting whether the platform is suitable or not. If you are planning to avail the services, then you should hire the best shopify experts Melbourne who can design & develop your store professionally.



Support community – Magento never leaves their users behind with issues or troubles. There is a big Magento community of support available for all users. The users can report their issues and get solutions quickly. The solutions are available with the easy to understand explanations. In case you are not satisfied with the solution, then you can consult it with other users.


Full freedom – Sometimes, the individuals are not able to design the online store as they want due to some limitations. Here, they are facing a lack of freedom for designing their own store. Magento users are never going to face such kinds of issues. It provides complete freedom and you can work on an eCommerce platform as you want. You should go ahead and prepare the website where all customers love to visit again and again.

Service costing – The most important thing about the platform is that it is completely free to use. You do not need to spend a single penny for creating an online store with the Magento. It is available with full freedom for all public domains.


Coding knowledge – To use Magento, the interested ones are required to deal with coding knowledge. Lack of such knowledge will lead to lots of barriers and you are not able to create an eye-catching website. If you are not a technical man and do not have coding knowledge, then you should think of hiring Magento Developer Australia. A developer can fulfill your requirements and code your complete eCommerce website.

Long procedure – With this particular platform, the users are required to invest lots of time. It is not an easy task to prepare coding for a complete online store and keep it running perfectly. For such a task, the experts are required to provide lots of time and take each & every step carefully.

It will help you in making a judgement regarding Magento and its services.


It does not matter what you are going to choose, Webomaze has a team of both Shopify and Magento certified developers. By focusing on such a comparison, you can get, Shopify will provide user-friendly functioning for development. On the other hand, Magento is powerful in case functionalities and running & operation an eCommerce platform at higher levels. Before making a final decision, you should not forget to check out the goals and requirements.



How Computer Vision Paired with AR Can Be Used for Navigation Aide



How Computer Vision Paired with AR Can Be Used for Navigation Aide


AR and computer vision in navigation have become significant for automotive industries to provide information about movements in different places.

The future of driving may be the driverless car. AR and computer vision in navigation are being preferred by some automotive companies lately. One of the most popular brands in this segment is Tesla. The company has been focusing on developing autonomous electric vehicles for the past few years and has now set its eyes on a new frontier – augmented reality.

How Computers Interpret The World And What’s Different With Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is a computer-generated, interactive experience of a real-world environment, where the objects that reside in the real world are “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information. Using augmented reality in navigation will help to know the real world by adding virtual components to them where the virtual objects comprehend and follow the real-world physics. Augmented reality differs from virtual reality because it interacts with the natural world and not just an artificial environment. Augmented reality relates virtual reality with real-world physics and comprehends the physics rules so they can be connected to objects. The use of AR and computer vision in navigation will help people traverse through the maps and find the exact location they are looking in the form of signs, symbols, and landmarks. Let’s explore this further in detail.

How Computer Vision is Used in Maps to Create Navigation Aids in Real Time

Computer vision is a type of artificial intelligence that helps create navigation aids in real-time. Computer vision application in maps has been around for a while now. Still, it has grown exponentially over the past few years. It can track the user’s location and orientation to provide directions. It can also help with other tasks like detecting traffic, locating parking spaces, and identifying objects of interest.

AR and Computer Vision in Navigation in Vehicles – The Future of Driving?

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk has revealed that they are working on a new feature called “Tesla Vision,” which would allow drivers to see important information about their surroundings, such as signs, traffic lights, and pedestrians, in real-time by overlaying it onto their windshields. Drivers can navigate through any environment with just one camera sensor. This technology can also warn drivers about potential accidents and dangers or even take control of the vehicle if necessary.

The Future of Navigation Is Here and It’s Promising

In the future, AR and computer vision will be more helpful to the users by providing ideas about which road to take for driving or which place is available for parking. AR and computer vision are likely to be used most commonly for navigation in the future. AR and computer vision in navigation is the future as they will make our lives easier and more productive.


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