3 tips and 1 tool to drive your Google Ads performance

Are you wasting money on digital? It’s a hot challenge to spot the wasted spend and it’s even more difficult to measure the real growth potential of your online business. This overcoming challenge is really important because with the new and future Google Ads automations it will be harder to understand and optimise your performances.
SEISO.IO is an online free tool that allows advertisers to get an instant grade on their PPC campaigns. A very practical tool for traffic managers to improve SEA results and for CMO’s to adjust their strategy.
Here are three tips on how to optimise for Google AdWords in few minutes.

First: Rate your market shares

Focus on the impression share KPI : This is the number of impressions recorded for your ads compared to the total number of eligible impressions. It’s important to spot where you lose some shares and filter whether they are on your brand name (notoriety) or on pure acquisition. Each lost impression means a visit for your competitors on a keyword you chose to target. Two reasons can explain those lost impressions: an insufficient budget, or a bad ranking.

Our tips:

– Target an impression share of 90% min on your own brand name

– Target an impression share of 80% min on your profitable campaigns

Tips: you can find those figures directly in SEISO on section “Impression Share”

Second: Spot new Growth opportunities… at the same cost

Every month, search for your top 10 quick wins for growth hacking. The idea is to spot the campaigns that are the most profitable for you but that do not benefit for the full reach they might have (based of the previous impression share split & features).

During a campaign, determine if you lose impressions due to budget limits (if so, then increase your bids on those specific campaigns, you are 100% it’s a high profitability invest) or due to ranking.

Then prioritise your growth marketing work.

1. Focus first on the campaigns where you have the highest percentage of search lost impression share due to budget, in a few clicks you will get immediate results.

2. Then look at your best ROI or CPL and work on their ranking (How to increase your Adwords ranking without increase your CPC? Let’s go to next section)

Tips: We recommend using the automated monthly Adwords report from SEISO, section “Campaigns with high potential”

Third: Track your weighted quality score and work on it

The quality score is a grade between 0 and 10 and defines the quality of your ad on each keyword. The higher this quality score is, the more impressions you will have and the lower your CPC will be.

The standard quality core is set to 7. So be careful with any lower scores and make sure you track your QS as a top strategic KPI for your PPC activities.

This score is available in your AdWords panel but only on a keyword panel. You’ll have to calculate your QS weighted by cost (the most relevant KPI).

Tips: SEISO calculates automatically your weighted QS and the business growth potential of its improvements.
The quality score is made of three main criteria: The expected CTR (number of clicks on your ads), the consistency of the ad in relation to the targeted keywords and the consistency of the landing page. It’s important to understand on which of these aspects you are losing points compared to your competitors, and therefore to act on them.
Best practice AdWords:

1. CTR: Target to have more than 75% above average. Work on search terms, create new ads, avoid too generic keywords.

2. Ad Relevance: Target to have more than 90% above average. Improve the relevance between keyword and ad text.

3. Landing Page Experience: Target to have more than 85% above average. Work on page speed, UX mobile and relevance in your landing page text content.

Quality score improvement impact: Did you know that you could spare that much on your PPC spends without losing any click (source: SEISO)?

How can SEISO help you with Adwords optimisation?

Every month a new free analysis is delivered to your mailbox to help you understand what you or your partners can improve and how much it can bring you.

Sign Up to the SEISO Free Audit : www.seiso.io

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