Google Updates for Product Reviews to Better Highlight

You all know that Google can receive updates in 5-6 months to improve the performance of any program and website. This time, on April 8, 2021, Google announced a new algorithm update that was designed to support review websites that contain more detailed content than those that contain more subtle content. As a result, some websites automatically experienced significant increases and decreases in search engine rankings, with those with more detailed, detailed, and balanced reviews having the most beneficial effect. 

In typical Google fashion, Google recently announced a stunning announcement titled “Product Review Updates” on Twitter and the Google Search Center, titled “What Creators Should Know About Updating Google Product Reviews.” This update, at a glance, is for affiliate websites. The partner space is growing and becoming huge, so it’s no surprise that they’ve given it special attention. Every Website Development Company, Be aware of these changes because updates make changes in ranking on search engines. They must follow google update rules.

However, while they did not specifically name the affiliate sites, they did specify that they would be implementing “improving [their] ranking systems” to “reward” pages with detailed and well-researched product reviews. As a rule, in 9 cases out of 10 they are monetized using affiliate links.

So What Are Some Good Reviews According To Google?

According to Google, good reviews are reviews that are helpful and detailed. In short, reviews of suitable products should contain reviews that give –

  • Expert opinion wherever you need it.
  • Providing opinions about the physical experience of working with the product.
  • Providing data or metrics about its performance, such as writing a good product, a product with good performance, will not be enough, good reviews may mean that this machine is performing well and could create X NO. units in X no. time.
  • Take photos of the product to show how it physically looks or videos that are unique and provide more information than photos and videos provided by the manufacturer.
  • By providing comparison with earlier models (optional), it is necessary to convey the features and benefits of the new model over the previous model, for example – the mobile company launches the Note 8 mobile phone and then launches the Note 9, so they need to point out that the difference between Note 8 and Note 9, Changes in Note 9 compared to Note 8
  • In the comparison section, describe the results of the research you used to show the advantages and disadvantages of the product.
  • Depending on the category the product belongs to, be sure to check the factors that will help the user make a purchasing decision, such as price, durability, performance, size, safety, etc.

All of the above items should be included for a quality overview. After you leave your feedback, you need to create high quality schema data that makes it easy for Google to read.

Could Google Review Update Have Potential Impact

As with every new algorithm change, this can be a very good time to rewrite outdated content, rewrite product pages to include deeper analysis, and hire some experts in the areas where you sell products to improve your product review.

It is costly to launch and promote an e-commerce website, Amazon store, or other online shopping platform.

Who Will Benefit From The Google Review Update Information?

Sites that can quickly transition to new layouts and have the staff or budget to hire experienced writers and product testers will win quickly and can improve their market share. Unfortunately, for many large ecommerce sites, changing the product page layout and updating content with Ecommerce Website Development Services for thousands of products can take months and cost thousands of dollars. 

On the other hand, sites that specialize in certain types of products and already have expert content that can be changed quickly can retain market share. This update can also benefit very specific product categories as more detailed product comparisons can be written.

Be sure to test your product pages and review the pages to ensure they load quickly and comply with all Google development guidelines, because the upcoming May core algorithm update will certainly tighten those parameters. Contact the Boomtown internet group to learn more about the Google Review update, the May Core update, and how to roll out your site in response to increased traffic and conversions.


Generally speaking, if your website uses valid SEO techniques and you avoid using black hat SEO techniques, no updates to Google algorithms should be made. However, if your website experienced any significant drop in traffic then re-examine your website structure that coincided with the dates of these updates, it is time for content and SEO methods to be made effective.

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