6 Marketing Mistakes for Business You Can’t Afford

Whether you’re using social media to promote your company or putting together an SEO campaign, make sure you reach your goal in fresh and innovative ways – and reduce your chances of turning customers away. Digital marketing services have many benefits, such as: Increased engagement, better understanding, and a stronger brand – but that’s only if you do the right thing. Here are nine marketing mistakes that every tour operator should avoid.

Cross-channel Advertising Mistakes to Avoid

1. Delivery of Inconsistent Messages.

This will be the most basic suggestion I’ll make in this post, but you may be surprised by the number of companies making this mistake. Whether someone searches for you on Google or Bing, is watching you as they scroll through their Facebook or Instagram feeds, or when they get industry news on LinkedIn and Twitter, it’s important to keep your posts consistent.

2. Ignoring Negative Reviews and Low Ratings.

If some of your customers posted negative reviews online or gave your business a low rating, make sure you take steps to remedy the situation. The Whit House Consumer Affairs Office reports that news of poor customer service reaches twice as many people as praise for good service. Even if there is nothing you can do with that particular customer, you can make an effort to promote all of your positive ratings and reviews.

Create a testimonial page on your website dedicated to showcasing satisfied customers and promote testimonials on your social media sites so that the average web user sees more positive than negative reviews about your company. Promoting positive reviews can be an important part of your Internet marketing services, and you can encourage customers to submit reviews with some of these tips.

3. Rigidity in Relation to the Budget.

It’s nice to say that you have a budget of $ 50,000 and want to advertise on Search, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and maybe even specify the intervals you think you should start at. But over the course of the month, it’s in your best interest to pay attention to how each channel performs relative to the average, as well as how effectively they add value in relation to each other.

4. Don’t use Google Analytics for Tracking.

First, it is a false story. If you really only have one business channel, you will never know what drives your sales. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: if there was an attribution platform that was 100% accurate, this founder would be a household name because they would be rich. But just because something isn’t perfect doesn’t mean it’s not critical to success.

Each platform has its own feature, which is great. It doesn’t really matter that each platform almost always requires more credit than it should. This is not (only) because they are trying to show their value, but in part because of the lack of technology to cross-validate other platforms.

5. Ignoring Non-Converting

While we’d always like to see all channels lead to direct conversions, this is simply not realistic. In most cases, there are multiple channels involved in a user’s journey to conversion (which is the basis of cross-channel marketing), so it is important to determine the role each channel plays and at what stage. The Associated Conversions report can show you how many conversions each channel or campaign generated for you, even if they weren’t the last indirect contact.

6. Placing the Same Offers on All channels.

You know from experience that you have a different mindset on Instagram than on LinkedIn or when searching on Google. Your audience is no different. So if a particular offer works well on Google but not Facebook, the problem might not be your ad copy or Facebook creative, but the offer itself.

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