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Partnering with Kanarys to Support the Future of Diversity, Equity and Belonging



Partnering with Kanarys to Support the Future of Diversity, Equity and Belonging

HubSpot’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) best practices has played an essential role in our success and we know that it can for all companies in the HubSpot community. We’re seeking to help our customers achieve their best performance through adopting these practices too.

Our commitment to DEI helped us foster a culture that prizes a range of ideas from people with an array of experiences and backgrounds. We invested innumerable people hours, hired professionals, and sought world-class expertise to identify the DEI best practices, implement them and measure their success.

Although there’s no finish line for this work, that massive effort has supported our company’s growth trajectory through talent acquisition, employee retention, and workplace culture. We recognize that not all companies have the resources to make an equivalent investment, but all companies in the HubSpot community can make DEI a sustained advantage. We asked, shouldn’t it be easier for companies to identify and adopt DEI best practices and measure their success?

This increasingly common challenge faced by companies of all sizes is why HubSpot Ventures is excited to announce our investment in and partnership with Kanarys, a DEI technology company focused on providing the tools that organizations need to create long-term systemic change around DEI.

Kanarys utilizes human resource information systems integrations and artificial intelligence (AI) powered assessments to gather the data organizations need to meet DEI challenges head-on. Knowing where to start is important, which is why Kanarys is now partnering with HubSpot to offer HubSpot customers access to its DEI Maturity Quiz

This DEI Maturity Quiz identifies where companies are on their DEI journey, and ways they can grow their DEI strategy for long-term success. It analyzes and assesses best practices for critical DEI components, such as DEI Councils, employee resource groups, unconscious bias training, paid apprenticeship programs, supplier diversity programs, and more. In addition, HubSpot customers will now have access to Kanarys’ comprehensive library of guides and toolkits developed by subject matter experts in DEI, available here (invitation code is HUBKAN@2022).

Kanarys co-founders Mandy Price, Star Carter, and Bennie King all grew up in the Dallas area and attended The University of Texas at Austin where they became friends, yet twenty years later the three would come to call each other co-founders of Kanarys after experiencing inequities in the corporate workplace. Guided by data, the Kanarys co-founders are now on a mission to help companies identify opportunities to avoid common mistakes when implementing and measuring DEI initiatives.



While many companies approach diversity through quarterly trainings or specially organized committees, these initiatives often lack measurement of how inclusion and equity are being addressed and truly impact the business model. HubSpot has taken a detailed, fact-based approach to assess the performance of its efforts.

Kanarys makes it easy for all companies to take an innovative data-informed approach by bringing together cutting-edge technologies like AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to better understand the effectiveness of DEI initiatives based on employee sentiment and an organization’s systems, policies, procedures, and practices.

Kanarys’ intelligent platform allows companies to uncover DEI stumbling blocks and develop proactive strategies to implement instead of being reactive under pressure. The opportunities for companies are that they can now retain employees longer, build a healthier culture, develop more innovative products and solutions, and serve their customers more empathetically.

Joining Kanarys on their journey to build more equitable workplaces was a natural fit for HubSpot. Diversity, inclusion, and belonging are mission-critical for us, and we believe they are crucial to helping our community grow. By using Kanarys, HubSpot customers will be able to jumpstart or assess their own DEI initiatives to identify areas of growth and put DEI programs in place that foster growth and innovation. 

Learn more about Kanarys here, and HubSpot Ventures here.

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Top Strategies to Promote Your Writers’ Conference



Top Strategies to Promote Your Writers’ Conference

If you’re hosting an upcoming writers’ conference, you need to make it stand out so that you get a large audience at the event. But for that, you’ll need to promote it with the right marketing mix. Here’s what that entails.

A writers’ conference is an event where aspiring writers come together and learn from successful authors, editors, and literary agents. For most, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event that can offer them invaluable lessons on becoming a renowned author. You can only instill this fear of missing out (FOMO) if you’ve invited already-established and well-renowned authors. But more importantly, you need to have a marketing plan in place to expand your reach before the event. Here are our top hand-picked strategies.

Email marketing is more powerful than you think

Most people think email campaigns have become obsolete, but that’s not true. It’s certainly challenging to pull off since you only get one shot to convince the reader to open your email, let alone attend the conference. A great consists of a catchy and relevant subject line that piques a reader’s interest and compels them to open your email.

Next, avoid writing walls of paragraphs — no one reads paragraphs in emails anymore. Instead, use an online tool like PosterMyWall to pick a pre-built email template so that you don’t have to structure the email from scratch. And lastly, don’t forget to segment your target audience because you can’t send one email to everyone without personalizing it to their preferences.

A website and blog are instrumental

You can’t really promote your writers’ conference without a strong digital presence. The first step of creating that is having a stunning website and a blog. Make sure the website has an in-built form so that people interested in attending the conference can buy their tickets directly from your site or contact you if need be.

On the other hand, a website blog is a prerequisite to getting high traffic on your website. This is where you post articles that add value for aspiring writers. You could share tips and tricks for fiction writers or recommend a YouTube documentary on writing. Just make sure the content you put out is adding value to your readers.

Take advantage of social media

Social media marketing has become the core of all things digital marketing. That’s because almost everyone uses social media. Therefore, the first step is to identify which social platforms you should promote your conference on. We recommend Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. They’re the most widely-used platforms and would help you promote the conference to a sizable audience.

Keep in mind that social media marketing takes consistency. You need to put up catchy posts regularly to increase traction. Insert URLs of your blog articles or YouTube videos, followed by a relevant caption. Make sure your captions don’t exceed more than a line because people don’t bother reading long posts on social media.

Runs ads on social media

Once you’ve built a large following on your social media channels, you could run ads to accelerate ticket sales to your conference. Social media platforms track user interests and preferences, so it shows your ads to users who will most likely attend your writers’ conferences.

When you’re making an online video ad, make sure it’s not longer than 30 seconds and conveys the message at first glance. You could take the help of an online editor who has experience making video ads. There’s no one right way to craft an ad, so be sure to experiment with a number of things to make it stand out and memorable. You could take help of an online editor who has experience making video ads.

Don’t forget about SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most critical thing you can do to expand your conference’s digital outreach. It makes your website, YouTube videos, and social media pages rank higher on Google’s SERPs. The higher you rank on Google, the more traffic you’ll get, and the better your chances are to increase the number of attendees at your conference.

For starters, use Google Keyword Planner to hunt for the most-searched keywords on Google relevant to writing conferences. Then, incorporate those keywords in your blog articles, social media posts, YouTube video transcripts, and titles. It’s also important to include backlinks in your articles, which is another way of beating Google’s algorithms.

A final piece of advice

The above strategies have been tried and tested, but every writing conference is different. Maybe you’re hosting a conference just for fiction writers — in that case, your entire campaign should revolve around that specific target audience.

Also, the renowned writers you invite to the conference will build your credibility and attract more aspiring writers. Just make sure you tailor each strategy to satisfy the audience’s preferences. Don’t be afraid to throw more strategies into the mix — maybe promoting your conference via a local newspaper ad would work better than social media marketing.

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