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Narrative Adventure Game The Bradwell Conspiracy is Available Today on Xbox One



Hi Xbox Fans,

The Bradwell Conspiracy is a narrative adventure game about photography, 3D printing and some worrying corporate underhandedness. We’re launching on Xbox One today and we wanted to share with you some behind-the-scenes insights that’ll make your experience in our game world just a little richer.

The Bradwell Conspiracy

When you first load up The Bradwell Conspiracy you’ll quickly notice two things: Firstly, due to an injury you can’t talk and, secondly, the building around you is collapsing! The Bradwell Stonehenge museum you were visiting has been severely damaged in an explosion and (almost) everyone has been evacuated. You’ll be communicating with the only other survivor, Amber, using photographs instead of your voice.

Why photographs? We’re huge fans of RPGs and have a lot of love for big dialogue wheels and response lists but they come with some challenges. How do you make sure the prompts mean what the player expects them to? How do you let a player convey their own personality through these? For us, having a voiceless protagonist means you’re a blank slate and your relationship with Amber can be what you want it to be. Using images lets you send her important information for your survival. However, it also lets you uncover new information about the secret facility you’re trapped in and, in spite of the chaos, you can have plenty of jokes with Amber too.

The Bradwell Conspiracy

Bradwell Electronics, the company you’re delving so deep into, isn’t just a facade or plot device. We’ve put many hours into making it as close to a real company as you could get in a game. The company has a full history, a website, and even corporate branding designed by an actual brand consultant in the real world. The labs you explore are real workplaces too. Learn about all the different teams and projects by rummaging through their stuff, sneaking onto their computers or studying what’s been left behind in a hurry as they were evacuated.

Of course, when you’re not snapping pics or prying through audio logs you’ll be trying to escape – and defying the laws of physics to do so!

The Bradwell Conspiracy

Bradwell Electronics doesn’t just give its employees high tech smart-glasses and PCs, they also get the power to manipulate matter with the Substance Mobile Printer (SMP). The facility is full of items made of Bradwellium, a mysterious substance that can be instantly copied and replicated. You can use substance objects for traversal, repairs, blocking things, breaking things and much more. Don’t be afraid to muck around with it either, Bradwell Employees have been known to have a little fun with this trillion-dollar technology.

Keep your ears open as you experiment with this powerful technology. Every step on your path to escape is accompanied by some experimental sound design. During development we paired BAFTA award winning composer Austin Wintory with Ali Tocher, a talented sound designer, and briefed them to completely blur the line between soundtrack and audio, working fully in partnership like the player and Amber. At some points the soundscape is realistic: a gritty falling building or soothing artificial ambiance in a medical ward. Other times the sounds play along with the player, distorting and glitching at challenging moments, or teasing plot twists with hypnotic piano lines.


The Bradwell Conspiracy

Clever collaboration and printing are the keys to your escape. Remember to dig deeper and keep an open mind. If you get stuck – remember Amber’s there to help. We look forward to seeing you unravel

The Bradwell Conspiracy is available now for Xbox One on the Microsoft Store. Click here for purchase details.


Let’s Sing ABBA: When Karaoke Meets Disco



Let's Sing ABBA: When Karaoke Meets Disco

Players have been asking us for years to include more ABBA in Let’s Sing. We listened and made a special edition that will satisfy all your wishes — but we didn’t stop at the songs.

When you think about pop music, there are a lot of artists that come to mind. Some are one-hit-wonders, others have one or two successful albums. And then there are the artists and bands that shaped the genre into what it is today with their songs being seared into collective consciousness. One of those bands is, without a doubt, ABBA.

So, if you think about, it really only made sense for us to honor one of the most successful and influential pop bands of all time with their own special entry into the Let’s Sing series. Everyone knows at least some of their songs, probably even by heart without even realizing it. And we have also been asked for years to include more ABBA into our games. So by popular demand, here it is: Let’s Sing ABBA!

Picking the songs for this edition was easy and hard at the same time, simply because there are just so many hits to choose from! A few were of course absolute no-brainers. From the first moment it was completely unthinkable not to include the likes of “Mamma Mia,” “Dancing Queen,” “Waterloo,” or “Super Trouper” in the playlist. From there on out, it was more of a question of “What don’t we include?”

A testament to that is the fact that we broke our own rules, at least a little bit: Usually, the international version of a Let’s Sing game includes 30 songs. However, Let’s Sing ABBA includes 31 — because we wanted to add a song from their newest album Voyage, which they released in 2021. So our karaoke players get 30 classic hits that take you right back to the era of platform shoes, flared pants and disco balls and one new hit, “I Still Have Faith In You.”

But we knew that we couldn’t stop there. To let people experience Let’s Sing the ABBA way with more than just the songs, we overhauled the interface and also the avatars to look a little bit more like the band members. Play long enough and you will unlock iconic outfits that are sure to give your next performance an additional boost of confidence.

Other than that, Let’s Sing ABBA comes with single and multiplayer modes, leaving no excuses for people not to join in. I you want to get a head start and practice on your own? We’ve got you covered. Want to get into a singing competition for the ages with some friends? Done. You’re looking for a special challenge? Our mixtape mode is definitely for you — no two playlists in this dynamically generated mode are the same.

Let's Sing ABBA Screenshot

We got a glimpse of the fact that we had made the right choice with Let’s Sing ABBA during gamescom: Even more people than we could have possibly hoped for stopped by to step into our karaoke box and belt out some disco tunes, also cramming more people in there than we thought possible. Needless to say, all of them were leaving with big smiles on their faces once they were done. Mission accomplished on our end. Thank you for the music so far and we can’t wait to see some great performances on social media!

Xbox Live

Let’s Sing ABBA




After a 40-year break, ABBA is back! So why not perform some of the band’s biggest hits in your own living room to celebrate their triumphant return to the stage.
Travel back to the glory days with hits like “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” and “Waterloo”. Get some friends together to party with “Dancing Queen”, the musical number “Mamma Mia” or rock out to “I Still Have Faith In You”, the lead track from their brand-new album.

• A strong playlist with 31 songs: 30 popular classics from the 70s and a new hitsong from the new album Voyage
• Dress up your Avatars in iconic ABBA outfits
• Seven exciting game modes: Legend, Classic, Mix Tape 2.0, Jukebox, Feat., World Contest and Let’s Party
• Perform the ABBA classics with your friends! With fours mics and 4 smartphones, up to eight players can join in on the fun in the Let’s Party mode.


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