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4 Ways SEO Improves Small Business



Are you looking to boost your sales? Are you trying to move your small business forward, ready to compete with larger establishments? Then, search engine optimization, the practice of drawing better and more traffic to your online site, could be the answer. See, in the SEO world, size doesn’t matter. What does remain important is how you appeal to customers, develop your website and build your brand. When done correctly, it could deliver impressive results that bolster your operations.

1.  It Increases Traffic Quality and Quantity

When your site meets the engine’s requirements, you move up in ranking. The closer you are to the top, the more customers are likely to locate you and click on the link, scanning what you have to offer. For example, if someone wants to purchase a new car, they could go online and type in the model and make what they are considering. If your operation uses well-developed automotive SEO, viewers should see your company’s name toward the top of the listing.

This placement, thus, permits more people to peruse your stock, leading to potential sales. In addition, you could gain more customers and higher quality patrons who often return when they need your service or product.

2. It Improves Client Interaction

Part of SEO is creating a convenient, user-friendly webpage developed with valid and content-driven information. This focus elevates your validity and customer use. For instance, currently, the system looks for how quickly your site functions. Today’s shoppers don’t want to wait as the computer uploads images or data, and this frustration lowers you in the bracket. In addition, your viewers are likely to turn away to another page because they can’t get what they want.

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Along with speed, consider visual quality, clear and accurate content, and how well people can locate what they want.  Your client should easily navigate without confusion or aggravation. Are your main menus working well? Do you have solid categories? Do you offer blogs, product descriptions and pages that read well? These factors matter to SEO and your client base; therefore, bettering rank also assists your consumers.

3. It Establishes Brand Name and Trust

Why does your placement matter? A high rank means more than just a click, and it indicates that the engine finds your website an authoritative source, equating your brand to something dependable and honest. It is another form of recommendation that people take seriously when making a final decision. Furthermore, as part of your online presence, your previous users may leave remarks, reviewing their experience. A strong positive response encourages others to look to you for their next purchase.

People don’t see every company when they drive along the road. SEO, though, acts as your signage, getting your image and concept out to the public. When people cruise online, researching their project or interest, they find you. How you look and where you are in that probe reflect on your company’s standards. The more you put into SEO, the better vision others may see; thus, your brand awareness advances.

4. It Levels the Marketing Field

In the past, smaller businesses faced a daunting challenge trying to keep up with the significant marketing funds of big companies. The larger brick-and-mortar or e-commerce organizations could afford to spend major dollars on their advertising campaigns, paying for professional television and radio ads. This setup is hard to compete against when you have a lower budget.


SEO offers a reasonable system, affordable to both places, which puts smaller venues back in the same field. With so many people relying on tablets, phones and computers, your customers are more likely to find you in a search engine hunt and then browse your website. Many local places or up-and-coming establishments find better ROI by focusing on this area.

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You probably already have a web page, and could it do more for you? By implementing SEO into your current system, you take an existing asset and transform it into a marketing success. Customers could get a better experience online, draw in regular sales and develop your brand all at once.

Kevin Gardner is an experienced digital marketer. He has worked with my SMB and enterprise level clients. He specialized is organic reach and loves studying SEO.


How To Use Instagram Reels For Business



How To Use Instagram Reels For Business

Social media continues to be an essential way for businesses to connect with their customers.

With the constant evolution to stay relevant, Instagram Reels emerged to compete with the popularity of TikTok.

So what is it and how is it different from TikTok or Instagram Stories?

In this column, we’ll take a look at how Instagram Reels work, check out examples of brands using them right, and share tips to help you make the most of your Reels, too.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a feature similar to other social media options that allow users to create short videos to appeal to their target audience.

In Reels, you can edit and put together video clips to create entertaining videos using uploaded content, filters, text, audio, and editing tools.

Instagram Reels has gained popularity with its “Remix this Reel” option that allows users to record their video next to another user’s video.

This has created trending moments and encourages collaboration and engagement with a community of followers.


Unlike Instagram Stories, Reels won’t disappear within 24 hours.

They also follow an algorithm to appeal to the users’ interests.

Instagram recommends trending reels for users to view, similar to the “TikTok for You” page offered on their competitor’s app.

This boosts engagement as users easily access and explore videos, helping you grow your followers organically and creating a domino effect of improved ranking for your brand.

So how can they benefit your business?

Let’s look at ways that brands can use Instagram Reels to increase engagement and visibility through their social media presence.

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Leverage Trends To Appeal To Your Target Audience

A few minutes perusing Instagram Reels will quickly reveal ongoing trends among users.

These can be audio clips, remixed videos, or signature tracks that play in the background.


Jumping on the trend train can help your video get more views and allows your team to insert your message or products into content that is already popular among users.

Create Authentic Content

To appeal to your target audience, find a balance between looking like a professionally curated video and coming across as an ad.

Authentic content is the key to engagement that draws users to platforms like Instagram in the first place.

While relaying your message and targeting potential buyers is important, creating interest in your product and building a following is also worthwhile.

Consider highlighting customer and employee experiences in these short videos.

Shoppers are more conscious than ever about the brands they support.

Highlighting your commitment to sustainability, social justice, and the environment can increase customer loyalty.

Social media helps tell potential customers who the brand is versus what it can offer.


Creating relatability is also key to effective reels.

Consider this reel from Hasbro that highlights children opening a new toy.

A short video shows the unboxing, followed by a montage of clips of the children enjoying the product.

Paired with a tagline and CTA for parents, this is an effective ad that doesn’t feel like a commercial.

It feels more like a PSA.

See how happy these children are?

Here’s how you can have the same experience in your home.

Besides authentic content from product users, behind-the-scenes reels are also popular.


People naturally gravitate toward videos that offer exclusive looks at content that the average customer doesn’t see.

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Puma offers access to the Puma Vault in its reels, which uncovers products that haven’t been seen before.

These video clips rolled out in segments, create interest, offer a look at a handful of products, and garner close to 23,000 views.

Balance Entertainment With Education

Most Instagram users scroll through the app to be entertained, not necessarily to shop or find deals.

Businesses need to consider who is scrolling and their motive.

Creating entertaining reels is important to get views and increase brand visibility.

Reels have also been a great place to educate users.

Consider your particular niche and the products your brand offers.


Are there opportunities for further education about the products, their use, how to care for them, etc.?

Tutorials can be especially appealing on this short-form video platform.

Home Depot offers reels with tips and easy DIY projects that they compile using Instagram Reels.

The example of how to update a shower had almost 53,000 views.

Spotlight Products And New Releases

Using Instagram Reels to promote products can benefit brands as they create short, engaging content that highlights new releases.

Debuting new products can create a more authentic ad without viewers feeling like they were targeted through an advertisement.

The following reel from Dyson highlights a new product through a brief video showing how to use it with descriptions through text.

The description encourages viewers to follow the brand and gives concise details about the product.


It’s short and simple, and with over 73,000 views, an effective way to get your products in front of customers.

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Reveal Offers/Promotions/Upcoming Events

Reels can also communicate your brand’s available offers and promotions.

This can be especially lucrative during seasonal sales, encouraging potential buyers to shop after seeing your message.

Sephora offered a short, simple video displaying lip gloss with the promotion of “Buy Two, Get One Free.”

It is short, to the point, and has been viewed over 200,000 times.

Through this straightforward advertising, viewers don’t feel like they are viewing an ad.

Instead, they feel like they are learning more about a product with the caveat of a deal when they read the tagline.

It doesn’t view like an advertisement which is reflected in the number of views.


Final Thoughts

As in any social media campaign, finding your comfort level when creating content takes time.

Integrating Reels into your advertising plan is a no-brainer, especially for businesses with an Instagram following.

Short videos are a great way to maximize impact because you can customize them according to your brand’s goals.

With built-in editing tools and how to use Instagram tutorials, brands can create and share content easily to reach thousands already scrolling through the platform.

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