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Major Changes to a Website: Why Are You Even Doing It?



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Google’s John Mueller answered a question about how long it takes for Google to process moving from non-www version of a site to a www version of the site. Mueller answered the question but he also addressed the bigger issue of site changes and whether or not they are even necessary.

What’s Best Way to Change Site Without Affecting SEO?

The person asking the question wanted to know how to make a major site change without it impacting their top ranks.

The question:

“My website is on non-www which is ranked number one on Google. Both pages and posts …I want to switch from the non-www version to the WWW version.

What’s the best way to do it without affecting SEO ans is there any risk in… of changing when you do that?”

Google’s John Mueller answered:

“The best way to do this is to follow the normal site move guidelines that we have. And essentially everything is outlined there.

So with regards to tracking the URLs that you have previously to kind of the following through with the redirect and making sure that all of that is set up properly, I would follow  those things.

My feeling is that overall a move within the same domain where you’re just changing essentially a different subdomain is something that is fairly unproblematic and should happen essentially fairly smoothly.

And if you set up the redirects properly, if you’re not blocking things in any specific way then I would imagine that this is something that is processed within a week or so.


Even for, I don’t know, a medium-sized website it should be like a fairly straightforward move just from one subdomain to another.

Moving between domains is a little bit trickier.

Moving or kind of splitting or merging websites, that’s a lot trickier.

But this kind of move from one version to another version is usually totally unproblematic and it’s also something where if it were to take a little bit longer it doesn’t change anything for the user because they would click on the old link and just end up on the new page and it would all just work.

So, I think this is totally unproblematic and probably something that’s easily doable.”

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Website Changes Should Make Things Better

John Mueller brought up an interesting point about making website changes. The point he makes is that any change that is made to a website should ideally help the site become better in some way.

That can mean that the site is easier for users to navigate and find content.


Or it could mean that the site has faster performance.

John Mueller continues his answer:

“The main thing I would think about here though is that this is always like a site move kind of situation where you have a lot of work that’s involved.

So I would kind of consider like what are you really trying to do by moving like this?

What is the problem that you are trying to fix?

Because it might be that you do all of this stuff essentially everything is the same in the end if you get it right.

But if everything is the same in the end why are you even doing it?

So that’s kind of the direction I would look at there.

I could imagine there might be situations where you have a CDN where you need to do that to have kind of separate host name.


Bu if there’s no strong technical reason to do it I would just keep it as-is.”

Major Website Changes Should Be Considered Improvements

John Mueller began his answer by answering the question directly. But then he did an interesting thing and pulled back from viewing the tree and took a look at the forest and began addressing the larger issue of successfully implementing large website changes.

The key point he made is to ask if there is a valid reason for making the change and if the answer is that it makes the site substantially better then that’s a great reason to proceed.


Time it Takes for Google to Process Non-WWW to WWW Change

Watch John Mueller answer the question at the 37:48 minute mark



Current Trends in Email Marketing: Tips & Pitfalls [Podcast]



Current Trends in Email Marketing: Tips & Pitfalls [Podcast]

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. However, staying up-to-date on the latest trends is crucial to avoiding common mistakes.

Jay Schwedelson, the founder of, joins me on the SEJShow to discuss subject line techniques you should be testing, key tips for conversions, and pitfalls to avoid.

You’ll discover new options to stay ahead of the curve and how to make the most out of your email marketing.

You’re not going to get more business by sending less. That’s not the way it works. You need to send more. Marketers think they send too much, but they’re just not sending relevant stuff. –Jay Schwedelson, 6:50

Technology has changed in the last five to seven years, and the reason you go to the inbox versus the junk folder is not because of the content. It’s not because of the words or symbols that you’re putting in your subject line. It’s because of your sending reputation. It’s because of the engagement, the opens, and the clicks you’re generating with the people in your database. Your engagement is the reason you’re going to the inbox or not. –Jay Schwedelson, 8:58

You go in the junk folder because you have a bad sending reputation. You have no engagement. The misconception of spam trigger words hurts marketers because they’re trying to write subject lines, not utilizing the words that all marketers know to work the best –things like free or expires. –Jay Schwedelson, 9:47

[00:00] – About Jay.
[03:02] – What is the Guru Conference?
[08:15] – Common email myths.
[11:10] – Does purging & getting unsubscribes help with ratios?
[15:24] – Email triggers words that are not okay.
[19:24] – Using emojis in subject lines.
[23:13] – What are Friendly Forms?
[26:01] – Importance of personal names & avatars.
[29:10] – How important is a subject line in outreach emails?
[33:15] – How personalized can we get with email marketing?
[37:10] – How important is it to get the CTA above the fold?
[40:25] – Holiday email marketing tips.
[45:24] – How to avoid getting into the promotions folder of Gmail.


Resources mentioned:

Guru Conference –
Subject Line –
Outcome Media –
Inside Scoop –

Email marketing here at SEJ is one of our cores. It’s one of our most significant pillars in terms of marketing. –Loren Baker, 4:57

You don’t have to get any negative repercussions from an unsubscribe. You get negative repercussions from spam complaints which only occur if you’re doing some sketchy stuff. –Jay Schwedelson, 12:44

If they’re going to unsubscribe, they will never buy anything from you. So, therefore, they send the offer because they’re looking and waiting for something. –Loren Baker, 5:46

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Email marketing expert Jay Schwedelson is one of the best in the business. Founder of the #1 rated subject line grading tool,, he’s evaluated over 15 million subjects and helped 200 thousand marketers send out their message effectively!


Also, as the President and CEO of Outcome Media, Jay has helped some of the most iconic brands in the world to become even more successful. With his innovative solutions, he knows what it takes for your business to soar.

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