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New Instagram Reels Features Include Templates, Boosts, & More



New Instagram Reels Features Include Templates, Boosts, & More

A series of updates to Instagram Reels adds new creative tools, new ways to drive engagement, and an update that changes how videos are shared.

New features for Reels available today include:

  • Enhanced remixes
  • New templates
  • Automatic conversion of video posts to Reels
  • The ability to boost Reels as ads

Here’s more about each of the new features for Instagram Reels.

Enhanced Remixes

Instagram is enhancing the remix feature for Reels, which allows you to react to videos from other users.

Now, you’ll be able to remix public photos and record your reaction to them as a Reel.

New remix layouts let you choose from green screen, split screen, or picture-in-picture reaction view.

Screenshot from, July 2022.

For the first time, you’ll be able to add your recording after the original clip instead of having both pieces of content appear simultaneously.

New Templates

You can now create Reels using templates, which preload audio and clip placeholders so you can add your photos or video clips.

A new Dual template lets you record video with your phone’s front and back camera at the same time.


To access templates, tap the camera icon on the Reels tab.

Converting Video Posts To Reels

Instagram will automatically convert all video posts shorter than 15 minutes into Reels.

This change applies to new videos only. Existing videos shorter than 15 minutes will remain as video posts.

New Instagram Reels Features Include Templates, Boosts, & MoreScreenshot from, July 2022.

The Video and Reels tabs on your Instagram profile will join as one when this change rolls out in the coming weeks.

Boosting Reels As Ads

Businesses can now boost Reels within the Instagram app by turning them into ads. This creates an opportunity to fast-track your way to more views and engagement.

To boost a Reel, it must be 100% original content, less than 60 seconds long, and recorded in the 9:16 (vertical) aspect ratio.

After publishing it, you can boost a Reel by viewing your content and tapping Boost Post. Boosting a Reel gives you access to engagement insights exclusive to advertisements.

Boosted Reels appear in the Instagram main feed, Stories, the Reels tab, and the Explore page.

Source: Instagram (1, 2)


Featured Image: Screenshot from, July 2022.

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Microsoft Bing Adds Coupon Codes To Shopping Searches



Microsoft Bing Adds Coupon Codes To Shopping Searches

Microsoft Bing is adding new annotations to shopping search results, including active coupon codes for retailers’ websites.

Now there’s no fear of missing out on an opportunity to save money when shopping online. Bing will tell you right in the SERPs if there’s a coupon or promotion available.

In a blog post, Microsoft states:

“Ever wondered if you were overlooking coupons or special promotions when you shop online? Or perhaps you didn’t even consider that a discount might be available, and you missed out! Bing now provides you with this information within shopping searches – annotations neatly nested within your search results, without the need to install a browser extension or plugin (third-party cookies must be enabled.)”

Here’s an example of what the new coupon annotation looks like in Bing:

Image Credit: Screenshot from, August 2022.

Simply click on the annotation, click on Copy & go, and proceed with shopping as you usually would. The coupon will automatically apply to the purchase during checkout.

This feature is available across the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, and France.

Other Updates To Annotations

Ethical Choice Annotation

In another update to annotations in shopping searches, Bing is expanding the ethical choice label to more regions.

Bing displays the ethical choice annotation to highlight eco-friendly, upcycled, or fair-trade fashion choices.


Microsoft provides more information in its blog post:

“Powered by the ethical fashion app Good On You®, the Ethical choice ratings are based on a brand’s impact on three areas: people, planet, and animals. For more information click on any Ethical choice annotation found within your search results”

Price History Annotation

Microsoft reminds searchers that it recently made the price history annotation available on Bing.

The price history annotation, as shown in the example below, allows you to determine if it’s a good time to buy a particular product.

Microsoft Bing Adds Coupon Codes To Shopping SearchesImage Credit: Screenshot from, August 2022.

In this example, the price is stable and slightly reduced from its highest price. That information lets you know you’re not paying more than you should for the product.

On the other hand, if the price is higher than usual and has a history of fluctuating, you may decide to hold off on purchasing.

When everyone can afford to save money, these updates from Bing are certainly a welcome addition to search results.

Source: Bing

Featured Image: mangpor2004/Shutterstock

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