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YouTube Rolls Out New Metadata For Educational Videos



YouTube Rolls Out New Metadata For Educational Videos

YouTube creators can now optimize educational videos with additional metadata that will be displayed in search results in the future.

This update was announced during YouTube’s weekly news roundup that includes a number of smaller changes for creators that are worth knowing about.

Here’s a recap of the latest news for YouTube creators, starting with the metadata update.

New YouTube Metadata For Educational Videos

YouTube is bringing additional metadata to English language videos that are educational in nature.

Videos can be marked as educational during the upload flow via a drop down menu where you can select a category.

Selecting Education as a video category will grant access to a new set of metadata you can use to describe the content.

The new metadata fields include:

  • Type of video
  • Academic system
  • Education level
  • Exam, course or standard

Each of these fields are optional. You can utilize some, all, or none of them during the upload process.

Image Credit: Screenshot from, February 2022.

This is an important update for YouTube channels because, in the future, this metadata will be added to YouTube’s search results to help viewers decide whether the content meets their needs.

It’s one more tool you can use to optimize your videos and get them to stand out in search.

This has been rolled out to all English language educational videos.

Other Updates For YouTube Creators

Several smaller updates this week include a new way to add custom thumbnail, and new way to highlight Shorts videos on desktop.

Custom Thumbnails On Mobile

YouTube Rolls Out New Metadata For Educational VideosImage Credit: Screenshot from, February 2022.

YouTube is giving creators the ability to add custom thumbnails when uploading videos using the mobile app.

Previously, custom thumbnails could only be added when uploading videos on desktop.

This update is rolling out to everyone on iOS be the end of the week, and will launch soon on Android as well.

Dedicated Shorts Shelf On Desktop

YouTube Rolls Out New Metadata For Educational VideosImage Credit: Screenshot from, February 2022.

YouTube channel pages on desktop will now have a dedicated section for all the creator’s Shorts videos.

This update has the potential to drive more views to Shorts content, and brings channel pages on desktop to parity with the mobile experience.

New Shorts shelf on desktop is now available to all creators that publish Shorts content.

Source: Creator Insider


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Google Core & Product Review Updates Finish Rolling Out



Google Core & Product Review Updates Finish Rolling Out

Google’s recent core algorithm update and product review update are done rolling out as of September 26, 2022, the company confirms.

Google quietly announced the rollout completion via its search ranking updates page.

Screenshot from:, September 2022.


The September 2022 core update started rolling out two weeks ago, on September 12. The product review update launched a week later, on September 20.

Both updates finish rolling out on the same day, September 26, which is ideal if you eagerly await to assess their impact.

What To Do Next

Now it’s time to assess the impact of the updates by analyzing your website’s rankings and traffic patterns.

If you notice any significant and sustained changes, they’re likely the result of one or both updates.

How To Tell If You’re Impacted By The Core Update

Google applies core updates across all search results, and they have the potential to affect entire sites.


Google Search Advocate, John Mueller, explains how core updates target the whole site rather than specific elements:

“With the core updates we don’t focus so much on just individual issues, but rather the relevance of the website overall.

And that can include things like the usability, and the ads on a page, but it’s essentially the website overall.”

With that in mind, changes to search rankings across a majority of your website’s pages indicate the core update impacted you.

How To Tell If You’re Impacted By The Product Review Update

This one is more straightforward, as product review updates are only applied to search results for product reviews.

Do you publish product reviews? If not, then you weren’t impacted by the update.

If you do publish product reviews, pay careful to rankings. If you notice changes that are limited to product review pages, it’s likely because of the product review update.

On the other hand, ranking changes across your entire site are more likely the result of the core update.

Stay tuned for follow-up articles as we analyze the impact of these updates.


Source: Google
Featured Image: Pavel Ignatov/Shutterstock

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