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YouTube’s Keyword Research Tool Available To Everyone This Month



YouTube’s Keyword Research Tool Available To Everyone This Month

YouTube Search Insights, a tool designed to surface valuable keyword data, will be available to all channels later this month.

The launch follows a limited test period that began in November, at which time YouTube offered everyone a preview of what to expect from Search Insights.

YouTube hasn’t significantly altered Search Insights since it was rolled out to select users months ago.

If you were part of the test group, you can continue using the tool as you’ve grown accustomed to.

For those who will be accessing Search Insights for the first time, here’s more about what it is and how it can help with creating more successful content.

What Is YouTube Search Insights?

YouTube Search Insights is built to assist with content planning by providing data you can use to create more relevant content.

Data surfaced by Search Insights will inform you about what your specific audience is searching for.


In addition, you can get data on what the broader YouTube audience is searching for by looking up keywords to see the estimated search volume.

If a keyword has high search volume, but relatively few relevant results, Search Insights will call it out as a content gap.

A content gap is a prime opportunity to supply your audience with content they’re not getting enough of.

Depending on your niche, you may be able to create a whole content plan around targeting keywords that have content gaps.

Data in Search Insights is based on what users have searched for in the past 28 days.

How Do I Access YouTube Search Insights?

Search Insights lives within the Research tab in YouTube Studio on desktop.

You can access it by logging into YouTube Studio and clicking on Analytics in the left-hand navigation menu.

From there navigate to the Research tab and look for a section titled “Your viewers’ searches”.


On this screen you can access data about what your audience is searching for, and data about what the general YouTube audience is searching for.

First you’ll see a list of top keywords being searched for by your viewers, and from viewers similar to yours.

Search Insights will display the level of search volume for that keyword (low, medium, or high), and how many views your channel received from searches for that keyword in the past 28 days.

Clicking on “Searches across YouTube” will bring you to a screen where you can look up search data for general topics and for specific keywords.

You can even filter the results to show content gaps only, if that’s what you’re primarily interested in.

In Summary

YouTube Search Insights can be a good starting point for conducting keyword research and finding your next video ideas.

A few things to note:

  • It works for English search terms only (YouTube is working on making it available in more languages).
  • It only shows queries coming from users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.
  • It can be accessed on desktop only.

This tool will be available for all channels by the end of April.

Source: YouTube Creator Insider


Featured Image: garagestock/Shutterstock

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Instagram Is Now Putting Ads In Your Profile Feed



Instagram Is Now Putting Ads In Your Profile Feed

In a series of updates to Instagram advertising, the app is surfacing ads in more places, such as public profiles and the Explore tab.

Additional updates include augmented reality (AR) ads and multi-advertisers ads.

Lastly, Instagram is giving advertisers a selection of free-use music to utilize with Reels ads.

Here are all the details about the latest updates to Instagram ads.

Instagram Ads In Profiles & Explore Feed

Instagram is testings ads in user profiles, though only select creators will see any revenue from it.

Ads will begin to show in profile feeds for public Instagram accounts of users over 18.

The profile feed refers to the vertical scrolling experience activated once someone taps a thumbnail on a user’s profile. It doesn’t refer to the profile grid, which will remain free from advertising.


Instagram is experimenting with the ability to share revenue generated from profile ads with creators, though it doesn’t sound like this option will be broadly available.

In an announcement, Instagram states:

“As a part of this test, we will experiment with a monetization opportunity that will allow eligible creators to earn extra income from ads displayed in their profile feeds, beginning with select U.S. creators.”

No further information about eligibility criteria, or revenue sharing, is available at this time.

Another new surface Instagram is inserting ads on is the Explore home feed, which is the primary grid you land on when selecting the search tab.

See how the new Explore ads will look in the example below:

Screenshot from:, October 2022.

Multi-Advertiser Ads

Instagram’s new multi-advertiser format makes ads eligible to appear next to ads from other advertisers.

This includes, in some instances, ads from related or complementary businesses. For example, an advertisement for a wedding dress may appear next to an ad for a wedding cake.

AI and machine learning automatically determine ad grouping.

For advertisers who prefer not to have their ads appear in a carousel with other businesses, Instagram offers the ability to opt out of multi-advertiser ads.


AR Ads

Instagram is launching an open beta of AR ads in the primary and Stories feeds.

Through the AR experience powered by Spark AR, brands can encourage people to interact with the effect through their surroundings.

An example is shown below:

Instagram Is Now Putting Ads In Your Profile FeedScreenshot from:, October 2022.

Free-Use Music For Reels Ads

Instagram is letting advertisers utilize a selection of royalty-free music in Reels ads.

Free, high-quality music from the Meta Sound Collection library can now be added to carousel ads on Reels.

Advertisers can select songs manually or allow Instagram to automatically choose the best music for an ad based on its content.

Source: Instagram

Featured Image: AmbrosiniV/Shutterstock

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